Women’s straight jeans

Women's straight jeans

Appearing a little over one hundred years ago, trousers from Denim managed to become a real classic of everyday wardrobe. Representatives of both sexes and all age categories gradually dated jeans. It is with this that a huge variety of existing models and jeans styles are connected. A special manifold is distinguished by a model range of women’s jeans.

Blue, blue, white, pink … narrow, wide, folded … with shortened brothers, with high or low fit – from such a large selection just a head goes around. However, it is very important to find “your” style of jeans, becauseRavil jeans will help you look impeccable, emphasizing the advantages of the figure and sister its shortcomings. In today’s article we will tell you about the jeans model, which is considered classical.

Straight jeans – the thing is almost universal, as they go very much and are appropriate almost everywhere.

To whom fit?

The straight style of jeans assumes that the trousers have the same width over the entire length. Unlike jeans skinnie or Slim Fit, they are tightly sitting only on the hips, and in the rest of the places are free enough.

This silhouette allows you to hide some completeness in the legs, plus everything, it does not constantly shone the movements.

The main advantage of straight jeans is that Such a style is suitable for all types of figures, no exception. Slim and full, high and low – all young lady will look in such jeans equally well. True, there is one important nuance here – Jeans should be exactly in size: have a suitable length, match the girth of the hips and waist. If these conditions are observed, then straight jeans will allow you to look impeccable.


Straight jeans – one of the most popular varieties of this type of clothing. Specifically for you we made up A selection of the most interesting and beautiful models of direct style jeans from the best clothing manufacturers. All models from the selection today are available: the thing you like can be purchased in the company store or order via the Internet directory.

Boyfriends from Mango: Light Blue Coloring, Middle Landing, Cropped Trousers with Related Edge

Classic Model from United Colors of Benetton: Saturated Blue Color With Small Waste, Low Landing, Standard Length

Ripped jeans from Kiss Pink: boiled jeans, slots and scuffs along the entire length, average landing

Strict model from Levi’s: Saturated, Dark Blue, Single Coloring, Standard Landing, Classic Length

Snow White Jeans from Theresa: Gentle, Light Coloring, Middle Landing, Slightly Sneaken Book Book

Youth Model from Calvin Klein Jeans: Blue, Strong Effect Of Waste, Through Rotes on Labels, Loaded Pockets

What long to pick up?

Depending on the characteristics of the model, direct women’s jeans can have a different length. The shortest jeans have a length slightly below the knee (all that shorter is already Capri). Long models are designed for high height or heel. In addition, it is now very fashionable to convert jeans several times. For example, the actual model of “boyfriends” is so.

Restored trousers make it possible to demonstrate elegant ankles.

Classic straight jeans must close half the heel, but leave open heel. If you choose shorten jeans, give preference to a slightly narrowed book model, about approximately ankle. It should also be borne in mind that jeans can be shortened after several styrices, so it is better to buy pants with a small margin in length.

Tips for choosing

  • Jeans Direct Crowe are suitable for girls of different complexes – we have already found out. However, there is another important factor that allows you to visually change the proportions of the shape – color. Dark shade jeans will make you slimmer, and in bright jeans your hips will seem a bit more volume.
  • You should also pay attention to Decorative elements. They can both visually adjust the flaws of the figure, and on the contrary – to sharpen on them Attention. For example, vertical elements – lines, lightning, drawing – will make you slimmer and higher, and horizontal lines have a “flatten” figure.
  • Properly selected jeans make a female figure incredibly attractive. Therefore, trying on jeans in the store, you need to examine yourself in the mirror from all sides – you must look beautifully not only legs, but also hips and buttocks. You can “pull up” the ass by choosing jeans with high landing and overwhelmed rear pockets.

What to wear?

Straight jeans are not in vain are considered a universal model – after all, you can wear them with anything. There are no strict restrictions on the length or style of top, as well as by the presence or absence of a heel. The only thing that you should navigate are the individual parameters of your figure and the format of the event you go to.

Here are some examples of the most successful and interesting combinations of straight jeans with:

  • With a simple white T-shirt and bright cardigan+
  • with volumetric sweater and moccasins+
  • With a juicy shade shirt, long jacket and classic shoes+
  • With denim shirt and stylish leather accessories+
  • with a vest, blazer and comfortable shoes+
  • With a leather jacket, free top and sandals on high heels.

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