Female autumn park

Female autumn park

In the fall of the park will be able to help you out in many situations, it will easily fit into the business and casual wardrobe. The main thing is to choose the correct style and learn to combine it with another clothes from your wardrobe.

What is the park and what looks like?

Park is a warm jacket length to the middle of the hip, which has its own distinctive features. Maybe male and feminine, unisex models meet.

Classic Park Jacket has a straight cut, lace-scetic on the waist and a bulk hood, decorated with fur. Be sure to have a windproof strap closing zipper. In female models there are gums on cuffs, which prevents the penetration of cold wind into the sleeves.

Tight fabrics are used for sewing, which are not afraid of wind and moisture. Inside the park can be filled with natural or artificial insulation. It is also possible to have a fur attack that can play not only a functional, but also decorative function.


Coat Park

If the length of the classic park ends in the middle of the thigh, then the length of the park coat comes to the knee, and sometimes to the cooler. Such a coat is indispensable in the winter season when you want to warm up as much as possible.

Sometimes so called ordinary coat, the style of which is very reminded by the park. Often it is a Daflcot coat, which also came to us from the wardrobe of the military.


Combined parks can be made of the same materials in the Color Block technique, or from different materials in a single or different color scheme. Popular parks with leather sleeves, which look very stylish. They are perfectly combined not only with the style of Casual, but also suitable for business images.


Sports Parks are perfectly suitable for girls who love to conduct a dynamic lifestyle. They are combined with leggings, jeans and folk-alone shoes. This is an excellent option for every day, which is also suitable for sports in the winter season or any other active pastime.


At the beginning of autumn, when it is hot in a classic park, you will come to the rescue. They can be any style, depending on the style you choose. There are rainfight parks that are well warmed, but they are well protected from moisture.

Large Sizes Park for Full

Park is an excellent solution for full women who appreciate the convenience and comfort.

It is more convenient to keep an active lifestyle than in the down jacket, it is much easier to coat. Length of Plus Size Parks is most often before the knee – it optimally hides all the flaws, but does not waste the image. The classic park is suitable for any type of shape, so it can be safely choosing and “apple”, and “pear”. Of course, you need to choose a model in size so that it does not fit the figure.


Youth parks are diverse. They can be short, long, asymmetric. There are models not only their cotton, but also from denim, skin, suede and other unusual materials.

Popular models with a variety of bright drawings. It can be a floral print, a cage, strip and many others.

Young girls very much like parks with leather inserts. This is especially true of models with leather sleeves, which combine two popular types of youth clothing at once – Park and Kuratu.

There are also such a combination of “on the contrary” – parks, on top of which vests from the jacket-koshuhi are fastened. Separately, it is worth highlighting transformers, which can be unfastened to sleeves, hoods and other details.


Children’s Park jacket is not much different from adult. It is warm, stylish and comfortable, so children are worn with contentment.

Popular classic models with bulk hooded cuffs on sleeves and lace on the waist. Than younger child, the unusual park can be. For example, there are models with bright elements, appliques, prints and embroidery.

Bright color gamut prevails: Girls are offered pink, lilac, blue, and boys – blue, green, mustard.



Such a park is great for the start of autumn, it is comfortable and easy. To short parks model of the jacket type and classic – until the middle of the hips. This is a convenient and practical option for every day, because such a park looks wonderful both with trousers, and with skirts.


Long parks include all models below the knee. It is more suitable for deep autumn when you want to feel the most warm and comfortable. The models with fur trim, which are suitable for everyday socks, and for a special case are especially elegant.

In the fashion combined parks made in a contrast color scheme or model with leather inserts – both options are equally good.

Be sure to pay attention to the parks with the belt. They look pretty interesting, and emphasize the main advantage of the female figure – Slender Talia. In the fashion model with a fur finish made of cotton and denim.

For the beginning of the autumn fit the park-helpet. Outerwear without sleeves is generally at the peak of popularity, so it will not hurt to have it in her wardrobe.

Actual coat, the external design of which resembles the park. They can be sewn from a finger or skin. Especially interesting leather brilliant models.


Parks sew from special fabrics with impregnation, which are ideal for cold season. Be sure to use the insulation for packing, and the role of the attack often plays natural or artificial fur.

From cloak

For sewing, parks often use a special cloak fabric, it is rather dense and has a special structure of fibers that prevent wind penetration. Some of them have a special impregnation, which also does not miss moisture and is well kept warm.


Denim parks are very popular among young people. Denim is a dense natural material that is perfect for tailoring of outerwear. Thanks to the insulation, such a park is very warm and reliable, she charming will serve you for several seasons.


Fashionable color gamma diverse! In the fashion warm honey-caramel shades that are ideal for autumn wardrobe. Therefore, in your closet can confidently settle brown, yellow or beige park.

It does not leave fashion black, blue and green park – these colors are still relevant. True, if earlier in fashion were “protective” shades of green, now these are colors of saturated greens, emerald, malachite. Young girls especially like mint models.

Red or burgundy park allows you to feel the most confident and attractive. She will raise the mood and delight you with your color.

Pink Park will like romantic and dreamy girls who prefer to always look as long as possible. No less interesting looks like a white park, which gives the image even more tenderness and refinement.


Today, many are preferred by the Ukrainian brand STAFF, which offers practical and stylish parks at affordable prices. The main direction of the brand is a street style that will have to taste young girls.

Fans of sports style like Nike and Adidas Parks. These two most popular sports brand offer trendy parks that are always distinguished by impeccable quality and unique stylish cut.

The North Face Parks are designed for a very harsh climate, because they are intended for climbing, mountaineering and other similar sports. In such a park, you will definitely do not freeze not only deep in the fall, but also in winter.

Fred Perry parks are so stylish and elegant that even suitable for business suit. They are not only attractive, but also practical. Ideal for socks in autumn-winter period.

How to wash?

Before washing, you need to disconnect all the detachable elements, especially the fur finishes and the attack.

It is better to erase the park in a special bag to reduce the possibility of damage to the fabric. If there is no such bag, remove the park inside out, including sleeves.

It is better to wash the park in a typewriter with front load – so the risk of filler deformation is reduced. If your machine with side loading, threw a pair of tennis balls in front of the washing, which will help save her proper appearance.

Washing must be performed in delicate mode at low temperature. Of course, you should learn a label on your jacket, which will help accurately decide on the temperature regime.

You can erase the park and manually, following all the above rules. It is better to use a special tool for washing the outerwear that does not leave the divorce.

If you still have any questions, we suggest a detailed video about how to wash the park or down jacket at home.

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