Yellow blouses

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Yellow blouses

Saturated yellow color is not the color that we see daily on people. Yellow – bright, screaming. This is a shade of happiness and positive mood.

No doubt, every at least once heard something like: “Yellow – not my color, he does not go!”And T.NS. As a rule, this refers to lovers of black, white, brown and gray. Maybe we will try to get out of the comfort zone? Talk about yellow blouses.


There is an countless number of models, as well as shades, details and textures. From tight and fitted to free, lungs, falling off his shoulders, with long and short sleeves, with collar and beautiful original details.

Girls with different types of figures can always find something. Create a romantic image with a blouse with ruffles of a gentle shade. You can always emphasize the waist with the help of the original belt. The belt gives the air shape of the falling fabric.

To create a flirty image, flouses with flies or lace.

Original Watch Options with Basis. This is the perfect office option.

The office will also look good silhouettes with a V-neckline. This style visually lengthens the neck. Smell options will help create an original image.

Such a variety allows you to choose a model for any circumstances.

It is worth mentioning one very important item – choosing the right shade. It is worth paying attention to the skin color, eye, hair.

Blondes and girls with light skin fit muffled tones yellow. Girls with rusia or brown hair fit mustard and honey shades. Brunettes to face Cold shades of yellow, lemon and bright. Persons with red hair color will suit almost any shade.


Undoubtedly, the best option will be if the thing is made of natural and high-quality fabrics.

One of the most popular materials is chiffon. It is ideal for summer. Chiffon is pretty inexpensive and practical fabric. For daytime images it is better to choose a translucent chiffon, and for the office is a denser version or multilayer product.

For evening exits you can consider other fabrics, silk and satin. Models from silk look expensive and elegantly, in demand at any time of the year. Atlas sits well on the figure, but more for cool time of the year. Atlas Blouses can be put on solemn events.

For study and work is suitable for cotton as a classic option. The price varies depending on the mass market segment or the famous brand.

Synthetic and Lycra. More often used for tight blouses and indispensable in daily sock.

What to wear?

And now we’ll figure it out in a few simple, but equally important principles:

  • Everything is easy. Out a yellow blouse with something simple, for example, monophonic pants or simple jeans. Both those and others can be a variety of models and styles.

Add bright accessories to make an image interesting. The main thing is that the Blouse itself is appropriate. If the pants are wide or it is a clash trousers, it will be better to look at the tight blouse. With narrow trousers or sinny pants combines blouse free forms or blouse “Oversiza”.

Separately, attention deserves a combination of a yellow blouse with shorts. Shorts can be different lengths. For a more spectacular image, refuel the blouse into shorts or sunk sleeves.

  • Pants are not necessary to be very simple, they can be with a print, for example, floral. The idea is that one of the colors in the print combined with yellow riding.

  • Easy to combine blouse with skirts of various styles. For summer image Best color for skirt – white.

There is always a relevant pencil skirt model, topical for office. Okruged, skirts with high waist, mini – the choice is very rich.

  • Black + Yellow = Warely Combination. Such an image is a classic, be it skirt or pants.

  • Know what shades of the wardrobe are combined with yellow. One of them is bright blue. Also yellow combined with white, beige, red, purple, green, gray and brown.

  • If we talk about accessories and details, such as shoes and bag, unmistakably fit: brown, black, golden.

Pay special attention to the shoes. Depending on the situation, it can be shoes, sandals, ballet shoes and sneakers. Yellow sandals will be quite appropriate.

  • Need to choose your shade. If you are scared really bright color, you can always experiment with more muted shades. Mustard yellow – an excellent option.

  • The color of champagne can become a basic thing in the wardrobe. Sandy – a more rigorous shade, looks harmonious with many elements of the wardrobe.

We gave the basic recommendations, and what a unique style to choose – to solve you. Create a stunning image – and forward – conquer new vertices.

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