Women’s jackets 2021

Women's jackets 2021

The jacket is an indispensable attribute of a modern woman’s wardrobe. And today this clothes can safely call universal. A variety of models, styers allows you to choose a jacket for both business meetings and work and to visit a noisy party, evening walk.

Stamps of female jackets

Depending on what goals and events you select a jacket, designers offer various variations of its execution:

  • For formal meetings – straight cut, long sleeve+
  • For informal events – fitted models, shorten sleeves or the most fashionable trend three quarters+
  • One more boiled jackets with raised shoulders are suitable, and others better abandon the banenes+
  • The number of buttons also varies – from one to several.

It is important to note that the models with the banenes make your image more stringent, democratic. It is great for a business woman, but does not fit into the image of a young, bold girl. Although they sometimes have to reincarnate, because such models should look closely and evaluate their true beauty.

One of the most fashionable trends of this season is a shortened jacket having only one button. It is not surprising that such jackets entered the collection from Armani, Gucci.

Choosing a jacket style, pay attention to the length of the sleeves. Long classic sleeves are more suitable for formal events, while short sleeves and three-quarters will be relevant when hiking in a restaurant meeting with friends.

Youth models

The attractiveness of youth models of jackets is their diversity. The choice this season is huge, because each beauty may choose the perfect option.

One perfectly suitable strict Militari style style, distinguished by the fitted silhouette and the lack of all excess on clothes. Others will be incredibly attractive, wearing a feminine model of a jacket, complemented by embroidery, appliqués. Choosing such youth models, be sure to make sure they are made of soft tissues.

Another question of choosing a jacket for a young person is his length. In trend now and short and long models, straight and fitted.

Special attention is paid to the cardigans. This is the same jacket, only devoid of collar and laccanov. Most often, the models are represented with a single button, although you can safely choose a jacket for 2-3 buttons.

Among young people, knitted short jackets and their elongated versions are in great demand.

Choosing a sleeve, youth prefers either very long, closing hands, or very short. Middle models for some reason do not use such demand, although no one forbids you choose a model with a sleeve of three quarters

If you want to be in a youth trend, look at the jacket made in Japanese and Indian style. For their sewing often used silk, matte pass, velveteen and even natural skin.

Cell – another current version of a youth jacket. Moreover, it is better to choose a large cage called a goose paw.

Supplied your jacket with applications, stripes, ornaments, embroidery, you definitely not be mistaken. Just make sure that similar items are suitable for your created image.


Choosing a jacket, a woman should pay special attention to the issue of the fabric, from which this item has a wardrobe.

Now there are no strict restrictions on tissues, but some are valued especially high. Some for practicality, and others – for the external appeal.

Costume fabric

Classic genre for those who require high-quality and practical jacket for work and offices. It is better not to wear it for the solemn events, because the material is not able to cause special emotions.


An ideal solution for young bodies and soul beauties. Yes, to work in a denim jacket, you can hardly go, but for everyday life, walks, tricks Jeans – a real find.

Do not be afraid of experiments even with its strict way. Denim fabric is unique because it fits almost all.


If you like a traditional coat, your jacket from a similar fabric you will like. They are practical, comfortable enough, fit perfectly with cool weather, when jackets are still too early.


Linen jackets will become an indispensable attribute during evening walk in spring and summer. They are light, air, natural. Buttons such jackets have rarely, so it is important to choose the appropriate fit.


Knitted models of jackets did not leave indifferent millions of beauties last season and continue to delight the fashionistas in the current. Such jackets are used as capexts, rarely fasten on all buttons. They are easily and convenient to wear, while they warm and do not allow frozen.


Velvet jacket necessarily enters the wardrobe of women who not only follow the fashion, but also wish to be attractive and refined. Unique fat fabric, requiring a certain care, but also responsible for this departure of the survivable effect on others.


Another incredibly natural, easy, pleasant to the touch cloth for your jacket. Such models are gradually gaining popularity, because you can become one of the first who will introduce cotton jackets among your girlfriends. But the fabric is fast, because choose the models where there are impurities synthetics.


This is a cloth, in a jacket from which you will not freeze in winter. They are light, but at the same time very warm, which allows not to constrain movement.

Picking up the color of your jacket, be sure to think about what purpose you need this item wardrobe and what your own temperament.

For bold girls who are not afraid to challenge and strive to be the center of attention, designers advise to pay attention to the following jackets:

  1. Blue.
  2. White.
  3. Red.
  4. Blue.
  5. Green.

Complete them with various contrasting prints, ornaments, embroidery, and the image will be excellent.

