Women’s wide pants

Women's wide pants

Among all fashionable clothing items, each modern woman is trying to give preference to the most practical. Such a thing should be beautiful, and comfortable, and relevant in a wide variety of situations. Women’s wide pants – one of the most universal things. We will tell you how to choose her and what to wear.

What it is?

The main highlight of wide female trousers lies precisely in the fact that they are universal and practical. At the same time, the correctly selected style looks incredibly elegant and feminine.

Do not be afraid of such trousers. Even the owner of luxury long legs will not regret not for a minute that they hid this wealth. After all, in the current season, the maximum length is still at the peak of popularity, competing only with slightly shortened fittings and skirts of midi. Therefore, any woman in wide pants will look very stylish.

It is impossible to definitely declare how wide pants for women are called, because each style is configured its name.

Wide can be trousers bananas, Afghani, Palazzo. There are wide models of carrot trousers. Under wide female trousers, you can also imply a model in men’s style. And there is a hakam – samurai pants, resembling sharovars – they are now rapidly conquering streets and are being introduced into everyday fashion.

Skirt-pants also has a free cut, so it can also be attributed to the category of wide female trousers. One way or another, it is necessary to select a free cut item on the basis of the individual identities of the physique. Then it will become clear what kind of style to choose.

One of the top models of wide trousers today is a type of style popularized in his time a great kinodiva Marlene Dietrich. The model is a similarity of men’s trousers: the pants are very broad, the cut straight, length – in the floor. At the same time, in the waist area, pants tightly fit the figure.

Some models are produced with arrows or with decays on the bottom. Modern variations are produced in various fabrics and are relevant both in summer and in winter.

Relevant today and so-called sail pants. The name of their own they received for the unusual width of the stanner, seeming endless, like a sail. Such pants are sewed from thin fabrics, they are ideal for summer.

Wide Women’s Trousers Classic Crowe have a more discreet and balanced style. They are appropriate in a modern office suit for business women. Wide pants with high waist (for example, Palazzo) are also found today both in office fashion and in a front-end costume for celebrations and holidays.

Many models of wide trousers have a wide belt. He meets on his pants with any landing – classical, lowered or overestimated. But today is the first and last options today.

Since wide pants strongly change the entire appearance (which can be full), an excellent solution for saving a balance – a vertical strip! Such a print will pull out the whole silhouette and will not give you a wide pants to full. Probably, that is why now such pants are very popular.

Optimal fabrics

One of the main trends of the coming autumn – wide women’s trousers from the twe. This fabric is now at the peak of popularity, and for sewing such fashionable pants fit perfectly.

From jeans, wide perepers will be no less relevant, practical and relevant, both at work and during rest. For cold time, dense denim is suitable, and for summer – thin jeans.

Another fashionable version of warm wide pants – knitwear. It can be monophonic or have a stylish pattern, for example, a cage, Christmas trees or goose paws.

Summer optimal fabrics for wide female trousers will be cotton, silk and satin, chiffon, satin, flax, batter, brocade, taffeta, label, gear, organza. These materials will create a feeling of lightness, airiness. In addition, many of them look very elegant, and therefore pants from such fabrics will become an excellent base for evening costume or toilet for some celebration.

Sometimes the usual costume cloth looks very winning. Many models of modern wide women’s trousers are created precisely from such materials. Similar pants are suitable for summer office suit, and for walks in the park or on the waterfront.

Fashionable colors

Black and white wide pants will never come out of fashion. With them every woman can combine almost any top, and it is very practical. Plus current trends inclined us in favor of classic black and white gamma. So lovers of conservative colors are lucky: in the near future this gamma in trend!

In summer, any model of wide female trousers made in blue color will be very relevant. Cornflower, sapphire, ultramarine, azure, heavenly – any blue shades will be relevant.

Beige and gray tones are suitable for an office or informal setting, and at any time of the year. The most fashionable shades: cream or cork, smoky or “ice coffee”.

Red wide pants for women, especially with an overwhelmed waist, is an elegant, if not to say a luxurious thing! Such trousers should be in the wardrobe of each fatal beauty.

How to choose fashionable wide pants?

The first thing to determine when searching for fashionable wide trousers is the circle of responsibilities assigned to them. How often do you plan to wear these stylish trousers? How many outfits are planning to build on their base? What goals are more important for you: create a casual outfit or evening? Based on answers to these questions and some models of wide trousers will be seamless.

The second factor when choosing will be your personal style in clothes. Directly depends on it, which model you can purchase, and what no. For example, Pants in the style of Marlene Dietrich or Palazzo, which are a classic clock and an example of femininity and elegance, will suit women and girls who preference to conservative style. Moreover, these styles of trousers will fit absolutely. But Afghani or Khakam – the choice of young, bold women, experimenters for their nature.

Models trouser for wide thighs

The main task for owners of lush second “90” – make a silhouette visually slimmer. Pants will contribute to this long. These are needed high heels. If the hips are wide, but the growth is higher than the average, you can try on a slightly shortened model of stylish trousers. At the same time, remember that the pants should sit perfectly, there can be no folds and flaps in the fitting part.

On trousers for the full hips can be a coquette in the area of ​​the belt or tutting on the waist. It is better to give preference to models that do not have a strong alignment of the book. A slightly narrowing silhouette is admissible, but in no case, the pants should not trim the caviar or ankle.

Perses for the full hips should be necessarily dark tones. The fabric is obliged to keep the shape well, that is, being tight enough, and also be matte (not to have a brilliance).

What to wear women’s wide pants?

The most popular images are a combination of such trousers with a shirt-filled shirt (or top) and high-heeled shoes. In general, the best, with which you can wear in the summer wide pants – this is a stylish top, because the perfect top for such pants should be as simple as possible.

Some models of wide trousers will look stylish and original in combination with an elongated vest – another fashion trend of the current season.

Medium-length jacket, shortened jacket or short jacket – excellent options for tops to wide female pants of any style.

In addition to the shoes on high heels with such trousers, sneakers and sandals on thick soles, and leafers, and oxfords and stylish sabotes are perfectly combined. The choice limits only the overall style of the outfit.

Accessories in the dress with wide trousers can be the most different, but meeting one criteria – femininity. For daytime exits, use thin and elegant earrings, rings, chains, pendants. For evening images, you can add only a little glitter, the lacquered belt is well suited for this. In the cold season, a fur scarf will be an excellent accessory to wide ladies.

Spectacular images

Excellent variant of a stylish two-color dress. Proportions and excellent taste withstand here without a single complaint.

And this is the image of “Total White” – a great outfit for hot summer.

A worthy example of a complex crumble in everyday style. Original and fascinating, although everything is constructed in a strict but calm range.

Those most pants in the style of Marlene Dietrich

But examples of the most infectious and “delicious” prints for wide ladies.

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