Yellow skirts

Yellow skirts

It is believed that yellow is not only one of the brightest and joyful colors, but also relieves fatigue, gives a good mood and a charge of cheerfulness for a whole day. That is why this color is so popular and is often used in clothes.

If earlier it was used mainly in the manufacture of accessories, today the clothing of a saturated yellow color is increasingly turning to the fore. At the peak of popularity – Yellow skirts of various styles. They are suitable for almost everyone, it is only necessary to choose the right one to choose the appropriate top and appropriate shoes.


Yellow has so many shades that it can be used to create clothes suitable for a variety of cases of life. It is perfectly combined with clothes of different shades – from bright to deep, saturated tones. This bright, sunny color is very brunette with dark skin.

Yellow can be worn and smear blondes, you can simply choose the most suitable to the skin tone and its intensity.

Choosing the upper right to the skirt, it is necessary to take into account that the yellow color is perfectly combined with the clothes of beige and green shades. But with the choice of yellow tops should be careful. The fact is that this color is able to focus on small disabilities and skin problems. Tired face color, unhealthy pallor, blue under the eyes will become even more visible on the background of bright yellow clothes.


Refreshing a banal and boring business suit will help a pencil skirt, made in gentle shades of yellow, for example, pale lemon. Non-latch pastel tones are perfectly combined with a monochrome blouse and strict jacket. Pencil skirt is desirable to select medium length.

If the workplace does not imply a very strict dress code, the skirt may have a bright color. White blouse made in a romantic style, combined with such a skirt will be a very elegant kit.

The sun

Almost only the name of the La Fyson speaks of its full compatibility with yellow. Bright shades of orange and lemon are perfect on the cut Sun skirts. This is not only a great option for the summer. Wide skirt Maxi saturated yellow color can be an excellent idea to create an extravagant evening image.


Short Yellow Silhouette Skirt Silhouette Makeup A Great Summer Ensemble with Top Or Bright Orange Blouse. To create a more modest image, the top of gentle blue, beige or cream shades is suitable.

pleated skirt

An interesting option for replacing the traditional school suit – pleated yellow skirt. It can be fully made of yellow material, or have a cell or another yellow print. Both options will look very unusual, stylish and modern.


Yellow skirt, like any other monophonic thing, is well combined with all sorts of drawings and ornaments. Direct middle-length skirt perfectly harmonizes with a blouse, decorated with small black and white peas, stripe or cage. Print can be floral, geometric or any other. It is desirable that the color gamut of print echoed with a skirt tone.

Print can be floral, geometric or any other. It is desirable that the color gamut of print echoed with a skirt tone.


Depending on the selected length, the yellow skirt may be a basic basis for creating a wide variety of images: from everyday to evening.


Mini skirts look great on slim, elegant figures. To not look too simple, you can choose a skirt of a complex cut, with asymmetry or made of textured fabric. Then yellow color will look especially bright and attractive.

A worthy addition to such a thing will be a white blouse, T-shirt or top. Do not overload the top, it must be the most simple as possible. Accessories can be brown, coffee or chocolate tint. The image made in the warm color scheme looks particularly elegant and feminine.

Short yellow skirt looks great with a black top, decorated with lace or embroidery. You can choose black lacquered shoes on a small heel.


Bright colors attract attention to themselves and somewhat dried out the figure. Yellow did not exceed this rule. That is why girls with lush shapes stylists recommend to stop their choice on yellow middle-length skirts.

Midi skirt neatly hobs extra volume and give special softness, smoothness lines of silhouette. Skirt Such Length is convenient in everyday life, it can also be a worthy set for a solemn output.

Midi skirt neatly hobs extra volume and give special softness, smoothness lines of silhouette. Skirt Such Length is convenient in everyday life, it can also be a worthy set for a solemn output.

Long in floor

Yellow skirt in the floor + white top on thin straps – a classic combination, relevant and this season. Especially spectacular this image is combined with a slight tan. In a cooler time to the kit you can add a leather or denim black jacket. This combination of colors is classic and looks great in any atmosphere.

A long skirt is well combined not only with short tops or shirts. An interesting option will be a combination of yellow skirt Maxi with an elongated denim shirt. The image will harmoniously complement the gas scarf of heaven and high-heeled shoes or opposite – elegant ballet flats or wicker sandals on a small platform.

What to wear?

The choice of suitable clothing for a combination with a yellow skirt requires a sufficiently weighted and attentive approach. It is important not to overload an abundance of shades, as the yellow color is dominant.

Yellow skirt will be perfectly combined with a turtleneck, sweater or a warm beige tint jumper. It can be slightly golden color and more rich – Coffee. Complete image classic light boats.

At the peak of popularity Striped things. The print consisting of a black and white strip is perfectly combined with a yellow skirt of any length and style.

Yellow, like no other suitable for creating an evening image. Exquisite combination of a long skirt from golden brocade and black lace or translucent blouses – one of the classic evening options. Black high-heeled black shoes are suitable as shoes or elegant boats. In addition to black, rich steel or deep emerald blouses can be used.

To create a romantic image, you can choose a wide skirt to the floor. It will be good with her as simple as possible, top on thin straps or beautiful blouse. Supplement gentle kit wicker sandals or light shoes

Spectacular combinations

With black

Black and yellow color self-sufficient, so do not need to use additional prints. A contrast combination of these colors does not require the use of additional ornaments or drawings. Bright yellow skirt perfectly combined with black jumper or t-shirt.

With white

White color always looks very stylish and modern. A set that includes white and yellow clothes is ideal for any situation.

2 bright colors look as much as possible in a monophonic design, the image should not overload in any print, it will be enough concise jewelry.

With blue

One of the most successful combinations. Bright sunlight and rich azure shade very organically complement each other and create a magnificent color solution. Selecting the most appropriate options for combining the shades of these colors, you can make a variety of clothing ensembles for daily use, office, festive event or solemn output.

It looks very nice, a combination of a long pale yellow chiffon skirt with a smooth, simple electric color. Complete the outfit light scarf, belt, handbag or shoes of one of these shades.

With green

The gentle combination of golden and gentle green shades is very blondes and girls with light skin. With golden yellow skirts perfectly look blouses, tops and sea wave jackets. Experimenting with different shades of blue and yellow colors, you can pick up perfect for yourself.

The color palette of yellow color has tens of shades. The brightest, pastel colors closer to creamy perfectly combined with mint-colored clothes or gentle lilac color. The most intense shades are best combined with universal base colors – white or black.

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