Women’s pants boyfriend

Women's pants boyfriend

The emergence of such an attribute of the wardrobe, like trousers, happened about three thousand years ago, presumably together with the occurrence of riding, because with naked legs, horse riding is less convenient. Initially, the pants were considered part of an exceptionally male wardrobe, and women could not imagine that someday would be put on them. And only over time and bringing new trends to the world of fashion, pants have become as part of the female wardrobe.

Everyone knows that fashion does not stand still, and fashion workers work to create new unusual styles. A very stylish and non-standard solutions of steel pants boyfriends who enjoy mad popular this season.


Pants-boyfriends have a classic landing line, in some cases straight cut, but most often the upper part of such trousers is free or even a bit extended. As for the lower part of the pants-boyfriends, it, as a rule, has a narrowed cut or even bent cuffs.

Length can be both classic and a bit shortened, which gives the model a special appearance.

To whom fit?

In view of the features of the cut of these trousers, they will come far from every girl. For example, the holder of lush forms should avoid this model, as they can visually increase the volumes that, undoubtedly, will pernicably affect the image as a whole. The slim girls, on the contrary, is very suitable for this model, making the figure even more attractive and sexual.


The model range of trousers of the boyfriends, though not wide, but, nevertheless, has several varied options that differ, cut, planting, long and cloth, from which they are made. Considering all these features of the model, pants will look in a certain way, as well as to have the relevance of certain weather conditions.


The classic model of the trousers of boyfriends, as a rule, has the same classic landing and straight cut that allows, feeling feel comfortable and does not shine movement. The lower part of such trousers is usually ejected. Classic model trousers have no gentlets, so it is easy to fit into the office style.


Most often a shortened model, presented in the denim variant, differs from the classical only stanner. Landing data trousers can be the same classic, but can be slightly expanded free riding, which is best suited for a slim figure, because visually increases the volume.

The pants can be up to the ankle, as well as several centimeters above it and everything can be repaired.


Summer model of trousers of boyfriends can be performed both in the classical version and have a shortened length. For the manufacture of summer models, light chiffon fabric is very often used, which allows you to feel comfortable in even the hottest weather. There are also variations of cotton, linen fabric, as well as from a thin kind of jeans.

Models of such options look very stylish, are light and well ventilated.

What to wear?

To the trousers – boyfriends are perfectly suitable for tightlifting models of blouses, shirts, turtlenecks and any other knitted shirts. Cardigans, blazers, jackets and various kinds of jackets, which will be perfect element of the outerwear are perfect. Very beautiful combination make up pants – boyfriends with high-heeled shoes, because so legs look more elegantly.

In addition, this trouser model is famous for its versatility and is well combined with any kind of shoes, even with sports sneakers.

Spectacular images

Every girl, regardless of the circumstances and the situation, wants to look fashionable and flawless. To create an ideal image, most importantly, competently select details and stylistic compatible parts of the wardrobe, as well as stylish parts as accessories.


Surprisingly many girls, pants – boyfriends can be part of a business outfit, with the right selection of parts and fabric variation. Thus, the model from the jacket fabric will perfectly fit into the framework of the office dress code, especially in combination with a classic cotton shirt, fastened inside. As for the details, it is best to have any low-speed accessories, such as a thin leather strap with a golden or silver buckle, a pendant on a chain, earrings and cloves on a thin strap black.

So that the image has been completed and holistic, it is worth adding its elegant shoes on a small heel, as well as a classic black bag.


As a daily garbage, there will be a ragged boyfriend jeans, which, besides, are incredibly comfortable. Jeans of this model are perfectly suitable easy chiffon blouse with short sleeves or without it. It is necessary to fix the product inward and use the brown strap as a decorative element. In cool weather, a tweed peach-colored jacket with a zipper and a collar, which also looks incredibly feminine, is perfectly suitable.

As for the shoes and bags, the models of sandy, bodily shades or color cappuccino are suitable.


For a noisy party in the company of friends, all the same jeans will be an excellent option – boyfriends, with rapids and scuffs. In combination with a light knitted mile of free cut and a black wide strap, the image will be stylish and brave. And the leather jacket of the root will add light notes of dying in your outfit. Excellent additions will be stylish lacquered black shoes, decorated with studded straps, and a large black bag of any model on a long strap.


In the summer heat, you want more bright colors, ease and freedom, but dense tissues deliver extra discomfort due to excessive heating of the body. An excellent option will be light pants-boyfriends from chiffon or cotton fabric, which will be perfect. Add image Light tennis slippers or summer white sandals.

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