Women’s pants on elastic

Women's pants on elastic

Modern designers are paying great importance not only to the style and design of clothing, but also its convenience. This applies to any clothes, including women’s trousers. They must be good to sit on any figure, do not shoot and do not argue movements, be practical in the sock. All these requirements are fully answered by the model of the pants on the rubber band.

What features the trouser on the elastic?

Pants on a rubber band are considered one of the most comfortable and universal models that are suitable for different occasions. Rubber can be located on a belt or at the bottom of the trousers. It can be thin or made in the form of an elastic cuff.

Pants with rubber band below have, as a rule, a wider style at the top and the narrowing bottom. Such pants are ideal for outdoor activities, sports and T.D.

Pants with a rubber band perfectly sit on the figure, do not constrain movements, do not drag the waist, and also allow you to visually adjust the problem areas of the shape.

Stylish models and styles

Pants on a rubber band are presented in a variety of models and fittings, including:

  • Sharovari (lush, wide pants often with an understated waist line, made in oriental style). The belt and the lower part of the trousers are collected on the gum.
  • Kneened from the knee or thigh model+
  • Halifa (pants, wide at the top and strongly narrowed book)+
  • Tight models, skinnie+
  • Capri (shortened trouser models up to the middle of caviar)+
  • Cargo (pants of casual with wide pants). Have a low landing, large patch pockets, noticeable seams, valves. Coloring often imitates military camouflage.
  • Bananas+
  • Pumps (wide cut pants length until the middle of the leg). From below are collected on a gum or cuff.

Color range of trousers on a gum may be the most diverse:

  1. For the official, strict image, you can choose the models of black, white, steel, dark brown and other colors.
  2. Pants for everyday socks can be performed in a variety of colors, including pastel shades and saturated acid tones.
  3. Always relevant print models. It can be geometry, floral ornament or abstraction.
  4. I wonder the options made in combination of several materials.

Lush, wide sharovar type pants very stylish and feminine looking from translucent materials. Some models can have one or more splits on the sides, decorated with braid, rhinestones and other decorative elements.

The length of the trouser on the rubber band can be any – from short-range options just below the knee to long closing ankle.

Pants can have different landing heights – from high to low. An elastic band can also be quite different – from a wide cuff on ankles or belt to barely noticeable strips.

Pants on a rubber band depending on the model, as well as the season for which they are intended, sew from different fabrics.

For summer period, lightweight, flowing materials, such as silk, chiffon, satin, flax, sitherium, cotton, etc.D. For more cool weather, more dense materials are recommended that are well held by the form: denim, knitwear, wool, suede, fleece, leather and t.D.

Who goes?

Since the model range of trousers on the rubber band is distinguished by a huge number of various models, it may be perfect for myself for yourself. Maybe every woman without exception. It all depends on its taste addictions, fashion trends, type of physique, age, preferred style in clothing and T.D.

One of the most popular and original models of the pants on the rubber band – Sharovari. Elegant, air trousers look great not only at slender and high girls. Wide belt-gum helps to play the role of corset and hide small excess centimeters on the waist and stomach.

Choosing a sharovary, you can not worry about imperfect form or length of legs, as well as the problem of wide thighs. All this is perfectly masked under stylish, fashionable, lush trousers.

How to choose to choose women’s pants on a rubber band?

  1. Women with a type of figure “Inverted triangle” perfectly fit Joggers – free hips pants, narrowed book. Such a model allows you to visually align the hips and shoulders and make the figure more harmonious.
  2. The owners of the shape of the type “Apple” to such a model should be taken care of caution. It is recommended to pay attention to the pants with a high planting and non-market pronounced elastic band on the waist.
  3. The ladies with the type of physique “Rectangle” should choose the classic cut models with the usual landing. Such models form the waist and beautifully emphasize the thigh line.
  4. The owners of the type “Pear” type are not recommended to choose pants extended at the top. Such a style makes hips even wider and volume, thereby increasing the visual discrepancy between the width of the shoulders and the hips.
  5. Miniature girls should pay attention to classic models without a large number of patch pockets, valves and other large decorative elements. They visually “eat” the length of the legs, the figure seems more squat.

What to wear?

To create a strict, business image, it is recommended to pay attention to shortened models with a rubber band on ankle. Very elegant and feminine trouser, which can well be used as a business suit element.

With such pants, it looks great for a classic blouse, a strict shirt, an elegant top, cardigan, jacket. Classic boats or heel shoes will be suitable as shoes.

Pants loose with a rubber band at the bottom most effectively and stylishly look with a neat, concise riding. It can be a fitting top or shirt. You can choose elegant boats, moccasins or ballet shoes as shoes.

Fashionable Joggers today are a detail of a daily image. Therefore, the accompanying wardrobe, and the shoes need to select the appropriate.

T-shirt, tunic, shirt blouse, top will become an excellent addition to such a trouser model. In cool weather to the kit you can add a denim jacket or crucial.

Shoes are desirable to choose on a flat sole.

As for the choice of suitable accessories, it is necessary to repel from the created image and style of clothing. Casual onions will complement stylish scarf, suspension or chain with an unusual pendant, large jewelery.

To create an evening image, suitable jewelry: bracelets, chains, brooches and t.D.

Spectacular images

Great option for every day: Black Predated Joggers + White Top + Denim Jacket. Any option on a flat sole is suitable as shoes: sneakers, slips, ballet shoes and t.D.

Very fresh and stylish look Joggers from Denim and a free jumper in black and white stripe. Excellent option for a walk in the city.

If leopard joggers put out elegant black top, shoes and add an elegant handbag of an unusual form to them, then it will be quite an elegant set for a solemn event or party.

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