Blue female jacket

Blue female jacket

Jackets in the blue scheme are popular with fashionistas, because they are presented with a large variety and shades, and styles. To choose a suitable one, it should be found out what kind of blue tone goes to you most and with what kind of clothes the blue jacket looks most successful.

To whom fit?

The blue jacket, which refers to the cold, is suitable for the wardrobe of each girl, it is important only to define “your” shade:

  • If your appearance refers to winter or summer color, more preferably dark tones of blue. Such girls should wear a sapphire, ink, royal blue, sea wave or Navy shade. Successful will also select a heavenly blue jacket.
  • Brunettes and brown shoes are jackets of a cornflower shade, as well as the tones of the electrician and indigo. It looks good on girls-summer clothes of blue powdered, non-discovered and aquamarine shade.
  • Beauty with the autumn and spring color is best suited for a turquoise tint jacket, but they can experiment with models in blue-green shades, and with blue jackets of dark tones.

Dark blue jackets

Models of dark shades of blue practical and elegant. Such jackets consider a good alternative to black models.

In dark blue, there are windbreakers and other lightweight jackets, but most often such shades are presented in warm models with a hood and fur finish.

Stoys and models

The most popular options for blue jackets are:

  • Leather models. They can be represented by a jacket with a jacket cut, and a blindfold.
  • Elongated jackets fitted cut.
  • Blue windbreaker.
  • Jeans jackets.
  • Blue Park Jackets.
  • Blue down jackets.

What to wear?

The best companions to the blue color of the jacket can be called white, gray, black and beige color. The combination of blue and brown looks very harmonious.

Blue jacket looks great with jeans of any style, especially with bright models. Riding such a set can serve a light blouse from chiffon, bulk jumper or T-shirt.

The shoes are selected depending on their preferences, since boats, and sneakers, and ankle boots are well fit to jeans and blue jacket.

It looks good such a jacket and with dresses, both with monophonic and print. Successful combination can be called leather blue jacket and chiffon dress, as well as chiffon skirt.

Sandals on a wedge, boats or ballet shoes, as well as massive jewelry or elegant jewelry are selected to such an ensemble. Nading a blue jacket with a dress-case, be sure to choose bright accessories.

The combination of a short blue jacket with black shorts, as well as with a leather black skirt, looks interesting. The outfit is complemented by a light sweater or golf, dense pantyhose, shoes or heels shoes.

Spectacular images

To get a stylish urban image, put the blue leather crucor of a bright shade with blue jeans and gray or white T-shirt or with black narrow trousers and a free top.

Add bow sunglasses, bright bracelet, black clutch or short gloves.

Skey and romantic looks like a combination of blue jacket with a dress with a geometric print or with beige lace outfit.

Not bad looks short blue jacket, reliating to a chiffon skirt with a blue-green abstract pattern, a light top and beige shoes.

Demi-season blue sports style jackets are best looking at jeans. Under such a jacket, you can wear a thin light sweater or print shirt.

Warm blue jacket, finished fur, wear jeans and dense narrow trousers. Under the long jacket you can wear a short dress or mini skirt, and black boots will serve as the most successful shoes in this case.

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