How to wash a jacket in a washing machine?

How to wash a jacket in a washing machine?

In the cold season, the upper clothes are often dirty and acquires an untidy look. After the rain or snow, stains appear on the jackets, which are not so easy. You don’t want to walk the remaining season in a contaminated jacket, only one way out remains – wash it at home.

How to escape a jacket in a machine machine, which jacket can be washed in a typewriter, and what it is not worth? These and many other questions you will find answers in our material.

What jacket can be washed in a washing machine?

In the fall and winter, we carry beautiful and warm jackets with fur, from a cloak, or, for example, with climate control, which in spring need careful washing. Of course, products that are sewn from water-repellent tissue are not so fast. But unfortunately, many products after a walk in bad weather and complete drying from rain or snow, gain stains, bring out that is not so easy. It remains only one way out – to wash a jacket or park.

Wash the docking winter, bologne or autumn water-winding jacket, of course, at home, for example, in a washing machine.

But it is important to remember that products with a filler of which kind can be washed, but with what you should not:

  • Productfrom holofayber Easy is erased in the most ordinary washing machine. It is important to remember that you need to take into account all the features of the jacket and carefully examine all the labels so that there is no damage relative to the washing mode and water temperature.
  • Jackets from cloak Also easily erased at home.

  • Bologna or nylon Jacket skillful hostess deftly erase in a machine-machine and they are not so capricious as other types of outerwear.
  • Remember that jackets or Parks with leather inserts, Metal inserts are better not to wash in a typewriter, but to take into a dry cleaning, where professionals will cope with the problem quickly and efficiently.
  • In addition, it is important to remember that winter or autumn products of outerwear, which have one or another filler, Cannot be pre-grilled in powder. Usually, many who are afraid of the fact that the stains on the jacket will remain and after the machine washing.

Better properly prepare the thing to wash and then you can easily get rid of pollution.

Preparation and removal of stains

Before sending a product straight to a drum washing machine, you need to properly prepare it for the washing process, otherwise it is possible to spoil the thing:

  • As mentioned above, before being taken for washing, you should carefully study the label of the jacket on which all important information is stored.
  • Sleeves jacket and collar dirt most often. As a rule, it is these salted places of clothing that are difficult to abandon, and remove the spots are not so simple, especially with a black jacket. Salidness most often saves the usual detergent for washing dishes. Apply a little means on clean sponge, spend the stains, and you will see how they quickly depart.

  • Plumbling collars or sleeves jacket can be fisted with ordinary soap, preferably economic. You can simply thoroughly laminating the hottest areas, lose a little and right so, not flushing, send to the drum washing machine. If you have a special soap in your farm, which, as manufacturers assure, easily copes with different stains, you can use it. The main thing is to remember that such stains on winter things should not be attempted to remove with the help of a bleach. The stain is, perhaps and leaves, but the jacket can strongly change its color and be covered with white or blond stains.

  • Removable collars, especially from natural or even artificial fur, it is better to remove before washing. The same applies to the hood: if it is made with a flip of fur, it is better to remove it. All buttons, locks, buttons must be fastened before washing and only then send the product to the drum machine.
  • BesidesI forget to check your pockets and lay out all the contents. And also check the integrity product. After all, small holes, divergent seams, buttons who hold on “Honest Word” can finally break and damage the product. Therefore, all minor problems must be eliminated before the start of the washing process.

Choose a program and temperature

If there are no specific recommendations on the product on the product shortcut on what is the wash mode to choose best, you can follow the general rules:

  • Be sure to choose the waste of washing. Many modern machines are equipped with special programs for washing down jackets, jackets and other outerwear. Of course, to wash with such a program much easier, as the manufacturers have already taken care of the quality of washing, and the program works in optimal temperature mode.
  • If your washing machine has a special program, then boldly choose the “manual” mode or “delicate wash”. At high temperature, the filler of your favorite thing can be spoiled and you can hardly restore it later. The temperature at which you will be washed should not exceed 40 ° C, it is desirable to choose 30 ° C.

  • As for the press, it is impossible to overdo it. Four hundred turns per minute will be enough. Many products are recommended to press at greater speed, for example, five hundred revolutions per minute. Remember that too intense spin can damage the cloth itself, as well as the filler jacket. Therefore, than delicately will be a spin, the better.

