Yellow jacket

Yellow jacket

Yellow color never comes out of fashion. Psychologists claim that yellow clothing not only attracts attention, but also gives positive energy, improves mood.

This applies to everyone without exception of clothing, including yellow jacket.

Who fits?

Yellow, despite its solar energy, is not suitable for everyone. It does not apply to the basic line of colors, universally suitable for all people. Nevertheless, every woman can wear a yellow jacket, you just need to choose the right shade, perfectly suitable for her color.

Yellow – the color of the sun, he belongs to the palette of warm colors. It should be used with caution of refective green leather representatives. It is best to choose jackets in grayish or bluish shades of yellow. So that the image looked more expressively, the rest of the clothes must be withstanding in bright, saturated colors.

Holders of warm color,0 can try on a jacket almost any shade of yellow. The brighter skin, the more bright shades should be chosen (champagne, lemon, golden, cream and t.D.). Brunette’s burning brunettes can be focused on the brightest, saturated tones (saffron, ocher, amber, mustard and t.D.).

Properly chosen shade of yellow color can tell a lot about the nature of the woman itself. Saturated sunshine clothes are most often choosing energetic, purposeful ladies who love to stand out from the crowd and pay attention to. Soft, pastel shades perfectly fit the natural and romantic agents.


A variety of jacket models fully meets the most modern fashion trends. Each woman, regardless of taste addictions, opportunities, age and type of figure, can choose a suitable option for work, everyday use, celebrations and t.D. And yellow jacket – no exception to this rule.

The classic jacket model is the most universal option that is suitable for absolutely everyone. For him are characteristic: strict cut, minimum of jewelry, feminine silhouette.

Modern Option for Youth – Cropped Leather Jacket-Row.

To create a romantic image, ideal jackets with lots of decorative decorations. It can be an original collar, basket, friction, fastener, made in the form of bows, other unusual elements. All sorts of decorative elements protrude as decorations: Embroidery, rhinestones, sequins, metal chains, appliqués, etc.D.

The most popular models for the summer are the lightweight jackets of their flax or cotton with a short sleeve or without it.

Jackets are performed from different materials. It may be knitwear, knitted canvas, cashmere, wool, leather, denim, tweed, flax, cotton and other fabrics. The length of the models may be the most different.

What to wear?

Choosing a suitable set of clothes, do not forget that yellow jacket in any case will become an emphasis in the dress. Moreover, regardless of color saturation. Therefore, the brighter and more intense the color of the jacket, the more restrained and calm should be the color range of the rest.

T-shirt, Top, T-shirt and other clothes, worn under the jacket should have the most simple, laconic cut. Neutral colors are desirable.

Jacket suits almost any clothes, whether it is a romantic blouse or laconic top, classic pants or torn jeans. Thinking a set of clothes, it is important to navigate the harmonious combination of yellow with the rest of the colors.

  1. Brown color. Close by tone to yellow. Very practical and harmonious combination. Under the jacket of a warm yellow shade, you can wear dark brown pants, skirt or shorts. Yellow softens shades of brown, makes an image more interesting.
  2. Blue. Very bright and stylish combination. Rich shades of yellow color very spectacularly shade dress, skirt, pants, top beautiful cornflower or light blue. Depending on the selected shades, the outfit may not only be elegant and festive, but also quite everyday.
  3. Red. Red in clothing looks no less effectively than yellow. Picking up accessories, shoes and related clothes, it is important not to overdo the decor and bright makeup so that the created image does not look vulgar.
  4. Black White. Classic combination suitable for any occasion. Yellow jacket perfectly combines any black or white clothing.
  5. Green. Very sunny, bright combination. Yellow Great Green, Emerald, Grass Color Clothes.

Spectacular images

Youth Style: Radial Ripped Jeans + White T-shirt + Pitted Geese Yellow Jacket. Excellent option for a walk in the city.

Stylish and elegant option for the office: a set of snow-white top and tight trousers + light yellow jacket with a basque and postponed collar. Very modern and feminine bow.

Romantic image for a young girl: lace light top + short lush skirt + laconic lemon color jacket with shorten sleeves. Great Outfit for Party.

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