How beautiful to tie a palatine on a coat?

How beautiful to tie a palatine on a coat?

What is Palantine and how to pick it up to a coat?

Initially, the Palantine was called a long and wide rectangular openwork knitted canvas with an admixture of the fluff, which was supposed to wear on the shoulders or on the head. Modern Palantine is all the same rectangular piece of matter, it is a wide and long scarf, the material for which a wide variety of fabrics can serve: from chiffon to fur.

Palantine is a universal thing, it is self-sufficient, that is, it can be thrown and just over the dress. However, with a coat, beautifully driving on the shoulders and chest, the Palatine is able to transform your appearance from just cute to the exquisite.

In order for the Palantin to demonstrate all his potential of a luxurious thing, a coat with which it is planned to wear it, it is advisable to choose either a high-collar-rack, or without a collar. Of course, if you are tolding the palatine, then the shoulder line, neck and head accentuate. However, the color or print of Palantine should emphasize the whole image, and not draw attention only to yourself or on the contrary, disharmoniate with a common style.

Methods of tying

Tied the Palatin beautiful is not so difficult. Look at the video where the process is shown visual.

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