Female short cloak

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Female short cloak

An indispensable thing in the off-season in the wardrobe of any woman will be raincoat. Female short cloak truly became a classic. This thing is practically not coming out of fashion.

Female raincoat is very versatile, it combines almost with any things and shoes in different style images. Cloak is convenient in wearing and leaving, light and very feminine.


Modern trends favorably relate to cloaks, adding only separate decor elements, experimenting with color and length. Female cloak in the form of McIntosh, Trencha or Classic Crya is suitable for the fashionistas of any age.

Short raincoats and shortened length became very popular. Such models are successfully combined with pants, skirts, jeans and dresses. The most popular length of a female raincoat is recognized as the middle of the hips.

Traditional Trench has a double row of buttons, straps, postponed gates, pockets and belt. Modern Trench has many modifications and species – instead of a collar can be a hood, there is no belt and pockets, the pursuit, there may be cuffs on the sleeve, additional parts in the form of a chest pocket, valves, finishes of pockets, decorative seams, cuts from behind or side.

Instead of a belt, Kulisk can be used, hidden gum. There will be a shape of the hood.

A shortened female cloak especially loved by young and active girls who prefer minimalism, militaries or sports style. Such a model can be a length of a little below the belt, to the waist.

Relevant models of a raincoat of a-silhouette, wide raincoats on the belt, in the form of poncho, short-sleeved, double-breasted without collar, model Oversiz, with a collar rack, as a koshuhi.

Incredibly feminine are the collapsed models, models with a high waist, with a bask on the waist, with oblique clasps, triangular or asymmetric floors and T. D. There are various variations of sleeves – with sleeve ¾, with cuff, with a coolee, sleeves, buffers, with challenges and t. D.

Material and color

Female short cloak sews from various fabrics:

  • Cloak+
  • Cotton with impregnation+
  • membrane+
  • Genuine Leather+
  • suede+
  • Denim+
  • Various blended fabrics.

Cloak can have a lining of silk, lining fabric, satin. Can also be without lining. Vertex material is subjected to various impregnations from moisture, to protect against purge.

Color range of female raincoats Peps a pleasant manifold. From Casual Classic Colors – White, Black, Khaki, Brown, Burgundy, Blue, Green, Red, Gray, Bright – Yellow, Turquoise, Lilac, Lime, Mint, Orange, Pink and T. D.

Also relevant steel floral prints, textured drawings, geometric print, cell, polka dot, melange. There is a contrast combination of several colors – black and white, black and red, yellow-brown. Another fashionable trend can be called the appearance of bilateral floats with different colors.

What to wear?

Female short raincoat has an amazing compassion with many things of the wardrobe, almost with any shoes and accessories. It all depends on the image and style you prefer.

Cloak can be combined with various shoes, shoes, boots and even died.

Emphasize the image of a successfully selected headdress – takes, knitted hat, cake, snead, cap, hat.

With a cloak, you can wear gloves, scarves, jams. Any bag – Classical, Sport, Backpack, Clutch, Briefcase. From clothes successfully combined with a cloak any pants and skirts, jeans and leggings, dresses.

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