Women’s Sweatshirts Nike

Women's Sweatshirts Nike

As convenient and practical clothing for sports and outdoor activities, many of us choose costumes with a sweatshirt. This object of clothing got its name in honor of the most famous Russian writer, however, modern hoodies in their appearance are very far from those that loved to wear Lev Nikolaevich.

Now the sweatshirt is a sweatshirt in sports style with long sleeves, stitched from a dense knitwear. It can have a zipper, hood, high collar, false pockets, but these elements are not mandatory.

Today we will tell you about women’s hoodies from the world’s famous manufacturer of sportswear and equipment. You will learn about the best models of Nike hoodies, popular colors and materials, and also get acquainted with the recommendations of stylists regarding what and how to wear Nike hoodies.


Nike specialists work simultaneously in several directions, releasing clothing, shoes and accessories for people with various needs.

  • Nike Sportswear sweatshirts are models from one of the main brands of Nike Corporation. In the last collection, laconic monophonic models are presented without unnecessary decor, mainly in neutral or dark colors.

  • Sweatshirts from the Nike AIR clothing line, founded in the 80s of the last century, are also distinguished by the maximum simple design. The main focus is on not the appearance of things, and how comfortable will feel athlete in it.

  • Nike-AW77 is a collection of sweatshirts and trousers for running of modern materials impenetrable for wind. In addition, sweatshirts are equipped with special waterproof inserts.

  • Sweatshirts with a print “Just Do IT”, which is a slogan company Nike, are a real hit even among fashionistas not at all-related sports. This phrase has become so popular that he quickly “overgrown” by many parodies and alterations, which also began to be used as prints for clothes.

  • Nike Barcelona is a unisex style line, to create designers and technologists of the company inspired players of the soccer club of the same name. Club emblem – unchanged decor element for hoodies from this collection.

  • Nike SB – collection of clothes and shoes, designed specifically for those involved in skateboarding. All things in this series, including sweatshirts not only take into account all the needs of athletes, but also possess a stylish, youth design.

How to choose?

Nike designers create sweatshirts for girls with different types of figures. Beautiful with lush forms are recommended to choose straight or slightly fitted models. Slender young ladies can afford spacious sheatons in Oversiz style with large pockets and a wide collar.

The most popular sizes of hoodies from Nike – 40 (XS), 42 (S), 44 (M), 46 (L). If you choose a sweatshirt via the Internet directory, to determine the exact size you need to know growth, shoulder width, chest girth and sleeve length.

Material sweatshirts should be chosen depending on when and where you plan to wear it. Fleece sweatshirts is a great option of warm winter clothes. Water-repellent coating sweatshirts protect against rain and penetrating wind. Simple knitted sweatshirts are suitable for walking or workouts in the fresh air.

Nike sweatshirts are not only comfortable and practical, but also very beautiful and stylish. Therefore, the design of sweatshirts is far from the last thing to pay attention to when choosing. If the sweatshirt is for you – this is an element of casual clothes, then look at bright models with an unusual, memorable design.


Sweatshirts of this brand are pleased with athletes and fashionista variety colors. In branded departments and stores Nike you can choose both a modest, concise thing, and a bright model with original design.

Gray Sweatshirt Nike is a universal and practical thing that does not attract attention, but meanwhile always looks stylish – both in sports and in everyday image.

Black Nike Sweatshirt is a real classic, relevant not only in the gym. Black models are usually complemented by a contrasting print with brand logo. Such sweatshirts are recommended to combine with light or bright bottom.

Pink Nike Sweatshirt will definitely enjoy young fashionable people who prefer gentle, maiden style in clothes. Especially spectacularly such a sweatshirt will look in combination with white sports pants or light blue jeans.

The Red Sweatshirt Nike is a choice of girls who are accustomed to everything first, no wonder – red one of the most popular colors in the symbolism of sports teams and clubs, because he is associated with leadership and desire for victory.

Blue Nike Sweatshirt is one of the most popular unisex options. Sweatshirts in blue-blue are tonachable as young men and girls, since these colors always look very expressively and perfectly combined with other shades.

Sweatshirt Nike Coloring Camouflage – An interesting and stylish solution for those who love bright images. Such a sweatshirt will be effectively combined not only with things in the style of militaries, but also with any casual clothes of different colors.

Nike sweatshirts with a print enjoyed in demand every fashion season. Most of these hoodies are decorated with a recognizable brand emblem – a smooth stroke, which reminds of the wings of the Greek goddess of Victory Niki, in honor of which the trademark is named.

What to wear?

Despite the fact that the sweatshirt is considered an element of sportswear, it can be part of the outfit, far from sports. Perhaps it is in this that the reason for the popularity of sweatshirts – this item of the wardrobe can be worn every day, combining with the most different things.

Going to training, put on the hoody of sneakers, T-shirt or sports top and comfortable knitted trousers, such as leggings or joggers.

For walking around the city and meetings with friends, you can choose an outfit consisting of sweatshirts, jeans of any style, bright bed or slips. In the warm season, jeans successfully replace denim shorts or skirt.

A more spectacular and memorable image can be created by mixing things from different styles and fashion directions. Stylists and designers have long come for eclecticity in clothing, so do not be afraid to wear hoodies with romantic or strict things: air dresses, strict skirts, classic pants and elegant tops. This applies to the choice of shoes: it does not have to be athletic: along with a sweatshirt it is quite appropriate to wear ballet shoes, sandals or boots on high heels.

Spectacular images

  • Mint’s sweatshirt with a white print in combination with emphasizing shape with gray knitted trousers and white sneakers.

  • Red sweatshirt with brand motto in combination with gray training pants and comfortable white sneakers.

  • Two-color lightweight hooded sweatshirt, decorated with a bright pink print, combined with fitting trousers of camouflage colors and snow-white sneakers.

  • A shortened gray sweatshirt with contrasting edging effectively combines black and white leggings, black sneakers on a thick sole and sports-style accessories.

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