Blue Shuba

Blue Shuba

Blue coats – one of the most fashionable in the coming winter season. Designers offer a lot of stsons, models and shades. Let’s try to figure out how to choose a shirt of blue color and not guess.


The main feature of the blue coats is that they go to all girls, regardless of their color. Properly selected shade of blue will decorate and blonde, and brunette, and a lady with red hair.

In addition, the blue outerwear is perfectly combined with other details of the wardrobe, like black or gray. Colored, and discreet accessories are suitable for such a fur coat: gloves, bag, hat and scarf. The same applies to shoes.

Thus, the blue fur coat is universal, but with the stylish and bright replacement of familiar dark colors. Blue color is not brand, it looks great on the background of snow and always attracts admiring glances!

Stoys and models

This year, designers presented at fashionable podiums a lot of models of a fur-green coat models. Most often, such coats are found in a shortened version – Croy “Jacket”, “Autlede”, “Cylinder” or “Bat”. According to stylists, the bright color looks advantaged at the short length.

By the way, blue color forgives and lack of decor and finishing on the fur coat. Such products look minimalist, often this coat scraps. Saturated shade does not allow the fur coat look boring, even if the fur is short and smooth. Popular models of blue coats with a contrastful collar – fur on it can also be blue, but longer, or have a contrast tint. Great with blue combined red fox or snow-white mink.

At the peak of fashion blue coats having leather inserts. The skin can be black or brown, up to a red or beige shade. Often such models are decorated with metal – ripples, lightning locks or buttons.

However, the elongated blue curbs remained place in fashion catalogs. If the style is to the knee and below, the color is usually more calm, deep.

Popular Models of A-shaped Cruise with a hood or coat bathrobes, tied on the belt. Fur coats “to the floor” most often sew from the very dark blue fur, on the verge of black. Only on the bright sunlight, the fur coat flashes like a precious sapphire.


Blue color is very rich in its shades than the designers are happy to use.

One of the gradations of blue includes dark and saturated colors: the color of the starry sky, almost ink, sapphire, nonvi, blue fur with a cross-stressed structure – from the roots to the tips or on the contrary, the pile dark. These are neutral options that are perfectly suitable for every day when creating any image.

Bright indigo color fur coats, electric, turquoise. These are cleaner, active shades that take all the attention. By purchasing such a fur coat, you need to either tune in to the fact that other elements of clothing will not be so bright, or, on the contrary, make a winter wardrobe from flowers, combined with bright blue: yellow, orange, terracotta or mustard.

Another gradation – light blue color. This includes gray-blue fur coats, powder blue products, forget-me-not, transparent blue ice, aquamarine. Such a fur coat looks gently and delicately, emphasizes femininity and the romance of their owner.

How to choose?

If you choose a shirt of blue, you should make sure that the beautiful shade will laugh on the product not one season. The first thing to be done is to carefully rub the product with a wet cloth or a white handkerchief, moistened with water. The blue dye is bright enough, and if after checking on the handker.

If the product you choose, not painted, and toned, it is also better to make sure. Slide the fur so that the Mezer is visible. If the product really did not paint, the meter will be bright, and the fumes themselves themselves will have a blue color only to half.

It is important that the fur coat does not smell – if you feel a specific smell of chemistry, then the paint was low quality. It not only badly affect the appearance of the fur coat, but also harm to health. Low standard dyes cause allergies, and when wet weather, such a fur coat paints the skin.

Stylish images

Delightful Look, which attracts views. Short furry fur coat blue-green color – Definitely, nail image! The volume structure and the cut-cross make the coat of air, but at the same time luxurious and “thorough”. The dress of calm shades and black ankle boots create a great background, and the bright blue clutch combines the elements of the clothes together.

The image proving that even bright outerwear can become an element of a restrained business wardrobe. Shield fur looks expensive, and black scuffs with a transverse crop remarkably harmonizes with a dress, gloves and gate shoes.

Luxurious bohemian image made up of blue things. Total Blue looks great when so rich materials are combined like fur and silk. Black shoes are not knocked out of the total colors, how so fur coat slightly burned. This option will be a good alternative to the festive dress for evening exit.

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