Female quilted coat on syntheps

Female quilted coat on syntheps

With the onset of autumn the weather always changes for the worse. Night frosts, cold, penetrating wind, rain and snow precipitation – all this requires a sword change. During the offseason, it is still too early to put in the fur coats, down jackets and covers, however, and the cloaks with leather jackets can no longer do.

Great option for this time of year – Warm and lightweight sealing coats, insulated with syntheps. They protect perfectly from bad weather, allowing you to stay stylish and feminine even in the most rare days. More about this item we will tell you in today’s article.


Seat synthetic coat is very popular with a variety of women. Regardless of age, setting and fashionable preferences, many fine-sex representatives choose this element of the wardrobe for late autumn and early spring. There are several reasons for this:

  • Coat always looks beautiful, helping to create an elegant image. In addition, it is perfectly combined with shoes on heels and exquisite accessories.
  • Stitch – one of the most relevant trends of recent seasons. There are a huge set of quilted patterns, so quilted things, including a coat can look completely different.
  • The quilted material consists of several layers: it does not miss the cold and droplets of water, while maintaining warmth well. Stitch allows you to evenly distribute the filler throughout the product, so in such a cold coat is not afraid.
  • Sintepon is artificial material, to the undoubted advantages of which include affordable price, low weight and hypoallergenicity.


We invite you to get acquainted with the selection of the most interesting and fashionable quilted female coats on the Sintecon from popular topwear manufacturers.

  • Coat with a fur collar from Baon: A straight silhouette model is made in dark brown. Average price – 17000 rubles.

  • FINN FLARE coat: Beautiful pink model of adjacent silhouette and comfortable length covering hips. Average price – 10,000 rubles.

  • High-neck coat from Oodji: Direct, shortened model of pearl gray with slit pockets and belt. Average price – 3000 rubles.

  • Bottom coat from Colin’s: model made of glossy black fabric with a hood and a big fur collar. Average price – 8000 rubles.

  • Golden stylish coat from Calvin Klein: slightly fitted shortened model with hood. Average price – 25,000 rubles.

  • Love Republic concise coat: shortened fitted black model with a round neckline and an unusual stitch pattern. Average price – 6000 rubles.


The word “Sintepon” is usually called a whole group of synthetic materials that are used as a filler for clothes, home textiles and other products. Such materials consist of separate fibers – thin and colorless. Together, these fibers form a soft, light, nonwoven matter.

Despite the fact that the Sintepon has an artificial, chemical origin, for a person it is fully safe. Clothes with filler from synthesis are very comfortable in the sock: it is lightweight, warm and does not cause allergic reactions.

Quilted coats on a synthetone, as a rule, consist of three layers of materials: top, filler and lining fabric. “Upper” fabric can be almost any, the main thing is that it is sufficiently tight and protected well from wind and precipitation. In addition to Bologna and Polyester, it uses leather and cotton fabrics treated with special impregnation for these purposes.


Several women’s coat colors on synthesis can be very diverse. Always remain relevant black models – this is a real classic, besides still very practical.

White coat look incredibly effectively, but for autumn, when it and it is raining, it is not the most suitable option, since the original white fabric is very quickly inferior to the dirty divorce.

Universal option will be beige, gray and brown models. These colors look very advantageous, plus they are completely not marked.

Lovers of more bold color solutions should pay attention to the quilted coat of bright, saturated shades – red, green, yellow, orange, blue and t.D.

Models with a print do not come out of fashion for several seasons in a row. Elegant cell, frivolous polka dot, lush oriental pattern or intricate floral ornament – you will definitely find the option that you have to do.


Sept coat on Sinytender – this is a great acquisition for the Russian climate. However, manufacturers from European countries do not dismount this item of the wardrobe, because this is an excellent solution for the soft European winter. Our fashionistan products of Russian and foreign brands use the same as good demand.

If we talk about domestic trademarks, then especially populations quilted products from Incity, Savage, Hoops, Avalon, yours, Oodji and T.D. Compared to quenching coats from foreign manufacturers, Russian models are beneficial to more affordable prices.

Among European brands, the confidence of Russian buyers managed to conquer Italian and Finnish manufacturers. Our stores have a large range of quilting coats from Italy (United Color of Benetton, Conso, Moncler and Finland (Finn Flare, Luhta, Joutsen).

What to wear?

Quilted coat on Sinytender can be successfully combined with lots of things from your autumn-spring wardrobe. One of the most important points is the selection of a suitable pair of shoes. Depending on the situation and weather outside the window, it can be elegant boots, heel boots or even bright rubber boots.

Required details for creating a bright and stylish image are accessories – bags, umbrellas, gloves, scarves, scarves and headwear. You can change them every day – it will give you the opportunity to always look like a new way, even if you pass the whole season in the same clothes.

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