Female coat with hood

Female coat with hood

Features and advantages

What can be more convenient coat with a hood? It is not always possible to wear a headdress, especially when there is a risk to interfer fresh laying. Therefore, it is not surprising that the outerwear with the presence of a hood is so popular. Fashion Female Hooded Coat is quite universal, it combines warmth, convenience and aesthetics.

In the offseason, when you need to protect yourself from cold wind and precipitation, and at the same time manage to stay attractive, these qualities are especially important. Winter hood is also more functional than collar, even if the fur. Hood will protect his head from the frost, and the hairstyle from ruin.

Types and styles

Female coat with a hood exists in both classic and sports versions. They differ by the fact that in the sports style coat, as a rule, there is no collar, and in the classics it is, however, a small size.

The hood can be found on the following models:

  • Crobe – Classic Lacon Cry

  • Dufflkot – short coat with overhead pockets and clasp in mounted loops

  • Coat with odor – soft product without fasteners, tested with a belt like a bathrobe

  • Coat-Cape – Vintage style coat with slots instead of sleeves

  • Coat-cape – wide cut coat with shorten sleeves and Coat Poncho – Soft all-circuit free style

  • Coat with bat sleeves – model with bulk sleeves resembling kimono

  • Cloak coat – Practical thing from waterproof fabric

  • Coffee coat – An extended product from dense knitted knitwear

  • Coat in the style of “Gothic” – Usually black, fitted, with an abundance of metal elements

  • Coat-Overseas – The subject of outerwear in the style of “a few sizes is more”

  • Sept coat – insulated synthetic tuberculov model from textiles

  • Coat trapezium – Product A-shaped silhouette

  • Pouched coat – The warmest version of winter outerwear

  • knitted fur coat – Elegant Fur Thread Product

As for the fasteners of a female coat with a hood, usually these are traditional buttons that can be located both along the entire length of the coat, and only in its upper part + practical lightning, stitched both in the middle of the product, and by oblique + buttons hidden or covered with a fingertome. Maybe the complete absence of any fasteners on the coat with a hood.

Types of hoods to coat

When buying a hooded coat, you need to pay attention to the view of the hood itself. Hoods can be small and lightweight or, on the contrary, large and massive.

Hoods can be sewn not only from the main finger fabric, but also from the fabric of another texture: leather, fur, cloak, knitted knitwear. The feminine image will help support the hood, “leaving” from the goal of the coat. Knitted hoods are often made in the form of a bulk scarf. Recent years has become fashionable to decorate hoods with fur.

Universal classic women’s coats and coats in the Militari style often have Embossing hood, which can be left at home in case of good weather. Coat Cloak Manufacturers are often equipped with a hood hiding in a rack collar for a special hidden zipper.

Points mounted in a hood, Initially, they were intended for riders on open retro factors, they defended the driver’s eyes from the wind, dust, dirt and precipitation. Modern designers picked up this unusual idea and made it a supermodic trend. A coat with glasses on the hood is completely closed with lightning, it is possible to watch only through the lenses on the hood. They are transparent, sirrles or haired.

Another unusual model of the hood – with ears. The ears are small round (bearish), sharp triangular (feline) and long hanging to the shoulders (rabbit). The original coat with ears on the hood is now wearing not only kids, but also the brave fashionista older.


Female coat with hood meets the most different length, from mini to maxi. Choosing a length, it is worth considering their physiological features. Girls low growth stylists recommend choosing this item wardrobe above the knee. High young ladies will go elongated model coat with hood.

Classic version of the length of the coat with a hood – to the ankle. Two-breasted coats are perfectly looking at the knee. The analyzed options can be found mostly not lower than the knee. Traditional dufflot length with a hood – on the palm above the knee. Coat with bulk hooded fur, it is better to choose medium length.

The immodest mini coat with a hood demonstrate the slender legs of their owners. Dina Maxi “To the floor” is not practical enough in modern conditions and the pace of life, such a coat is suitable only for infrequent exits in the light, with the aim of covering a long evening dress and protect fresh laying on the head from the wind and precipitation.

Magnificent distribution finds a fashionable trend of contrast finish of a female coat. Hooded coat – no exception. Hood, often in the company with sleeves and belt or pockets, sews from another, rather than the coat, fabric. Other types of woolen fingertips, leather, like matte and varnished, and quilted casing fabric are perfectly combined.

