Female winter suit

Female winter suit

All women want to look carefully, stylish and beautiful, regardless of the weather. In the cold season, this issue is sharper – how to dress up to feel comfortable, but at the same time not to climb and not think every minute that the outerwear can get dirty or spoiled? The best option is a warm winter suit that has a lot of advantages and has no shortcomings.


Women’s winter suit is a hybrid of all the best that the topwear manufacturers can offer on the cold. A set of insulated pants and jackets – the optimal solution for active time or, on the contrary, quiet walks, contemplation of nature or even city excursions.

Manufacturers offer young ladies a huge selection of such costumes: both more sports, glamorous, everyday or specialized, for outdoor activities, walks or even a hiking trip.

You can choose from hundreds of options that differ in appearance, material and cost. The main advantage of the winter costume is how it reliably protects from the cold. But this plus is not the only one:

  • Profitable. If you bought a high-quality winter costume, it will last for several years, up to five seasons. Special care does not require such outerwear, it is not necessary to take it into dry cleaning – all manipulations can be held at home.
  • Comfort. Winter costumes have a clock that allows any activity. Even if you jump into a snowdrift, the snow will not fall inside, and the fabric will not get wet. There are models with a loop on the thumb, which will not allow to lose gloves or mittens, as well as a cuff that tightly holds shoes.
  • Warmly. Modern materials, such as membrane or teflon tissue, keep the optimum temperature inside the costume. If you are actively moving, then do not even take care, but if you stop for a while, but do not leave.
  • Aesthetics. Due to the variety of models, you can choose a suit under your type of shape, pick up any style and shade.

Another plus is the ability to choose exactly the model of the costume that you need. Consider their details.

Views and models

Warm costume for the winter walk – the most basic, classic option. Most often it is a pants-semi-overalls and a jacket on the zipper. Such an outfit is much more convenient than a fur coat or fur coat, as well as a warm down jacket, which warms only the top of the body. In fact, winter costumes for walking – a kind of sports. True, they do not have a number of special properties, but perfectly protect against wind and snow, keep warm and do not let the wind.

Such costumes are very popular among young mothers. With unhurried walks with a carriage, they will not allow to climb and wrap, and when the baby begins to make the first steps, Mom will always be able to have time for him, without fear of snowdrifts.

Sports suits for winter are more advanced and aimed at keeping comfort actively moving person. Special materials are well discharged by moisture from the body, but at the same time they do not let her inside the costume, the special cut does not constrain the movements. So, the costumes for skiers allow you to freely move your hands, and the water refractory back product will not make it grow, if the skier falls. Snowboard costumes have special pockets for the phone, skit-pass and other necessary things, a hood that protects the head from the wind, as well as the durable inserts on the elbows and knees, so that the product does not break the product when falling. Such options are equipped with dense cuffs so that snow is not clogged under it. Such costumes are offered for riding on a snowmobile – they are not frozen, they are not cold, nor snowy dust.

Another kind of female winter suit – for a specialized recreation, such as fishing or hunting. As a rule, these models have camouflage color, as well as special fillers that allow you to not blame, spending a lot of time without. Winter costumes for such purposes have a free cut, the thermal shell or a thick sweater can be seen. Traditionally, the leisure models are equipped with a mass of pockets to have everything you need with you.

Another kind of winter female costume – business. Options for business or office models, first of all, differ in the material. If all of the above models are most often sewn from polyester or nylon, then materials for business models – wool, tweed, drape or outdoor fabric. Secondly, business costumes for the winter have their own style – these are more official models, and skirt is allowed. Also business winter costumes differ in color scheme – it is restrained, neutral, dark shades. Such models can have a fur edge on a collar or hood, on cuffs or along the plank.

Note that all the above models can also be equipped with a vest. In the case of sporting and walking models, he can replace the jacket and be on top of it, for greater heat. For business models, the vest is another opportunity to diversify the dress code and make a highlight to the image.

Material and insulation

Modern women’s winter costumes sew from several materials immediately, Using both proven classic tissue for outerwear – Bologna, nylon and polyester, and high-tech – special synthetic materials with a special structure. With their help, the upper part of the costume does not floss and is not blocked, it easily slides in the snow, it is cleaned without any problems, and also has a function of thermoregulation.

It is important that the costume has a special lining, better – membrane. The membrane allows you to remove moisture from the body and regulate heat exchange. Clothes with membrane lining has a certain “thermos effect” – it is not hot in room and is not cold even in a strong frost. When taking into account that a person still moves, and not standing on the spot. Due to modern technologies, a suit can be quite subtle, but at the same time not to yield to classic models on a syntheps.

