Female Cloak Hooded

Female Cloak Hooded

How many times come out of the house, you spare that your raincoat has no hood?

Female cloak with a hood is:

  • Beautiful and stylish (subject to the correct cut of the hood itself)+

  • Functionally and convenient (if hands are busy, or there is no umbrella with you, or suddenly it became too cool and uncomfortable)+
  • It is necessary (if the weather does not allow you to demonstrate your beautiful hairstyle, which the other headdress can permanently spoil)+

  • Actual and fashionable (raincoats with hoods are always in fashion)+
  • intriguing (you read the novels about the mysterious stranger, the person who does not see the hooded?).


Trench or Trenchkot

The most stylish and respectable waterproof. Created at the beginning of the 20th century and literally means “trench coat”.

Initially, this most recognizable characteristic style of the raincoat, double-breasted, on a coquette, with a postponed collar, rushes, with a context of the back – did not provide for the hood, but it was not for himself about him, Evelina Khromchenko, a recognized fashion expert, said: “Trench erased all! Even sneakers ».

And indeed, Trench, with a hood or without, always in fashion, and always out of fashion. The hood is engaged in him and gives him a slightly less strict and stiff view.


Cloak made of special synthetic material. Of the advantages – most often cheaper cost than the fabric models. Very convenient to take such a cloak with you on a trip instead of a heavy umbrella, which, besides, will occupy your hands and will not protect the legs.

From minuses – as a rule, do not let the air. True, in some models of raincoats there are holes for ventilation. Such a model is difficult to call stylish, but modern designers try to give her elegance.

Cloak coat

The most common model of a raincoat, stitched from a dense and durable material, such as a gabardine. There is or was in the wardrobe of almost any woman.


Initially, the boot-boot was an easy long-term summer cloak. Now it’s just a light summer cloak. It looks very nice on top of the summer dress in a slightly rainy and windy weather. At the same time he carries not only utilitarian function, but also creates a playful, flirty image.


Hybrid Parks, that is, a warm jacket with a hood, and anoscience – a light windproof jacket worn through the head. Not so warm as the park, but on buttons or zipper, more convenient than Anarak.

Sports Jacket Cloak Hooded

For practical and energetic people.

Warmed cloak

Especially good at the beginning and end of winter, when in a fur coat or coat too hot. Hood in such a model, with a fur finish or without it, especially relevant, as well as waterproof coating.


Depending on the situation, the length of the raincoat may be different:

  • You appreciate comfort and freedom of movements? For active people – short raincoats from the knee and above. Hood will allow you to free your hands and protect you from bad weather.
  • Want to demonstrate beautiful legs and at the same time look elegant? Your length is to the knee. The emphasis on a beautiful hood will emphasize the elegance and ease of lines.
  • Requires reliable protection from wind and rain? In a properly selected long raincoat with a hood you will feel comfortable and confident. In addition, such a style will help stretch the silhouette and make you slimmer. By the way, this is also a classic raincoat, which was supposed to be ankle long.


Modern designers use a wide color fabric palette. You can choose a model of a raincoat of any color or with any print suitable for you by style:

  • Black and White – Winning Eternal Classic+
  • Calm pastel tones – blue, white, beige – elegant and noble+
  • Bright paints – red, yellow, green – emphasize your individuality and uniqueness+
  • Prints, imitating reptile skin, or leopard – for bold and self-confident ladies loving effects.


Based on the functionality of the raincoat, its material must be dense and waterproof. The same trenches were sewed from woolen or cotton fabric with waterproof impregnation, and raincoats and at all of synthetic fabrics, which, of course, extremely practical, but not too elegant.

Modern women, when choosing a raincoat, are guided not only and not so much practicalness of the model, how much beauty and stylish, so velvet, cashmere, wool, gabardine, jeans are appreciated. For summer models, still, Flax and cotton fabrics are relevant.

Never leave fashion leather raincoats, but the choice of these models should be approached with caution, because to be out of fashion – it does not mean to look like an anachronism. Yes, and heavy leather hood will not always decorate the owner of such a raincoat.

For special cases, raincoats are sewn from luxurious fabrics: velvet, satin, silk. Cloaks are decorated with embroidery, beads and rhinestones, which looks mysterious and attractive, if a sense of measure is observed. The hood of such a model, elegantly thrown on the head, will add intrigue to her hostess. Feel like a participant of the Venetian carnival!

What to wear

Deciding what to wear raincoat, you need to come, first of all, from its style, fabrics and lengths.

  • A short cloak of almost any color is suitable for jeans and almost from any fabric. The choice of shoes is also yours, it can be both on a heel, desirable, straight square, and without. One remark – jeans should be straight or narrowed.

  • Choose a raincoat to the dresses covering it. The belt of such a raincoat, direct or slaughtered, will emphasize your waist. From the shoes are appropriate, both shoes and boots. If you wear heels, then in this case it will only improve your image.

  • Pencil skirt, blouse or turtleneck sweater, lightweight cervical and cloak – what can be more stiven and at the same time versatile? Add shoes or boots on a heel – here you are ready to go.

  • Evening Dress? And maybe even wedding? Well, of course, velvet or lace cloak. Stiletto shoes, droplets of perfume. Eternal femininity, eternal mystery.

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