As for fashionable prints with a hood coat, in the trend of animal colors, strip and eternal cell. And designers love to adorn women’s coats in every way: decorated with appliques, knitted parts, bright fur, patchwork, lace, fringe, beads and other bright elements.


In recent years, not only traditional woolen flock fabrics, such as Alpaca, Bloom, Vigor, Gabardine, Diagonal, Drap, Cashmere, Cooker and Twid, Booked, but also a luxurious fur canvas, color artificial fur, Light cotton matters, practical cloaking materials and even tarpaulin.

The main material for sewing coat with a hood is woolen cloth, produced from both pure wool and with the addition of artificial fibers. Wool coat warm, cozy, eco-friendly and stylish. True, the hood in such models is suitable only as protection from the cold and wind, it is better not to fall under the rain in a woolen coat, in this case only an umbrella will save.

For offseason, women’s hooded coats are quite relevant Cloak fabric. The main task of the cloak – protect your owner from wind and precipitation. For these purposes, manufacturers often impregnate the top layer coat with water repellent composition.

Hooded coat made of Skin or high-quality leatherette Also remain the Favorites of the Autumn-Spring Season. Especially spectacularly looks like a coat of shiny varnish skin, it is represented in a rich color palette, there are pretty bright samples. Lacked skin has a smooth surface and does not absorb water.

Feminine Textile coat with hood – one of the most accessible options. Such coats are practical, they are easy to care for them, they are lightweight, durable and, thanks to the use of modern insulation, natural (fluff, feather, wool) or synthetic (synthetic trees, tinsules, walterm), pretty warm.

In summer you can throw a light Wildlife with a hood instead of collar, tidy. Ideal materials for such options – Practical denim and velvet velveteen.

But in winter it is useful warm Fur coat with a hood, preferably made of natural fur. The optimal everyday version is the Muton Shub. Its main advantages: heat resistance, strength, ease of care, water resistance (if there is an appropriate impregnation) and affordable price.

The phrase “mink coat” indicates elegance and luxury. Fox fur and fox fur coats are also quite attractive. But the immutable king of the fur fashion has been left a chic sable.

But not every woman can afford to bring a product from one-piece fur shkins, then a knitted fur coat with a hood comes to the rescue. It is created by interlacing fur strips on an elastic basis.


Now in fashion not only classic black and white color of a female coat with a hood, but also pretty bright shades – red, green, orange, yellow, blue and even “acid” neon.

Lovers of classics will appreciate the coat with a hood of beige, mustard, pearl gray, terracotta, olive and other muffled colors. Young romantic girls will fall to taste bright pink, purple, coral, turquoise, lemon shades. Women aged prefer deep tones: dark blue, emerald, chocolate, burgundy.

How to choose?

When choosing a coat with a hood, a hood must be measured, checking if it does not fall and does not pull back.

When choosing a hooded coat, it is important to pay attention to, that this element of the wardrobe does not violate the proportions of your body. How to properly pick up a coat model under the type of your figure?

Slender and high girls can choose almost any styles with a hood coat. Ladies with lush bust It is recommended to select a coat with a missing decor on shoulders and chest. Lamaries with bulk shoulders should be given preference to models coat with a sleeve of La Laglan or coat a-silhouette with a small hood.

Hide the released tummy will allow Coat trapezium with hood-sock. The belt is not desirable. Girls with wide thighs suitable coat, collapsed from the waist line, as well as loose models with bulk hooded.

What to wear?

A variety of models and styles allow you to combine a female coat with a hood with almost any outlets wardrobe.

The conservative version of the coat with a hood, for example, Tsonbi, requires classic trousers or a pencil skirt with dense tarts in the color of the shoe. Shoes are preferable to heels – shoes, ankle boots or boots. Under a long coat with a hood you can pry a skirt or a dress of any length – from mini to maxi.

Shortened styles with a hooded coat in a sporty style, for example, the same dufflcotes, will look great in a duet with jeans or any other trousers. From the shoes you can give preference to the priests, sneakers, moccasins and departures.

In cool weather, the coat with a hood requires a spectacularly knotted scarf or beautifully laid around the neck of the palatine. Harmoniously looks like accessories of large mating – Candas, gloves, caps. From miniature handbags in this case will have to refuse. It is better to choose a bulk roomy bag or backpack of urban style.

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