Female raincoat

Female raincoat

Female raincoat – very convenient wardrobe subject. He cuts out at the moment when the umbrella does not cope. Indeed, the umbrella cannot completely protect the water. In addition, designers made rainfackers incredibly beautiful and stylish.


Raincoat characterizes practicality. In comparison with the umbrella, the raincoat there is always a place in your purse. He is light and weightless. And this is very important if your heavy bag is hard or not very spacious.

Raincoat is easy to care. After operation it is washed with water and dried. If there is a need, you can send to washing.

Nonlarity of this type of outerwear finds its fans in any style and direction.



Typically, disposable raincoats are made of polyethylene. The material is very thin and in connection with this, such a raincoat quickly comes in disrepair. This is due to its low cost. Disposable models are with clasps and without them. Sleeves on the wrist woven on a gum.

In general, a disposable raincoat is a simple model. It looks stylish hardly.

With careful use, you can wear several times.


Reusable raincoat is, first of all, strength. It is used repeatedly. Fabric that is used for sewing is often a rubberized. Therefore, this type of raincoats is quite dense.

There are models from thick polyethylene of different colors. As the fasteners are used buttons or velcro.


Raincoat jackets, in view of the variety of models, perfectly emphasize your style and raise the mood. Different color, with bright prints, they will make a rainy day brighter and more fun.

If you prefer a strict style in clothes, then stop your choice on restrained and concise models.

Looking at some jackets, you can immediately guess that it is a raincoat. They look like an elegant classic jacket or bright blouse.

All this is due to the matte surface and carefully thought out. Bright abstract patterns on a white background look enchanting.


The advantage of raincoats in front of the jackets is obvious. They allow you to completely protect from the rain. Models feminine and beautiful. The length of the raincoat varies from the knees and before the ankle.

Designers decorate raincoats with straps, patterns, buttons, patterns and finishing of contrasting.

A varied cut allows you to choose a model corresponding to your figure and inner “I”. Lovers of classics can be recommended a bright beige model to knees with black buttons and a buckle on the belt.

Those who prefer avant-garde, will probably have to taste a transfusional model, resembling an alien costume. And leopard print approve of passionate nature.

Transparent models that offer us designers are so beautiful that they are difficult to dump raincoats. They have bizarre sleeves, hoods and even pockets in which their content is clearly visible. Equally good and straight, and trapezoid silhouettes.

Beautiful stylish models

Raincoats can be very bright: yellow, orange, crimson, with holographic pattern, 3D effect. Some of them have a special coating that provides gloss.

The brilliant surface of such models resembles a bright candy candy. No additional accessories to the woman is required, as the raincoat itself is a bright color decision.

Many manufacturers began to produce raincoats complete with rubber boots. Boots made in one style and color schemes, save from the problem of searching for the necessary shoes. It is very convenient. Yes, and looks great.

Transparent raincoats

Transparent raincoats look very beautiful and elegant. Many of them have a contrasting edging of details: black, white and even multicolored. There is a feeling of fragility, as if the figure is placed in a glass vessel.

Some models are applied light and weightless vegetable print, which makes the image feminine and cute. In aggregate with a belt emphasizing the waist, the image looks magically.

Translucent models of different colors look no less effect: green, purple. Through their clothes, which acquires the color of the rain.

Kra also distinguishes a variety and unusual, which will allow you to demonstrate your unique and individual style.

With hood

Raincoat with a hood – the object of the wardrobe, which eliminates the umbrella.

If you have a country trip, pay attention to the models that have a hood with laces, allowing you to tighten it.

Original or free Croach Hood is designed to enter the city. You will look beautiful, and the rain will not hurt to enjoy a walk.

Hoods can be the most diverse: with a visor, with ears, with a bright edge along the edge.

Models on zipper

“Lightning” is very convenient. It allows you to quickly fasten the raincoat and creates maximum tightness. Hitting raindrops excluded.

Zipper can be the same color with raincoat. Merging with him, it becomes invisible. However, if zipper has a bright contrast color, then it is parallel with its main “fastening” function, still decorative, becoming a bright accent of the image.

What features pay attention to?

  1. Choosing a raincoat, stop your attention on models on the buttons. It is convenient and more reliably protects the rain drops from entering clothes. Buttons will cope with such a task less successful.
  2. So that the model is not a cluster of moisture, it should be present in it the so-called sub-conveyor, which is located at the base of the armor. Thus, you get rid of the “greenhouse effect” under the rain. Some manufacturers specifically place holes for ventilation on the back or near raincoat pockets.
  3. Note that the waist line, hood and cuffs must be adjusted in them with laces. Then you are not afraid of any rain.
  4. When choosing a rainfall, be sure to pay attention to the moment that it is put on top of clothes and should be fit to you. Too big raincoat will look a ugly bag, and the feeling of discomfort will appear in the close.

Tips for choosing

When buying a raincoat, initially examine the material from which it is made. Density and elasticity – the main parameters of high-quality raincoat. Try smithing the fabric. It must straighten and take the original form.

The most practical models are those whose details are not sewn, but are weave.

What to wear?

Raincoat – Not for everyday clothes. This must be taken into account. Therefore, it is necessary to wear it on a certain occasion, that is, during the rain.

Jacket raincoat combined with shorts, top and rubber boots. You can add a bright accent as a scarf in the tone of the jacket if it is opaque.

Jeans, pants and dresses are good and with a cloak, and with a jacket.

In general, there are no restrictions in what to wear under the rain. The main thing is that he protects from rain, and you felt comfortable and comfortable. And the fact that this subject of the upper wardrobe looks beautiful and stylish, the merit of designers.

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