  • In addition, it is worth using such additional features as “additional rinsing” or “superstar”. These additional modes allow you to better wash the detergent and reduce the risk of powder spots on jackets. If there are no such modes of your washing machine, it can be turned on separately once again rinse so that the jacket is exactly clean. Sometimes, after drying on the product there are divorces from detergent: all this is due to insufficient rinsing.
  • And one more important point, which is worth considering during the washing jackets in a washing machine – detergent. From powders, especially from bleaching powders, it is better to refuse. Choose gel or liquid powder. The bleach is better not to add, especially during the washing of the black jacket.

Streck process

Wash the jacket in a modern washing machine machine with a small drum, the capacity of which is less than five kilograms is very difficult. As a rule, the thing is poorly dismissed. This nuance must be taken into account.

In addition, there are still some points, as they say, tricks that will help you to remove your favorite clothes:

  • If your favorite jacket has a filler, for example, out of the fluff or feathers, then on ignorance of some secrets, you risks spoil the product. Many complain that after washing the filler gathered with lumps in various places of the jacket. To avoid this, need to wash a thing with tennis balls. Balls will help during washing and spinning a filler in such a way that he will not lose its airiness and remain uniform in the whole jacket.

  • Products from Sinytender, as a rule, are not deformed during washing. But this does not mean that you can use a strong spin and a higher temperature regime. Try not to spoil the thing, adhere to the general recommendations that were indicated above.
  • Such a product like Park, which is sewn, for example, using nylon also needs a delicate washing. So as not to spoil and not damage the thing, it is worth stopping your choice at the minimum level of prescript or abandon it at all.
  • After the thing be posts, it needs to be dried correctly. Ideally, it can be done in a special drying machine, where the mode for drying the jackets is provided. But not everyone has such devices, so you have to dry everything yourself.

Winter Upper Clothes should be dried vertically, preferably on her shoulders.

Remember that the shoulders should be a normal size: no more, no less, otherwise, the thing during drying is deformed.

Also, you should not dry the thing over the radiator or the battery. It is better to do it outdoors, but not on a strong, scorching the sun.

Alternative methods

If you are not a happy owner of a machine machine or just afraid to erase your favorite jacket with this miracle device of modern technology, we prepared for you tips that will help to return the cleanliness of your favorite things manually. Modern hostesses know many ways to help effectively clean the collar without washing or tip the shelter sleeves. In general, speaking otherwise, at home it is quite possible to wash the jacket.

The main thing is to know how to do it right:

  • Before starting manual washing, remember that the process will be long, heavy and, of course, tedious. To begin with, fill the bath or big pelvis with water. Water should not be too hot. Dissolve gel in it or you can use the liquid laundry powder.

  • Immerse the product in the water and leave for fun for ten minutes. Then, using the usual sponge, start sequentially rub it outside, and then inside. Start with problem areas: collar, cuffs.
  • Well, if you are pre-tenting the problematic soap problem and highly polluted areas.
  • After you thoroughly process the entire surface of the jacket, you can go to rinse. Rinse will have several times, dialing every time clean water. This process is heavy, as the weight of the jacket after full wet increases significantly.

  • After rinse, you should slightly squeeze the jacket so that part of the glass of glass. Dry the product should be vertically, on the hanger.
  • If your favorite jackets need cleaning only the collar and cuffs, you can use the usual and inexpensive way. Buy in the pharmacy the ammonia alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, mix in equal proportions. Water with woven disk and thoroughly, without rubbing, wipe the polluted area. After a dry cloth, wipe the processed surface and leave until complete drying.

Useful advice

And some more useful and effective advice that will help keep your jacket clean. Someone tries to wash shampoo beloved clothes, someone tries to remove stains with a grandmother’s way, someone knows how to wash so that the jacket sat, And we know exactly how you need to do so that it is always clean:

  • Loose fat stains so that there is no divorce can be conventional vinegar solution. In a glass of warm water, divert one teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of sea salt. Once the salt is completely dissolved, you can moisten a cotton disk in the liquid and thoroughly process the spot. Stains after washing are also easily removed by this method.

  • Another way to remove stains from fat and sweat. In a glass of water add a teaspoon of salt and floor of a teaspoon of ammonia alcohol. Moisten a cotton disk in solution and process a spot. This solution helps not only get rid of dirt, but also remove the yellow stain, which sometimes appears after washing or irregular drying.
  • Forests of forest walks often face such a problem like a resin spots on top clothes. Most ordinary gasoline will help rain the resin. Only after that you need to thoroughly air the jacket in the fresh air.

If after washing your favorite jacket needs ironing, then you need to do it with a warm iron – the temperature should not be more than 110 °.

What are the secrets of washing down jackets, you can learn from the video.

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