Blackglama fur coat

Blackglama fur coat

What is blackglama fur coat?

Even the one who is very far from the fur fashion, at least once heard the word Blackglama. Often, pronouncing is rather unbelievable, it gives rise to a number of funny guesses about his meaning. Literally a few years ago, the opinion prevails that this is the name of the company that translates like black glamor or even black lama. Sometimes it is possible to hear the version that the name is the concrete breed of mink. But everything converge on the fact that the Blackglama fur coat is a very expensive thing and prestigious.

In fact, Blackglama is a brand (trademark), existing since 1941, under which at the auction of American Legend Cooperative in Seattle, skins are sold to the North American mink of black with specific parameters (one of them is the requirement that the length of the area is almost equal to the length dense dump)

The Word Word Means: Black – Black, Glama – Successfully Adjusted Abrementia American Breeder Mink Great Lakes Mink Association (Mink Association of Great Lakes), consonant with GLAM – a reduction from “charming, spectacular”.

Ballglama’s wide popularity is a vivid example of an unusually efficient advertising campaign, started by the GLMA in the sixties of the last century and successfully continuing until now, in which simplicity and incredible style of solutions – black and white series of celebrity photos (even without name name) In fur products from black mink, accompanied by a slogan “What Becom a Legend Most?”Which translates in different ways – what is most suitable for legend? Or, a more successful option – what will be greater legend?

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