Women’s summer overalls

Women's summer overalls

If you find it difficult to choose from clothes on a summer day, then the best solution is women’s jumpsuit, Very stylish and at the same time comfortable clothing. This thing always looks elegant, and moreover, you do not need to break your head, how to combine top and bottom.

Fashion Models and Sticks

This elegant outfit that was originally a form of workers, suitable for women of different age, growth and physique. Universal summer overalls will be appropriate for business meetings and for informal setting. In the first case, you should choose a model with strict top, in the second, thin straps or fully open upper part are appropriate.

Gorgeous looks overalls with long wide pants (especially in combination with high heel), perfect, along with evening dress suitable for solemn events.

However, the real hit of the summer season is a short summer overalls with shorts, opening slender legs. This is an excellent option for summer walks and beach holidays. The top of such a jumpsuit often does not have strapless, the most open.

Original and practical design development – transformer jumpsuit. Such a model with lightning on the hips, if desired, is easily turning from a long in a short.

An extraordinary solution on a rainy day – a solid overall raincoat, which will ensure reliable protection against moisture and emphasize your survival. Made of thin waterproof material, it is put on top of the main clothes.

Knitted women’s knitting jumpsuit look very stylish. Summer models, as a rule, are made of cotton threads facechair, often decorated with openwork inserts.

The upcoming summer in the trend will be overalls with a corset, Particular in young fashionistas, bold and confident. This option with a pulling effect makes the figure more elegant and sexy. Optimal Combination – Corset Plus Short Wide Shorts.

Also in fashion model with bondage bondage, opening tanned shoulders. Also, always in fashion the top of the overalls decorated in the form of a classic shirt.

Large sizes for full girls

Summer jumpsuits can be worn and lush girls, they only have to choose loose fitted models. Avoid bright colors and large print – it is full. Unfortunate in this case, an option – one-shot satin jumpsuit: it will only emphasize all the flaws of the figure. Fashionable 2017 Space Overalls Looks extraordinary, however, it is also able to emphasize extra kilograms.

Lush girls you can wear a denim summer overalls with straps. Decorated with zippers, lacing, he visually makes the figure more slim. You do not only need to choose the option with shortened pants – it will visually reduce your height. On full ladies, it also looks good at cotton jumpsuit with a top of a shirt, while the lower part of the product must be wide. Also appropriate models with the top – T-shirt of a little coloring.

For pregnant

Overalls – a wonderful summer option for a pregnant woman. After all, as you know, in the hot season to enter the child harder. Practical in the sock, the jumpsuit does not shine movements, while the future mother can look fashionable. Depending on the period of pregnancy, you can adjust the size of the product, which will allow you to wear it all summer. Especially comfortable overall transformer, which allows you to disgust the upper part, if you wish, wearing a fashionable bottom.


As already mentioned, summer overalls may have different lengths. Long models with pants always look elegantly. Variants with shorts may vary: from extremely short to length closing the top of the hip. Also stylishly, women’s overalls of midi look: with wide arched pants covering their knees. There are also products, the bottom of which is pants-Capri (also medium length).


It is quite natural that natural fabrics are relevant in the heat.

In this regard, a great acquisition for the upcoming summer season – Flax or cotton jumpsuit. For exquisite fashionistas designers develop products From openwork guipure. This gentle material can act as a basis or as a spectacular inserts. Leather overalls Various lengths and colors are also trend. Extravagantly lacquer.

Do not lose their relevance of summer denim overalls. As a rule, these are short models with shorts or pants Capri. Also in the summer of 2017 the long version of Denim will be appropriate. An interesting solution for impeccable figure – jumpsuit from jeans with a tight long bottom and an open upper part without straps. In fashion, also nude spin, low waist and asymmetrical cut.

Create a romantic image will help you with a light overalls from chiffon, silk or satin. Flowing silhouette makes an elegant figure. Often such things are decorated with belts, swans, bows.

Color and print

Always enjoy popular at fashionistan, monophonic summer overalls. Having, as a rule, simple cut model with long pants is an indispensable subject of business wardrobe.

Classic black color perfectly emphasize tanned skin. This is an excellent option for a business meeting. On a black background of overalls, a metal decor is spectacular (for example, buckles on straps). The severity of this color can be compensated by extravagant solutions – deep neckline on the chest or translucent bodice.

White overalls looks elegant in any situation. The long version with the sleeves is suitable for the office, and the seductive model with slots on the waist is ideal for a romantic date. White light silk or chiffon jumpsuit will create a gentle feminine image.

In the 2017 season in fashion bright red color for bold girls. More reserved models of overalls are made in calm shades of red. Unusually looks a print on a red background (stripes, divorces).

Along with these flowers, designers represent summer overalls in emerald, deep blue, mint, sunny yellow color. In addition, in the trend style “Safari” with its characteristic sandy and swamp shades. Also popular camouflage colors (Militari style).

The main trend of the summer season are combs with a print. The most modest model can be at all other paints due to an unusual drawing. So, extravagantly looks black and white abstract pattern, geometric motifs. It looks implicitly a combination of green and brown flowers with white, beige, gray shades in the drawing.

If you want to be in a trend, choose animal print (Tiger or leopard color) or intricate oriental motifs. Cute looks and traditional flower, cage, strip, polka dot.

As for denim overalls, they can be not only traditional blue or blue colors – in fashion inhomogeneous drawing and scuff.

What to wear?

Silk models of different lengths harmoniously look with high stud. In addition, they do not need large accessories.

Short overalls with shorts combine with sandals or kids, but the heel here will also be to the place. Waist in a short model can be emphasized by a thin strap. Bag can be chosen big and spacious.

The denim model is perfectly combined with sports shoes or open sandals.

Almost all types of overalls are well combined with jackets, cardigans, jackets of various lengths. Festive option can be supplemented with a bolero or prisoner.

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