Female instected coat

Female instected coat

In winter, I also want to look fashionable and stylish. In addition, it is now possible to find the coat without any problems, which is not just beautifully sitting on the figure, but will also warm in the cold and reliably protect against wind.

Insulated women’s coat fully complies with these requirements, and most often it is on it that the fashionista. Such practical upper clothes can be worn not one season. In the ensemble with warm caps and boots you will remain fashionable even in the strongest frost.


This earlier in a warmed coat of the woman felt like duplicate fat. A wool or batting was used as a insulation, because of which the coat was obtained heavy and uncomfortable, although no one complained about the cold in it. Nowadays, they came to change light syntheps and synthetic bats. Winter coat immediately passed into the category of lightweight and comfortable in wearing products, while maintaining thermal insulation qualities.

Outerwear with synthesis designed for early spring and late autumn. Usually, at such a period, the air temperature does not fall below 8-10 degrees Celsius. In winter, additional insulation will be needed in the form of warm COFF and sweaters. For frosty days, up to minus 20-25, the coat on the insulation lining from synthetic batting is best suited, which is better held heat inside the product.

The best insulation, of course, natural. Usually it is used in coat down jackets. At the same time, its price is much more expensive than that of a coat with artificial insulation.


The models of the warmed coat are also followed by fashion trends. One of them – Oversiz coat with its soft lines. In addition, designers are offered to use knitted parts in the upper clothes, stitching in the form of rhines and squares, laid shoulders. Despite the variety of cut and colors, among the models of the winter coat there are its favorites. Militari style and successfully showed itself in the form of two-breasted coats with characteristic buttons.

Another popular Logson is a trapezoidal shape model and a retro style belt line. Most often made of wool or cashmere. Bridal usually chooses young people. This model is distinguished by large buttons, hoods and other stylish details. Also, young fashionmenters will also like the product with collars of unusual shape and asymmetric clasps.

A single-breasted coat with a large collar and a hidden fastener includes fashionable models. Warmed coat with fur will give preference many fashionista. In this model there is a variety of colors and, thanks to the fur finish, it looks very elegant. At the same time, the lining in such a product can also be made of fur.

The most practical model for winter is quilted coat. It is not terrible cold, it perfectly tolerates all the lives in the metropolis. For business women, a warmed leather coat is best suited – it will provide a presentable view and comfort in a frosty day.


Winter coat can be of different lengths. The most optimal option – to the knees and below. Younger choose short models, and experienced preferred long. First, in the winter heat all over the body, secondly, it is among such models that can be found elegant luxury specimens.

Stylists singled out such a coat into a separate trend trend, giving him the best design and decor. It is decorated with artificial and natural fur, colors and textures of materials are combined, various shapes collars and hoods are used.


Cashmere is considered an expensive cloth. It is perfectly holding heat, but has a flaw – with frequent wearing spins appear. Another popular “winter” fabric is tweed. Coat of it, thanks to wool, comfortable in wearing. Very warm is the chicken. It is coarse and dense.

The most comfortable option for everyday wearing is a winter coat of cloak tissue. She does not pump moisture and keeps fine. The fabric is perfectly opposed to bad weather, and the warm lining protects against frosts. Coat is usually decorated with fur on a hood or collar.

Heater for coat

One of the inexpensive insulation for the winter coat is Vatin. He received his name because of similarity with cotton. Batting – residual product of sewing production. It is made of cotton, cotton, wool and viscose. It is well kept warm even at -25 ° C. The disadvantages include its briefness.

Another light filler – Tinsulyt. Consists of fibers that are tens of times thinner of the human hair. Does not absorb moisture, its weight is minimal. Does not require additional care. But at the same time, the price of the product with Tinsulyt can be high. With this insulation, you can not be afraid of 30-degree frosts. With a certain thickness, it withstands up to -60 ° C.

Not inferior by weight and strength and filler Walterm. It consists of multi-layer microkers that form a kind of air pad. Insulation holds heat and does not miss the cold. Walterm will be comfortable at temperatures -10…- 41 ° C.


Designers this season returned a cell on the peak. Together with it, bright and natural shades of fabrics are offered. Therefore, you can often find a coat of natural wool. It can be white or gray. Those who wish to stand out, offered raspberry and golden brown. This season is also relevant deep blue shades.

How to choose?

  • First check the quality of the seams.
  • If the cloth is wool, then pay attention to its density.
  • In the thickness of the insulation, it is possible to roughly determine which temperatures the product is calculated – the thicker, the warmer will be in it.
  • Do not forget to check the depth of pockets, the hands there should be free.
  • And be sure to measure the coat on a dense thing, the type of sweatshirt or sweaters.
  • Sleeves should cover hands until the middle of the palms.

What to wear?

Under the winter coat you can pick up different clothes: jeans, pants, skirts, dresses. The most important thing is that they combine color and style. It is easiest to choose clothes under a coat of medium length.


Modern insulation came to many women. Light tynsuletes and Walterm allow you to create a variety of stylish models of a coat, look fashionable and elegant at any minus temperature.

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