How to tie a scarf on a coat?

How to tie a scarf on a coat?

The initial task of the scarf is the provision of a man of heat, but the correctly selected scarf can and should be used not only to create comfort, but also as a beautiful accessory complementing your image.

Types of scarves

By type of material from which scarves are manufactured, they can be divided into three groups:

  • fabric+
  • knitted+
  • fur.

Shaped scarves are:

  • Rectangular (narrow and wide)+
  • Square+
  • Scarves-Pipes (Snada, Clamps)+
  • Palantine (Pashmina).

For the manufacture of warm fabric scarves, wool, cashmere, pashumin (as a kind of cashmere), velvet, mixed cloth. Lighter options – cotton, chiffon, silk, polyester, lace.

The scarf can be hand-knitted or in an industrial way from different types of yarn: woolen, half-wool, with the addition of fluff, cotton or using artificial threads.

Yarn can be a simple or shaped (book, with sequins, tape, cord), thin or thick, monochrome or melange.

Fur scarves are created from a solid canvase (one-sided, with lining, or double-sided) or knit from fur stripes.

Palantines or Pashmina (view of cashmere canvas) – exquisite and at the same time fairly universal products, quite wide and long (up to 2 meters), are not suitable for the accented sports style, involving increased motor activity.

The soft folds of the graceful drapery of the palatine are able to unobtrusively emphasize your image and become its final spectacular touch or fully shifted the focus on yourself by changing the entire style of the whole, if you need it.

How to wear a scarf with coat?

Choosing a scarf, you should decide not only with the styling and color of the coat, but also with a common style, as well as the place and the event you plan to go.

If you are an adherent of classic style and, moreover, go to the official business meeting, then you will be perfectly suitable for the same classic scarf of wool or cashmere. You can also take advantage of a thin fabric scarf that you will ted under the coat.

If you are a fan of rejecting conditionality of the boho style, then you can throw a scarf with sequins and feel confident.

With a short jacket-coat, a knitted scarf will be appropriate, long or short, and with a fitted coat with a lush skirt and an underlined waist looks like chiffon scarves of suitable colors. To the coat in the style of militaries, what is called, the topic will be a scarf-shed (scarf tube, scarf-clamp, scarf transformer).

The versatility and beauty of the palatine or pashmina will allow you to wear them with almost any style coat. Moreover, tied to a denim or leather shortened coat, the palatine will soften the harsh image and add femininity.

How to choose a scarf to coat in color?

Selecting the scarf color to the coat, follow, first of all, the color of the coat itself and the color of other accessories to it. Contrast accessories, among them, scarf of the same color, can dilute the monotony of a classic one-photon coat and make it not so boring.

If the coat of the already variegated, then it makes sense to choose a monochrome scarf “without quad”.

Non-standard, but interesting will be the option when shoes, gloves, scarf, headdress and bag are selected in a contrast or identical color with a coat, but in different colors different from each other.

Methods of tying

Ways to beautifully use a scarf very much. When choosing it, it should take into account the model and a style coat: with a collar, without a collar, a hooded coat.

If your coat has an English collar, a collar-apasha or just a big postponed collar, tagging a scarf over the coat does not make sense. It is worth arrange it on the neck, under the coat:

  • The easiest way in this case is to squeeze the scarf on the neck and cross it the ends on the chest, refraining them under the coat. This method is good and in the case of solid dense scarves in combination with a direct cover coat, and in the case of an elegant chiffon or even a flirty gas scarfic to a fitted coat with an arched bottom.

  • Having folded the scarf in half, if it allows the length, and traveled its ends into the resulting loop, you will get a more dense version of the first way.

  • You can start a scarf on the neck of different types of nodes: from simple to tongue, from free to tightly tightened. At the same time wrapping the scarf, if the length allows, around the neck can also be several times.

  • Take a scarf on the neck in any way, and the ends, refilled under the coat, pull the shelf between the first and second loop.

If the coat is a rack collar, a small postponed collar or if he does not have a collar at all, then the volume collar-shed will look like and spectacular over the coat. Also organically in this case will look beautifully laid folds of pashmina.

For a hooded coat, check out a negligent semi-folded single knot of a long scarf with tassels.

How to tie a big scarf on a coat?

Under the big scarf usually imply a palatine or pashmina. To dignify to look in such an elegant thing, it is necessary to start … straighten. Wrapped the palatin around the neck and shoulders, straighten his folds, following the way that his print served from the winning side, ends back back.

The option looks very beautifully when the ends of the pashmina converge on the side, in this case one end remains in front, the second – from the back of the shoulder, and the one part it is on the chest, it should be dug.

You can simply tie a big scarf on the chest with a free knot, placing on the shoulders in the form of capes.

How to tie a scarf long on a coat?

The classic method of tagging a long fabric or knitted scarf is to wrap it around the neck, thus making a loop, and the ends breathe on the chest.

An interesting option will be in the event that you are wrapped the scarf around the neck, and the straighted ends will reflect under the belt or the coat belt.

If you do on the contrary, then there is a loop formed on the chest, and the ends of the long scarf carelessly drop back, then your appearance will acquire some bohemian notes.

You can imitate the type of scarf-sander, wrapped the long knitted or tissue scarf around the neck several times, and the ends turned inside.

You can generally carelessly draw a scarf on the shoulders, without tie it, especially for an unbutton coat.

Long thin scarf is not very large widths allowed to wrap around the neck and quite tightly tighten it. In this case, the space between the scarf strip on the neck and the cutout of the coat will remain open. It should be considered, however, that this option will add effect, but warmer will not be warmer.

How to make a scarf?

Very original solutions can offer a scarf used as a scarf. Considering that the handkerchief, as a rule, has a square shape, fold it in half, having received a triangle, then roll it into a roll (simple or twisted) and take it on the neck with a simple knot, leaving, at your discretion, ends on the chest, on the back or Even on one shoulder on both sides.

If the fabric is a mild, then such a low volumetric roll can be laid around the neck several times, and the knitted tips fill in.

“Cowboy” option – folded in half the handkerchief is tied by a loose double knot, turns the triangle forward, and the ends remain on the back. In the open collar coat, therefore, a beautiful handkerchief will be visible, besides reliably protecting you from the cold.


Nevertheless, it is better to see once than to read than a hundred times, so we bring to your attention a video, which examines 9 methods of scarf sheepings on a coat or sweater.

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