In the women’s wardrobe there is a place not only to elegant dresses and skirts, but also comfortable, practical clothes. Sporty style love not all, but most of us still have a couple of things that can be attributed to this style. After all, to learn to nature or for outdoor activities there is nothing better than comfortable, non-stinting movements of pants or sweatshirts.

Today we will tell you about such an element of a sports style like a jacket. You will learn about the existing species of sports jackets, about the most popular brands, about the features of the choice, as well as how and what is it recommended to wear similar things.

Types of materials

Sports jacket should not only provide freedom of movements, but also to skip water well, absorb moisture, and sometimes to protect against weather popsicles. Therefore, for sewing such jackets use special materials with all the above qualities.


This is an elastic fabric, allowing the skin to breathe, is suitable only for dry weather, since it does not have water-repellent coating.


The main advantage of this tissue is that it is superbly retaining heat, so the jackets from the fleece can be worn even in cold+


Light jackets from this material will protect against rain and wind, but will not save from frost, so they are suitable for summer or early autumn.


This completely waterproof material can often be detected in the composition of sports jackets + but polyester well warms and does not allow the skin to breathe, so it is usually combined with other tissues.


The choice of women’s sports jackets is distinguished by a great variety, so every girl will definitely find a style that will have to her soul.

  • Olympica – a short jacket on zipper with rubber bands on cuffs and on Pole + is usually decorated with appliqués or stripes with national or sports symbolism+

  • Sweatshirt – Warm knitted jacket with zippers or not, with a hood or collar-clamp + is often decorated with large inscriptions or pictures+

  • Bomber is one of the most popular styles today – a shortened, sufficiently bulky jacket without a hood, but with a small collar-rack+

  • Park – An extended loose jacket, reaching the middle of the hip + has a big hood (some models from finished fur), overhead pockets and many buckles.

  • Club jacket – a model that has become popular thanks to American students + this textile jacket without a hood with button fasteners and overhead pockets + on the chest, as a rule, there are stripes with symbolism of any educational institution.

With hood

If you acquire a jacket for the off-season period, then look at the hooded cells. Hood is not only reliable protection against rain and wind, but also a bright detail of the image. In sports models, the hood is usually quite large and can be adjusted by size. Very comfortable jackets with a hood on buttons or on zipper – if necessary, it can be easily fastened or returned to the place.

For cool weather, you should choose a jacket with a warmed hood, and then you will be quite able to do without a hat. The most popular models of sports jacket with a hood – these are windbreakers, Hoodies and parks.

How to choose a jacket for season?

Sports style fans in the wardrobe usually have several options for jackets intended for different weather seasons.

Spring / autumn

Demi-season models of sports jacket are incredibly diverse. In the spring and autumn, the weather change, so such jackets must, first of all, to protect against rain and wind, but not to be too warm. For the period of the offseason, it is recommended to choose the elongated jackets covering the lower back.

When the sun appears only occasionally, the sky is often frowning and it rains, I really want to raise my mood with bright colors. Therefore, demi-season clothing should not be as gloomy as the weather outside the window. Choose bright jackets, saturated shades – yellow, purple, green, turquoise and t.D.


In the summer, the jacket is more element of style, rather than protection against bad weather.

Light sports jacket will be bright detail of your image. They are well combined not only with jeans and trico, but also with dresses and skirts.

Summer models sew from lightweight, thin tissues – knitwear, cloaks, denim and t.D. This is a great option for walking cool in the evening or for running in the early morning. Now especially popular raincoats with a hood, stitched from the finest polyester. They are so compact that it is easily placed even in a small female handbag.


For winter clothes, the main thing is the ability to maintain heat and protect from cold wind. Winter sports jackets are two varieties:

  • Casual models+
  • Models intended for winter sports.

To the first species include, for example, a down coat – Long warm jackets with fluff and pen filler. They are warm even in the strongest frost, besides, they are much easier than fur coats and suckers.

Models intended for sports activities and outdoor activities are usually short enough, as it is assumed that they are broken with insulated sports pants. They are sewn from special materials that keep warm, absorb and remove excess moisture.

Among the brand sportswear are the most popular from the buyers of Adidas. Despite a fairly high price, you wish to buy a jacket of this company. There are several reasons for this.

First, Adidas is one of the oldest manufacturers of sportswear, which has managed to establish itself all over the world. Things of this brand became a kind of cult among fans of an active lifestyle.

Secondly, this company is constantly engaged in the development of new technologies for the production of materials, so the jackets and other clothes are sewn from tissues that have excellent quality characteristics and are ideal for athletes.

And finally, adidas clothes are characterized by an excellent appearance. Each new season leaves collection of sports belongings, created in line with the latest fashion trends. So you have the opportunity to look stylish in comfortable and practical sportswear.

Tips for choosing

  • If you prefer classic style, but do not want to abandon comfort, look at shorten jacket jackets. They are somewhere at the intersection of sports and classics, combining convenience and elegance.
  • Choosing a sports jacket, not just stand in the fitting room in front of the mirror. Button all zippers and buttons, scale the hood and go coming down, sneeze, lift your hands. Sports model should not shy movements.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the seams and fittings, because in the sports jacket you will be actively moving, which means it should be very high-quality sewn. Seams should be smooth and strong, fasteners – durable, and pockets – reliably protect the contents from moisture.

What to wear?

Modern fashion leaves girls to fantasy, as cancellations of the combination of things that remained unshakable for decades. Today, things from sports wardrobe can be safely combined not only with training and casual clothes, but also with things in a variety of styles.

In the warm season, light sports jackets can be safely worn with dresses, sundresses and skirts. With such a set you can put sneakers, sneakers, or more feminine shoes – ballet shoes or sandals.

Sports jackets are perfectly combined with fashionable ribbon jeans, shorts, leggings and loose trousers. Accessories should choose depending on the season: in winter it can be bright, cozy caps, scarves and mittens, and in the spring and autumn – large sunglasses, original cervical scarves, gloves, small leather backpars and T.D.

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