Women’s Hoodie

Women's Hoodie

The motto of this fall is comfort. Therefore, you can safely get into the comfortable sweatshirts of a sports character with a hood, which are called Hoodies. Such clothing is recognizable in free, only slightly fitted styles, lightning and hood.


Hoodies – a great option for autumn clothes, which has a number of benefits:

  • Universality – not only a sporty image can be formed with Hoody, but also approximate to the classic.
  • Comfort and warmth Even in the most impossible weather are able to provide Hoody, and even keep the hairstyle through a hood.
  • Huge variety of styles, colors, styles will make you fall in love with Hoody, so free the place in the closet under your new little passion.


Designers are actively developing the topic of comfortable, very stylish Hoodi, representing our attention an increasing number of models that drastically differ, although based on uniform elements.

Hoodie with cute drawings or ears Hooded helps to form an image of a supper girl. Agree, it is very cute, and sometimes it is even necessary to return to childhood.

Sport models often painted in Gray shades. These Hoodies seem to be held out of hip-hop, carry the atmosphere of yard scuffers, hooligan notes and complete freedom.

Coat-Hud? Believe me, it is possible in a modern fashion that can surprise the combination of opposite styles. Cropped models that are often decorated with fur, have a warm lining, will form the basis of a sports autumn image.

Hoody dress is a bright example of sports style. Such an outfit is recognized by direct cut, in which there are no excesses and feminine decoration. Here everything is simple, restrained and comfortable. Such a dress can be short, elongated or traditional. Find your model will be easy.

Hoodi for the beach It is created from weightless material, so it turns out to be easy, but due to its design can provide good protection from the Sun. Such a model can be used as home clothing.

Hoodie with fur – It is fashionable, bright, stylish and relevant for cold autumn. Depending on the model and used insulation, such clothes can replace the jacket, park and coat. For such products, artificial fur with a short pile of neutral color is selected. In such models, it looks very organic to fur, which is more like a wool-haired wool.

Hoody in the European style recognizable by original printing, expressive colors and demonstrative quality. In the trend there is natural wool, which is used to create an outside of Hoody. For such a style, two basic colors are relevant, which are distinguished by juice and depth – saturated blue and burgundy.

European Huddes can also be found in prints that mostly wear the National Northern Character.


The most common Hoodies are Short models, which end at the waist level. Under such clothes, you can choose any bulk element (wide jeans like a boyfriend, long skirt) – the image will be perfect. Modern fashion dictates the need to create contrasts that can be focused on length, style or volume.

Competition with short models make up slightly Extra long options, who have become good for all familiar. Under them, as before, you can wear dense tights, leggings and even short shorts from Denim.

Bold designers create long Hoody, which are perceived as sports dresses. Such options for sports sweatshirts can no longer complement.


Color in Hoodies plays an important role, setting the overall theme of the image. Those colors that designers offer us are so bright, distinctive and diverse, that with the expression of individuality problems will not mind.

Hoody color remains popular, caramel shades come out on the fashion podium and pastel tones that are still relevant to look like aristocratic.

As for the finish, the trends from the 80s, in particular, large neon inscriptions come into fashion. Modern prints can be exotic and ethnic. The topic of fashionable prints continues the elements of street graphics, airbrushing and tattoo elements. The conservative model is easily turning into avant-garde only due to a complex hieroglyph or a symbol located at the rear.

How to choose?

When choosing Huddie, it is first necessary to look at the quality of the material and sewing. Such clothes looks equally well on young girls and older women, well hides extra centimeters on the waist due to the free style. To hide disadvantages on hips you can choose an extended model.

What to wear?

Although Hoodies and refers to sportswear, but if necessary, it can completely replace the blouse. Therefore, under Hoody, you can wear jeans, narrow pants and even skirt can be considered as an complementary element. In the case of the last element, the image will be based on the contrast of opposite styles. Such a way of combining things is now extremely popular, so you can give the will of your fantasy and not be afraid to look ridiculous.

It remains to figure out only with shoes, but everything is simple. The universal version is sports shoes, which, together with Hood, will look at the most harmoniously. But you should not exclude and shoes on the platform if your image will have elements of classics. Whatever your choice, in any case, the shoes should be bright and self-sufficient.

Spectacular images

In this image there is everything that has been described above: Ethnic Print, which focused on the hood and pockets, juicy, elongated style. The image is so good and universal that it is even difficult to assume where this girl goes.

Enough and one glance to fall in love with this Hoodie. Neutral gray color beautifully shades snow-white trim on sleeves and hood. Displaced lightning makes a simple model of interesting. Such Hoodie can replace a coat or jacket.

Two versions of similar models of Hoody are equally perfectly beautiful in classic and sports images. Is this not the best proof of the versatility of such clothes. Peach pants, a white shirt in the small peas and the saturated color of Hoodies – there is nothing superfluous, everything is harmonious and natural. And even a disturbed rule of three colors is not striking.

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