Women’s Tunic Shirt

Women's Tunic Shirt

Tunic’s shirt is an elongated loose shirt. This thing combines the properties of the shirt and at the same time tunic. Such is the most practical option.

With it, you can create elegant bows for everyday life and for special occasions. We suggest to deal with the features of the style and inspire the creation of new images.


The model range is very diverse.

First of all, the tunic shirts are free and slightly fitted. Often both models come in a set with a belt. Popular folded models or trapezoidal.

If this is a free model without a belt, then we can pick up a belt on your own or wear without it. The best choice will be a slim belt or a wide leather belt.

Fashionable trend is Tjason Oversiz with a linted line of shoulders, the sleeves should be widespread.

Another model – with a lacing tightening on the waist. Great way to emphasize Talia.

Length can also be different. The shortest – from the middle of the hips, the styles below the hips, and even the tunic shirts, the length of reminiser dresses.

Hemp Tunic takes the following shapes: straight, rounded, asymmetric, with cuts on the sides. Models also differ in the shape and length of the sleeves, short, long, three quarters. Form: Direct, flashlight, Volan, Sleeve Kimono.

Collars can be postponed, with pointed or rounded corners, rack, without collar, have a V-neck.

Popular men’s tunic shirts with outer or overhead large pockets on chest in style minimalism.

Designers constantly come up with new details, such as jabs, embroidery, patterns, breasts, volanses and European lace.


Tunic’s shirt must freely sit on the figure and emphasize the elegance of lines. Therefore, you should choose models from natural soft tissues.

For summer, ideal textures such as flax, silk, chiffon, slim battered and cotton. These subtle textures help the product beautifully sit on the figure and give the image of the air. Of the denser fabrics for cool weather – viscose, polyester, knitwear, slim jersey.

Separately, it is worth canceling denim tunic. They can be worn in any season. It is stylish and perhaps the most practical option.

For full

As we have noted, the tunic shirt is unique. It is suitable for both girls with thin build, and with lush forms. Last it helps to hide the imperfections of the waist.

For ladies wishing to hide disadvantages, you can choose from simple models of casual, models scrambled from the chest, as well as the focus on the waist in the form of a belt. Stamps with Jabs and Breast details are suitable for girls who wish to hide an excess volume in the abdomen area, as well as those who wish to increase the top of the top of the figure. Accordingly, those who have an extra volume in the chest and shoulders should abandon any details at the top.

Make visually slimmer and lengthen visually silhouette and legs will help shoes on heels.

For pregnant

Already, not one woman was convinced of the universal appointment of tunic shirts. Thanks to its free free and property of the waist, such a thing has become indispensable for pregnant and young mothers.

Pregnant women It is better to choose a shirt of the tunic of a-shaped, the second option is the shirts with an overwhelmed waist. So, they will help visually hide the volume in the abdomen.

Color and print

Superbly look at the tunics of a monophonic shade of trapezoidal cutting.

  • The most basic option is white, easily combined with many wardrobe objects. Accent can be made on bright shoes or bag.
  • Pastel colors create an image of romanticity and ease. These colors include gentle blue, lemon, powder, light turquoise, dairy.
  • Contrast shades are suitable for bold girls. Fashion shades of the season: coral, turquoise, Fuchsia color and blue.

If not limited to only one-photon versions, boldly choose options with a geometric or floral print, into a cage and strip. The main thing is to print the top echoed from the bottom.

By the way, the strip again visually removes extra centimeters and lengthens the silhouette.

It is very important that the color of the product emphasizes the beauty of your skin and hair.

Where to wear?

Due to its unique combination, it has a business and free style. The white tunic shirt is ideal for the office, while it makes it more original than with our usual wardrobe objects. This is not a classic strict shirt, and not a business dress, but alternative to them.

In addition to the office, you can safely wear such a shirt in everyday life: for a walk, a date, study.

Tunics shirts in a cage are suitable for travel, ride in nature.

Especially I would like to note the possibility of applying tunic shirts on vacation. Choose contrasting colors and models with ornament. Excellent option for a wardrobe on vacation. Complete the image of large jewelry from plastic, stones, stylish glasses, haw with wide fields. This option is suitable not only during the day, but also for dinner.

What to wear?

The tunic shirt is perfectly combined by pants, tosing a figure, such as skin pants, dulls. This is one of the few options when we can wear leggings pants. From the shoes shoes on the heel or high-resistant shoes.

It is better to avoid the combination of tunic shirts with a volumetric bottom, like pants of casual, escape or clash.

From above tunics you can put an elongated jacket or jacket to enhance the business effect.

Speected is a combination of white tunic shirt with leather skinny pants. This bow is suitable for a party.

Speaking of skirts, it is better to choose short and medium length. But the maximum length is better to avoid. Shoes – Heel Sandals or Wedge, Shoes, Ballet,

To create a Casual style, use a combination with jeans, again it is better for. Footwear will suit any: Ankle Boots, Rough Boots with Buckles, Sandals. You can easily roll the sleeves.

Despite the fact that the tunic shirts are elongated in shape, you can wear them with shorts. Even if such a shirt completely covers them. Excellent Sandals with such a bow and a long strap bag.

In case you choose a top of Denim, it looks great in a set with snowy white pants. For example, narrowed pants 7/8. Not superfluous heels or shoes on a wedge.

An important point is the choice of accessories. With tunic shirts perfectly combined gold products. If you want to make a bright accent, choose large plastic accessories: bracelets, earrings and beads.

It is better to choose the neck of the jewelry on the long chain, so your silhouette will visually lengthen.

We told you the basic our recommendations and reviewed the features of the tunic shirt. No doubt this is one of the few items of the wardrobe, which comes to all. Why don’t you replenish the wardrobe and create new onions with such a universal thing!

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