Costumes where Sintepon acts as insulation, still popular, primarily due to low cost. On everyday walks that will not require excessive activity or dense contact with snow, such options will suit wonderful! It is important that the Sintepon is also a lightweight material, which means that the costume will not shy movements and put it with its weight. Most often on Sinyprodee or Puhu sew jackets for fishing or hunting. Often it falls for a long time in one place and the membrane will not be able to warm in such conditions.


Like any outerwear, winter costumes have traditional colors, which are always in fashion, and trend, for every season. If he speaks of classics, it is, first of all, black options. They are not visible mud, they contrast perfectly with snow, create a stylish image and, as it is known, black perfectly slightly! Among the basic colors are also blue and red, which are often used in combination with white. These colors and their shades do not pass positions for many years, as they are pleasant to the eye and go to the girls of all color. Natural shades: beige, coffee, chocolate is also always in fashion.

This season, in the trend, designers brought complex colors: mustard and ocher, grape juice, khaki, cherry, dark-turquoise, color curry. This is deep, very winter colors that can be selected depending on the type of appearance. Costumes made in these shades do not look at sports, despite the style. Rather, it is some casual uniform of a modern woman who is relevant everywhere and always.

In fashion, not only one-photon suits or combinations of colors, but also prints. Designers offer a lot of options: from geometric patterns or prints under Gzhel or Khokhloma, to completely fantasy patterns, imitating fruits or cartoon characters and comics. Family Look Costumes wonderfully look, When the whole family is dressed in one color scheme or on their costumes there are identical elements.


Women’s winter costumes are in the rules of many famous brands. Casual and Sport Style Models are represented by Finn Flare, Moncler, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Columbia, Baon and many. Brand Norfin Gale sews both casual costumes and options for outdoor activities and leisure – Winter fishing, hunting, snowmobile riding. Almost all manufacturers who are engaged in outerwear, offering laryrs insulated suits for the winter.

How to choose?

If you are firmly not confident in the amount, then you should not buy a suit without fitting. In addition, it is worth understanding to understand that you will wear down – either it will be a subtle thermal package, or tights and sweaters, or it will be a thick jam and additional pants. Depending on this, you need to choose. For urban walks and brongehides for the city, things “in size” are suitable, there will be a lot of clothes under them. If you plan to go to winter fishing or ride a snowmobile, it is worth considering the opportunity to wear an extra layer of clothing attended.

An important point is the quality of the product. It is important to pay attention to the seams, they must be impeccable. Seams on a winter costume should not have sticking threads when you stretch the product, the seams should not disperse. Remember that each layer of the costume should have its own seams, and those that are located outside, should be punctured or registered, so that there is no moisture from the wounded snow, did not blow up the ice wind.

Another key nuance – the presence of antickel assembly on cuffs on the sleeves, pants and the bottom of the jacket. Such an assembly will protect yourself from snow, even if you fall into a snowdrift. Pay attention to the accessories. Lightning should be reliable and easy to “walk”. All metal elements – the “tongue” of the zipper and the buttons must be covered with plastic or rubberized to eliminate discomfort when touched on naked hands in the cold.

How to care?

In order for the bought product for a long time pleased you with an excellent appearance and heat-shielding qualities, you need to competently care. The first thing you need to remember – without special needs it is not necessary to wash the costume. Modern materials are favorable to local cleaning – soft brush or wet cloth.

If it is still planned washing, you need to understand how to erase one or another material. If you erase a fluff or synthetic suit, in the drum of the washing machine, it is better to put special balls that will not allow the insulation to get into the lumps. There are no such problems with membrane tissues, but it is necessary to wash them with gel for membranes and at low temperatures. Dry all costumes need horizontal position, away from hot batteries.


  • Very beautiful winter image, elegant and not a banal. It will be suitable for young women who even in winter are not ready to abandon admiring views. Beautiful deep turquoise color emphasizes a contrast pattern of pink and white colors, and fur snow-white unites make Look gentle, touching, but very interesting and noticeable. Magnificent outfit to conquer the city in winter!

  • Pooh pink suit with artificial gray fur – real decoration for lady in winter. Interesting cut jacket – “under Camzole” makes this image glamorous, but bold, and delicate color – feminine and romantic. Sno-pink sneakers are perfectly combined with top clothes and allow no discomfort even with long walks.

  • Bright suit in the style of “Glam-Sport” – a great solution for everyday life in the city and long walks in nature. Neon-pink color will be healthy contrasted with snow, and black inserts on the sides of the pants and on zipper jackets visually make the silhouette of slimmer and seductive.

  • Camouflage in the city! Variations on the topic of disguise never become obsolete, and this image is a great proof of that. Dry Jacket and Tight Pants in Bright Blue Camouflage – Must Have City Fashion Newspaper. Nemarko, but bright, stylish, but not defiant. Ideally.

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