Women’s hooded sweatshirt

Women's hooded sweatshirt

Hooded hoods are an integral part of the street fashion. Initially, they were worn only girls, but today their convenience and practicality appreciated and women aged.

This element of clothing is characterized by sports cut, has a normal length and in front of a clasp, which is often represented by lightning.

Designers offer a variety of styles and models, decorate their applications, prints, rhinestones or sequins, embroidery, fur and t. D.

Almost all models have pockets: ordinary with a slot or overhead. Very popular is a pocket in front called “Kangaroo”.

Initially, the sweatshirt was represented by a shirt lengthen. It was used in the cold time to insulate the outfits. This sweater was the first to be the famous Russian writer Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. Then she rushed on the belts and was much longer. Today, the appearance has changed a little, but the name remains.

Trendy models

Warm knitted sweater is called “Hoody”. She often replaces a light coat.

Many girls choose how hoodies-Hoody thanks to their practicality and convenience.

They can be standard length or extended. The main feature of this model is a hood, as this word from English is translated as a hood.

Hoody Hoodie is ideal for the embodiment of a stylish bow for every day. It can wear all girls regardless of the type of figure, because she hides her flaws. A short model can be combined with mini skirts or fitting crog jeans. Hoody can be worn not only with sneakers, but also with dies on the platform. Expansioned models can be combined with heter and leggings.

Hoody is made from different materials. They can be knitted, knitted or with an additional lining-insulation.

Models without zipper are called “Sweatshirt”. They have all the elements of the classic sweatshirt (pockets, hood), only no clashes. Jacket-sweatshirt imitates the presence of sweatshirts under the jacket. Such a model has a second snake and a hood to simulate the presence of sweatshirts under the top clothing.

Unusual sweatshirts with ears on the hood will help create an unforgettable and original bow. In a sweatshirt with cat ears, you can go to a party. Models with Panda ears are in great demand. Such sweatshirts are usually produced from a fleece, so ideal for cold season.

Spectacular sweatshirts look beautiful with black pantyhose and boots with high tops. They are distinguished by convenience and practicality. Color solutions can be different, but black-colored sweatshirt never comes out of fashion.

Fleece sweatshirts are in great demand because they provide comfort and maintain heat even in the cold season. Models with a high collar-anorak help to protect the neck from the wind.

Another kind – a kangaroo sweatshirt that got its name because of the big patch pockets in front. It can be represented by lightning or without it.

To create a mysterious and feminine image, it is worth paying attention to the mantle. The original cut is in great demand among young people. Mantle sweatshirts are represented by monophonic models. Prevailing black, white and red.

Sleeveless models, as a rule, are sewed from knit and designed for warm season. In such a sweatshirt, you can go not only for training, but also for a walk.

It looks original at sports sweatshirt with glasses on the hood. Such a designer solution allows you to protect your eyes with strong wind or snow, because the glasses will always be with you. Such models are made of dense tissue and are often insulated.

Designers constantly invent new styles. The model with a large hood looks spectacular and beautiful. Such a sweatshirt will be able to replace the autumn jacket. In it, you will always feel comfortable and warm, despite the weather conditions.


Knitted sweatshirts are ideal for cold weather. They are made of wool with a small addition of synthetic fibers in order to keep its original appearance for a long time. Often knitted models are decorated with a variety of patterns. For example, it looks beautifully black sweatshirt in white snowflakes.


Modern youth simply adores hoodies due to their convenience, practicality, variety of models and color solutions. Hoodies Hoodies are very popular. Stylishly looks tandem Hoody lengthen cut with short shocks. Often this image of the girl is complemented by a knitted cap, baseball cap, gloves or a bag-backpack.

A very famous direction among young people is LUX Sport. Sweatshirts in this style often have a fur finish of a hood. For decor, a variety of applications and embroidery are used.


Today, many models of hoodies are presented in the pastel range of shades. The color of lavender or roses looks gently and beautiful. Pleasant shade of mint perfectly fit into a modern image. These tones will allow to embody the exquisite bows.

Models of bright colors or decorated with unforgettable rhinestones look beautiful in tandem with elegant shoes or sandals on the heater.

Among bright shades, designers prefer yellow, blue, red, green and orange color. Classic lovers will be able to find a white or black model.

Figure and print

Youth preferred models with bright and funny drawings or inscriptions. Often on sweatshirts you can see images of cartoon characters, advertising or popular computer games.

Checkered sweatshirt will help to make a variety of female wardrobe.

It can be worn with different things, picking up one-photon clothes for one of the tones. In the trend, the model in the black and red and gray-black cage.


Nike has been manufacturing sportswear. Sweatshirts are made from high-quality materials that differ soft and do not shine movements. In such a sweatshirt you will feel the maximum level of comfort.

Famous brand Adidas offers for women classic and original models of hoodies. A wide range and variety of colors allows each modnica to find the best option.

Each model is decorated with a company brand that guarantees high quality and creates only stylish things.

Hoodies from the Everlast are greatly successful, which are created specifically for those who want to attract attention. Bright colors, comfortable cut, high-quality materials are the main advantages of the hoodies from Everlast.

How to fold the hooded hood?

  • First, the sweatshirt needs to be fastened, if it is.
  • Smoothly fold the hood halve and bend over the shoulder line.
  • We fold one side. We start the sweatshirt in such a way that in the position with a folded sleeve it reached the middle.
  • The same action carries out the opposite side of the sweatshirt.
  • And now we fold – first bend on 1/3, and then the remaining part. Children’s sweatshirts can be immediately folded.

What to wear?

Women’s models of hooded hoods can be used not only to create a sport style. They can be combined with any elements of the wardrobe.

As not strange, but the sweatshirts are rarely purchased for sports bow, since today they have become an integral part of the daily style. Sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers protrudes the most common tandem. A variety of models and color solutions allows you to create beautiful and stylish images, showing your individuality.

For the sports image, you can buy a ready-made suit that includes sweatshirts and sports pants. Each element of clothing can be combined with other things. When choosing shoes it is worth to give preference to sneakers or kids, but it is better to refrain from the shoes on heels. Sweatshirts from kits are characterized by simplicity and high wear resistance.

Sweatshirt can be worn with some models of dresses, which are presented in the style of Sport Casual. They are sewed from knitwear, differ soft. Sweatshirt over the dress is ideal for the embodiment of a stylish onion to go to meet friends or for a walk.

Also, sweatshirts can be worn under the upper clothes. They are perfectly combined with a coat or jacket. This image is characterized by multi-layered. Expansioned models can be combined with the bottom of the tight cut – leggings, skinnie or jeggins.

Spectacular images

Stylish and brightly looks like a sports suit of a salad color. It turns on a salad housing of a short-circuit lightning and hooded, a monophonic black T-shirt and black sports pants. Inscriptions and drawings are used as decor. In such an outfit, you can go to workout or shopping.

The classic combination of white and black never comes out of fashion. White sweatshirt with zipper diagonally and hood can be worn with black jeans of any style.

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