Female knitted sports suit

Female knitted sports suit

Knitted Sports Suits – New Trend 2017

In the wardrobe of each girl, be sure there is a comfortable and stylish sports suit. And it does not mean that the girl is engaged in sports and leads an active lifestyle. Nowadays, a sports suit for women and not only is a great option for rustic walks and resting in nature. Some are clothed in sports costumes on weekends for a shopping, because everyone wants to relax from not always comfortable, mating office costumes.

New and interesting solution for sports costumes from fashionable designers this year – knitted women’s costumes. Such an outfit will stand out from the crowd and perfectly will warm up its owner in cool weather.

Benefits of knitted female costumes

Of course, knitted costumes as a new trendy trend, will be widely represented in women’s clothing stores, where you can pick up a color and style to your taste. But also such a suit can be associated independently or order it with professional knitters.

It is worth noting that today handmade things are very highly appreciated, so many attracts the idea to get an exclusive thing made to order. In this case, it will not be necessary to go shopping and look for a knitted costume in the shower, but it is enough to find a picture with a suitable model and choose a color.

However, the exclusive knitted women’s costumes Hand-Maid are not suiced, so not everyone by pocket.

The advantages of the knitted sports suit can also be attributed to the properties of materials from which they are manufactured. Some costumes are in their composition cotton and acrylic in various ratios, but there are also models made of pure wool. Such products are very well preserved heat and are able to serve their mistress longer.

Knitted costumes are well ventilated, due to which the skin breathes into them. In addition, such clothes are very unpretentious to use, because it is not necessary to iron. But it is better to wash the costume, like other knitted things, better on hands in warm soapy water or in a washing machine in a delicate or hand washing mode.

Current models and decor

The trendy trend in knitted women’s costumes will be both classic models and models with interesting and original volumetric knitted patterns. Slender girls fit fitted models of costumes. And for those who have small problems with the figure, an excellent option will be knitted sports costumes of free cut.

Calm pastel colors, as well as classic black, blue and brown suits look pretty harmonious.

For girls who are accustomed to attract attention, designers offer knitted models of trendy bright pink and raspberry, yellow and green, as well as other colors.

Usually knitted models do not overload with some additional prints, classic vertical and horizontal stripes are relevant or simple geometric motifs. Also due to the fact that the style of Militari is now at the peak of popularity, there are models of knitted costumes with army motifs and colors for the most bold girls.

Designers use all sorts of decorative elements for knitted women’s costumes in their collections. It may be bulk hoods, overhead kangaroo pockets, various fittings on a jacket or pants, cuffs, unusual crumb sleeves. Any designer fantasies can be embodied in life when creating a new model of a knitted suit for women who will emphasize the individuality.

Shoes and accessories

Choosing shoes under a sports knitted suit for women, it is worth preferred to a classic combination for a sports style and wear sneakers or sneakers. However, fashion does not stand still, and designers today urge to go to the most bold experiments and combine costumes with various shoes. For example, a knitted costume with rubber bands on sleeves and pants will look good with heel sandals, ballet shoes or moccasins.

In changeable months of off-season most popular with stylish girls enjoy sneakers or platform. Such shoes will be an excellent addition to a fashionable knitted suit.

So, sports suit harmonizes well with various shoes, the main thing is to choose the correct style and color for the selected pair.

Add a raisin image, as well as revive a little boring knitted female suit, a variety of accessories will help. If the sports suit of the basic monotonous color, then a great solution will be a bright accessory in the form of a bracelet or saturated hue hours. However, you should not pick up too large accessories so that they do not look clean.

If you need to choose a bag with a knitted costume, you should not choose classic models. The best option will be a sports style bag or backpack. Choosing a headdress, you should give preference to knitted or knitted towers of sports cut. Not bad to look with a knitted suit Various caps or baseball caps.

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