Women’s Pants Stretch

Women's Pants Stretch

Stretch pants have not been losing their popularity for many years. Especially they are in demand for girls with an ideal figure, because they allow without much effort to demonstrate all their advantages. In other matters, the variety of colors, styles and models allows any representative of the beautiful sex to choose your perfect pair.


Stretch is a fabric, which includes an elastic thread. Thanks to this, stretch pants repeat all body bends, smoothly outlining the silhouette and making the shape of the seductive and sexual.

They have their own distinctive features for which they love them worldwide:

  • Good extensibility that allows trousers to sit tightly on the figure+
  • High tissue strength that elastic fibers provide+
  • No deformation – trousers with ease are stretched, and then again take their original appearance+
  • Wear resistance – product reserves its initial characteristics for a very long time and attractive appearance.

To whom fit?

Pants-stretch fit absolutely everyone, because they are comfortable, do not throw movements, emphasize the shape of the hips, but do not demonstrate anything superfluous. The most important thing is to choose a suitable style that will decorate you, and not to emphasize the shortcomings.

Some believe that they do not fit full girls. Ironically because the first stretch pants were invented precisely for the complete so that they could feel comfortable. Stretch creates convenience when equipped, allows the trousers to sit down well on the figure, will not be silent and does not squeeze the figure.

If you are the owner of lush forms, especially wide hips and large buttocks, give preference to stretch straight cut trousers that correctly correct the figure and hide all flaws.

Slender girls can afford any model, but a leggings pants will look especially beautiful, tightly tight legs and emphasizing your figure. In short, stretch pants can wear girls and women of all age and status.



This model refers to the classic, it perfectly fit into a strict office dress code.

Straight stretch pants, especially in combination with high-heeled shoes, help stretch the silhouette, make it slim and elegant.

They are suitable for any type of figure, but are especially perfect for owner of lush forms that need to be corrected.


Narrow stretch pants visually resemble leggings. They tight feet tight, emphasizing the figure. The only problem is that they emphasize both the advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, only skinny girls with slender legs are suitable.


Cropped trousers ends in the middle of the tibia or a few centimeters below. They are perfectly suitable for girls with beautifully pumped eggs, because they focus on this part of the foot. Such pants are ideal for summer, but they can also be included in their wardrobe in the offseason.

With an overwhelmed waist

Stretch pants with a high waist pull the silhouette, making it visually slimmer. Thanks to the power of the material, this is a great solution for girls who want to adjust the sides or tummy. In this case, it is better to wear pants with a tunic or an extended blouse. If you are a happy owner of a flat tummy, boldly wear a stylish krop-top.


Leather stretch pants today are very popular. They are matte and glitter, from natural and artificial leather. At first glance it seems that this is exclusively an attribute of rocker themes. In fact, they can be combined with any casual clothes. They look good with denim shirts, white blouses, bulk sweaters, fitted blades and cardigans.

What to wear?

Deciding what to wear stretch pants, no need to invent anything special. Probably you can find a couple of suitable options in your closet.

On every day

A win-win combination for every day – a volumetric multi-layer top that will make an image stylish and memorable. It can be a stylish T-shirt or T-shirt, supplemented by chiffon kimono in the summer.

In the offseason wearing stretch pants with a sweater, a turtleneck or shirt. From above you can make a bomber, crucor, jacket or blazer. Comple the image of a volume scarf, bag, various decorations. Shoes can be chosen on your taste. If you prefer high heel, choose shoes or boots. Fans of flat soles you can choose shoes, leafers, slips, sneakers, sneakers.

To work

To the tight trousers do not look too causing, wear them to work with an elongated horse. It can be a shirt and blazer without sleeves, tunic and jacket.

Be sure to complete the image of shoes on the heel. As a rule, girls choose shoes for work, win-win option – these are nude or black boats. If the dress code allows you to choose shoes without heel – ballet shoes, leafers or Oxfords.

Neutral accessories should be worn to work, it will be enough hours on hand, thin chain and small earrings. Complete an image of a bulk bag and a beautiful scarf or handkerker.

Per party or date

Strauter pants are an excellent basis for various informal images. For example, a narrowed model is suitable for a fashion party. You can add them a bright brilliant top or asymmetric blouse. So that the image looked complete, do not forget about high heels, stylish jewelry and accessories.

A lightweight air blouse in pastel colors is suitable for Svidanya. Models with rules, swans, shut off shoulders are welcome.

Accessories must be gentle and low, so that your image looks feminine and romantic.

Spectacular images

Simple, but spectacular image in the style of Minimal Chic. It is perfect for work in the summer. Narrow Straight Pants, White Blouse, Skin Skin Effect Boats. Complements the image frame bag on a long strap and a couple of small neat decorations.

Beautiful image for every day! Strauter pants with an overwhelmed waist, black and white striped sweater, pastel-pink ballet shoes and bulk bag. Ideal Look for shopping, walks around the city and meeting with friends.

Go to a party or date? This image will be equally good for any of these events. Tight stretch trousers are complemented by an elongated nude sleeveless blouse, high-heeled sandals and volumetric clutch. Very tender image that looks like glamorous, thanks to stylish decorations – necklace, bracelets, sunglasses. In addition, the image provides a large field for experiments. For example, from above, you can draw a cute jacket and get a completely new look.

As you can see, stretch pants are comfortable and versatile, so it is worth helping your perfect pair in your wardrobe. You will definitely draw up a lot of fashionable and interesting images with them!

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