Women’s sports pants

Women's sports pants

Sporty style is very popular recently, which is not at all surprising, as sportswear is characterized by convenience and comfort in use.

Particularly comfortable in everyday life sports pants, which often stretch well, sit down on the figure and allow you to preserve the feeling of lightness and comfort in any, even the most extreme, situation.

Features of sports trousers

At first glance it may seem that sports pants can be used only on their integral purpose, that is, for sports. But this is not so.

The feature of the sports trouser is that they can be combined with a variety of things and quite fit into your daily wardrobe. They are free, do not throw movements and emphasize the dignity of your forms.

The model range of sports trousers is not as wide as the usual casual clothes, but even here have something to choose.


Wide models, as a rule, are in demand among the owners of lush forms, since the flaws are best hiding. In addition, it is in wide models of sports trousers that warmed options are always presented.


Narrow sports pants can either have a slightly free upper part and a narrowed gum on the ankle, or to represent sports tight leggings. And the one and the other option is preferable to wear slim girls.


In addition to distinctive features in trousers, there are also differences in the length of the sports.


Sports pants standard length are most popular and common because made of various fabrics, they can be used absolutely, at any time of the year and with all weather conditions. It looks very stylishly a model decorated with a pulling rubber band on ankle.


Short sports pants can have a length of both above the knee and slightly below the knee. Especially popular among slim girls and will be appropriate for sports outdoors in the summer or, for training in the gym.


The shortened model of sports trousers, as a rule, has a length to ankle or 2 – 3 centimeters above. Particularly stylish looks with high sneakers or shoes on a heel.

Optimal fabrics

From what fabric the sports pants are made, their purpose depends on weather conditions or belonging to some specific sport type.


A characteristic feature of knitted sports trousers is good stretchability, which ensures the most comfortable landing. In addition, knitted fabric is sufficiently light and breathable, so it will not be detaining an excess moisture inside.


The warmed version of the sports trouser can have a lining, and even filling out of a synthetone or fluff, which makes it possible to engage in street winter sports, especially in the height of the ski season.


Cotton sports model pants – the most optimal option for hot weather, since natural fabric misses the air well and does not deliver uncomfortable sensations in the event of heat.

With holishom

Knitted or cotton sports pants can have an insulating version in the form of internal combat, which allows you to wear a product in a cool season. Thanks to free, the fabric does not miss the cold wind, which is especially relevant in relevant weather. Such pants can be used simply as part of the image or direct appointment – for outdoor sports in cool periods.

Color solutions

Since everyone’s color preferences are different as fashion trends, from season season, designers are trying to create a diverse color series of sports trousers.


White color, although it is very stylish and relevant this season, is not quite suitable for such things like sports trousers, because it is impractical to use by direct appointment. But it is impossible not to note that white sports pants, narrowed to the bottom, look very interesting.


Black color, unlike white, will be more practical in everyday use, because it is not so branded. In addition, already from year to year, black does not leave the leading positions of fashion trends, because it is neutral and is always appropriate and everywhere.


Gray sports pants most popular this season. Shop windows attract attention to absolutely all shades of gray, so you can confidently declare that the gray color is most preferable when it comes to sportswear.


Red colors are of great popularity among slim girls, while full ladies try to avoid sports trousers in red, as they can once again shrank the attention of those surrounding the lack of full figure.


Bright shades of green color more popular in summer destination clothes. Dark green color will be very good to combine with white or gray. And bright tones will be harmonized with the same light shades of other colors.

With print

The model of sports trousers with the print is not as common as ordinary pants or jeans, as a sports style does not imply a flower or other drawing. But it is quite appropriate to color inserts, vertical and horizontal strips, various inscriptions and logos.

Many sports brands, and not only, represent the wide collections of sports trousers, which are also trendy this season.


At the peak, the popularity of LowCrotch sports pants, which are especially comfortable for their slightly free cut and a bit shorten length. Pants are made of polyester, which allows them to stretch well.


The most popular model of this summer is the sports leggings of Power Legendary, decorated with a print from various thin intertwy lines. The peculiarity of this model is that the pants produce a compression effect, due to the special fabric.

Stella McCartney

This season is especially popular for bright pants in a cage, developed by the designer team of this brand. The model has a soft belt on a rubber band and pulling cuffs in the ankle area.

Stylists advise this season to combine elements from different styles, for example, sports pants with classic style attributes.

Such fashion trends came to us from the West, from the famous designers, and simply amazed with their unusual views and stylish ideas. Dark shades of red, green and gray, as well as light gray and black colors are especially popular.

How to choose?

The main rule that should be guided by the choice of sports trousers is correctly selected in size model. Pants do not have to hang out or crash into the body. In addition, it is worth choosing a style in accordance with the parameters of the figure.

What to wear?

Of course, when buying sports trousers, a question arises, with what to combine them so that the image is stylish and appropriate. Sports style is considered quite narrow and not always suitable in some other situations that are not related to direct sports. But this is not entirely so, and depending on combinations with other things, sports pants can be worn in various situations.


First of all, it is worth noting that sports pants are perfectly combined with the same sports upper elements – T-shirts, tops, Olympics and hoodies.

Certain models of sports trousers can be combined with classic things, such as a white shirt. Full fit and knitted sweaters, knitted cardigans and sweaters.


Do not limit the choice of shoes with sneakers, dies and slips. In certain cases, you can wear with sports trousers and ballet shoes, sandals, and even sandals, shoes or high-heeled shoes.


As for accessories, the choice is not great here, because many of them will look inappropriate with an element of a sports style. But the rich selection of chains, bracelets and clock will allow you to enter a novelty and freshness.

Spectacular images

For sports

Beautiful robe for the activities of various sports will be sports leggings from elastic fabric stretch, which will not shoot your movements and allow you to feel free during any exercises.

It is best to pick up a sports top-sconter from the same fabric, very often they are sold by sets. In this image you will attract admiring glances to your sports body.


If you want to hit the surrounding style and non-standard taste in clothes, this will help you with a rather strange combination of things.

Gray sports pants with rubber bands on ankles can be combined with a completely ordinary cotton white shirt, and this combination will look very interesting and fashionable.

You can complete such an image with unscrew accessories in the form of bracelets or hours, as well as low sneakers, in color close to the shade of sports trousers.

With heels

Lover of shoes on heels should not be desirable, because for them there is a fairly interesting version of the combination of sports pants with shoes. For example, if you take all the same gray sports pants, but this time a narrowed style, supplement them with a cotton classic shirt and black boats on a low stud, will be very elegant and even feminine combination.

In cool weather, you can add a light elongated cardigan to the way to the boats. And the black rectangular large bag and sunglasses – Aviators are perfectly suitable as accessories.


In everyday life in clothing, convenience and comfort is valued, especially if the day you have to walk a lot and move around the city. Excellent stylish and at the same time, a comfortable option will be a combination of light gray knitted sports trousers with a rubber band on ankle and a light knitted T-shirt with long sleeves, the same color.

So that the image does not seem fresh and boring, you can dilute it with leopard slips, a black big bag and a different rose with accessories in the form of bracelets, chains and clock.

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