An extended denim jacket

An extended denim jacket

Denim jacket Announced Crow is a stylish trend this season. It will help create stunning casual, elegant or evening bows. An extended denim jacket decorated with buttons, lightning or ripples, can be used to implement fashionable onions in any style.

Who fits?

An extended denim jacket is represented by a large variety of models, so each girl will be able to pick up that style that emphasizes the advantages of her shape, the flaws will hide.

Classic models with an overwhelmed waist worth purchasing a triangle shape type owners or hourglass. This option will emphasize the thin waist, hobs the full hips. Girls with a type of shape apple or a rectangle worth give preference to long denim jackets with a smell, as they will help to highlight the waistline.

Often girls of low growth do not consider the elongated jackets, although this model will help visually lengthen the silhouette if you correctly pick up shoes. The straight cut without using accents on the waist or shoulders is ideal for low representatives of beautiful sex.

Holders of lush forms should pay attention to the models of classic or restrained cut. An excellent solution will be sports jackets.

What to wear?

The most successful combination is a long jacket with jeans or trousers. When choosing a vertex, you should give preference to the top or T-shirt of a light shade. Such an ensemble is canceled for an irresistible image for every day.

For the embodiment of the feminine bow, which is suitable for a romantic date, it is worth combining a long jacket from denim with dresses. Well combined with a long denim jacket dresses in the floor.

An elegant pencil skirt in a long jacket combination is perfect for work or business meeting. Bright accessory in the form of a fur collar or a long necklace will make your bow irresistible and spectacular.

Women who like the male wardrobe can be created androgic image due to the combination of a long jacket, shirts and male shoes, as well as dark shade pants.

Sexual representatives of beautiful sex that want to attract male attention, usually extended denim jackets with mini skirts or shorts. Lace top or shirt perfectly fitted with this ensemble. Can be played in contrast and combine thin openwork fabric with rough denim. For bright bowls, a tutu skirt and knitted shirt.

In the summer, many fashionists prefer to wear a long jacket with a slight dress in a small flower. Another luxurious tandem will be the skirt in the floor and knitwear.

The denim jacket has a versatile character, it can be worn both with shorts and dresses and with a long dress and high-heeled shoes. Also, denim jacket can be combined with leather things, which this season is also trend.

How to lengthen the jeans?

If you wish, lengthen a denim jacket can each, because you do not need to possess special knowledge or skills.

The easiest way is to sew a knitwear elastic band or fur strip the book. Choosing the color of knitted or tissues insert depends on your taste. Frequently used close or contrast tones to the main color.

Many are interested in how to better disguise the junction between the jacket and insert. A simple solution will be the use of a decorative strip, but then it costs to decorate other junctions on the jacket.

Another option to elongate a denim jacket – Application of slats and inserts. This method is more complex to described above. It consists of several stages:

  • It is necessary to resort a jeans.
  • Every detail is good to wash.
  • Create a new cut product, taking into account the new strips and inserts.

If there is no desire to unpack all the product on separate fragments, then you can only take seams on the sides that reach the past. When choosing a material, you can safely experiment. A short denim jacket can be led not only by denim, but to use cotton, lace and t. D. It is not worth a very high-quality elongation, since at any time you can spread up and return to the original option.

Even a simple clock jacket can become original due to the use of lipukek, buttons or lightning.

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