As for the print, then relevant:

  • cell+
  • strip+
  • leapard print+
  • abstraction+
  • Polkah Deta+
  • Floral motifs.

Yes, not every woman can afford to wear a bright red or white jacket with prints, going to work. Therefore, it is better to stay on the classics – black, gray, beige, brown.

At the same time, no one bothers you to buy two jacket at once – one daring and attractive, and the second ordinary, everyday for work, in order not to shock colleagues.

Today, several major fashion trends among women who prefer jackets have been formed. You can go on your way, but you need to know about actual fashion trends.

Wide shoulders jackets

This is an echo from the 70s, which came to our time. Excellent option for business style. Do not forget to complement the jacket with classic pants. Such models make your image stronger, purposeful, put in one row with avid businessmen and make them respect you as a business woman.

Direct models

No need to invent some difficult to be in trend. Therefore, at the peak of popularity, straight jackets made of a wide variety of fabrics. It is better to choose clothes from cotton, flax, silk for summer, or their cashmere, wool for the winter.

Fitted jackets

If you need a jacket not to work where you have to stick with a formal style, then you must replenish the wardrobe in the fitted model. They emphasize the figure, focus on the waist, make an image more expressive and attractive. If the wardrobe has a straight jacket, fitted choose necessarily the opposite.

Create your image, and do not chase blindly for fashion. Take from it only ideas and adapt the fashion to yourself.

Tips for choosing

The main emphasis when choosing a jacket should be done exactly on your type of shape. So every girl will be able to find the perfect solution for yourself.

  1. Hourglass. The perfect type of shape, which is suitable almost any jacket. But it is better to concentrate on the fitted models supplemented by a thin strap. Length – to the hip line. But the models where there are overhead pockets in the hip area only spoil your figure.
  2. Pear. Your winning option is a fitted models and closed hips. Length – near the middle of the thigh or model covering the ass.
  3. Rectangle. If you want to give Figure more feminine features, it is better to wear a fitted long jacket with vertical solutions. Double-breasted and short jackets will also help you make a figure even more attractive.
  4. Inverted triangle. It is important to balance both parts of your body – upper and lower. To do this, choose the fitted jackets with a length of the thigh and the neckline on the chest. But the boards and collars will only harm the image.
  5. Apple. Choose jackets where the lower part is elongated. It is advisable to highlight the shoulders, emphasize their line. The best solution is a single bunch on one button. Stomach should not be covered.

What to wear

Planning to wear a jacket, it is important to understand what exactly you will wear it. Ideally, you should first pick up clothes, and then the relevant jacket.

  1. Short models of jackets will suit the exquisite dresses. If it is a party, then denim fabric, and if a more status event – atlas or velvet.
  2. The sweater can be perfectly combined with both long and shortened jackets. Much depends on the length of the sweater itself, its style, volume. But in any case, putting a jacket sweater, the latter is better not to fasten.
  3. If you have a blouse, top or turtleneck, a shortened jacket of dark, but noticeable colors – purple, chocolate, green tones.

Never forget about the role of accessories. They are able to transform your appearance by making missing elements to the image and spoil the whole bow.

Try to be restrained without putting on yourself at the same time the whole collection of jewelry and decorations.

The best supplement for a set of jackets will be strap. Narrow or wide, already depends on a number of factors.

Beautiful and stylish images

Choosing a jacket, the girl wants to look stylish, beautiful and sophisticated. Therefore, we suggest to consider several examples of excellent fashion bows.

Unsredition classic – Fashionable jacket combined with handbag and sandals. The color of the jacket will play a special role. Pink, green and chocolate shades are relevant.

Combination of a wide jacket and a small exquisite dress. Just keep in mind that in this image of the edge of your top should end where and the dress. Otherwise, the bow will be somewhat awkward.

More audacious, alternative for active young girls – this is a short jacket, combined with jeans or denim shorts. If you choose the latter, then focus on elongated models.

Short one-color, but a fairly bright jacket with a restrained skirt or fitting trousers, you need to complete with stylish shoes on the heel. So you will be able to focus on the jacket, but not to lose your legs.

Fans of Youth Images It is recommended to put on almost any jacket according to the figure, but certainly supplement it with relevant daring sneakers. Excellent bow for every day.

Huge popularity is gaining denim jackets. If you like such a decision, add it a t-shirt, shirt or jumper. Breeches or youth pants are best suitable for them.

If you like experiments and bold solutions, your choice is checkered trousers, kilt style skirt and from above Gourmet denim jacket.

Create your own bow. This may be a full-fledged improvisation, or an attempt to collect all the best of several ideas, combining them into a single unique image. And we will give you the soil for reflection.

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