Knitted coat

Knitted coat

Previously, a knitted coat was not popular because it was shameless and heavy. But today the fashion designers put the maximum effort to give him another species. Now the knitted coat is distinguished by stylish and presentability. It emphasizes the beauty of the female figure, and also hides its flaws.


Knitted coat is relevant not only in the cold season. Fashion designers create stunning models from light knitwear, which can be worn in offseason or warm season. Summer models in Shannel style are in great demand due to their versatility. Simple cut and minimum decor makes it possible to combine it with different things.

For autumn and winter, a warmed coat is perfect. Chanel knitted coat is made of booklined wool. It can have a short or middle length, as well as a direct silhouette. Black edging attracts an attractiveness and femininity.

Chanel’s coat has no collar, and has luxurious volumetric metal buttons and hidden pockets. Sleeve can be standard or ¾. Such a style stylists advise to wear with a dress-case, skirt or straight trousers.

Today in the trend coat, an extended book. It perfectly emphasizes the waist line due to the presence of a belt. This style is represented by a variety of tones, which allows you to choose a color solution depending on the color.

In the winter season, a great choice will be a coat decorated with fur. Designers use fox fur, fox or mink. The collar gives an elegance and charm.

No less popular on cold days are highways with hoods. They allow you to create the most comfortable conditions, as we reliably protect against rain, cold and wind. It looks spectacularly coat with a voluminous knitted pattern, decorated with ruffles along the edge of the hood and bottom of the product, as well as options with wide sleeves of short-circuit, supplemented with decor.

At the peak of popularity there is a coat with knitted sleeves, while the basis of the product can be woolen or cashmere. Such a tandem looks fashionable and effectively. The fitting sleeve in combination with the massive basis is the highlight of this style. The sleeve can be both completely from knitwear, and only from the elbow.

A wide range of knitted coat provides the ability to choose a style depending on the type of shape and taste preferences. For the embodiment of the feminine and romantic bows, the coat-cape or the trapezoidal silhouette model will be perfect. To look strictly and concisely worth paying attention to the coat of the straight cut.

Knitted coat

In recent seasons, a fur coat is increasingly found from knitwear due to femininity, ease and convenience. Every woman in such a coat will look unsurpassed and beautiful.

Today you can find stamps of a coat of natural or artificial fur, and the difference is practically imperceptible. Fur coat on a knitted basis makes a figure of graceful and attractive.

Many girls love the fur of red fox, as she gives a woman brightness, beauty and elegance. Knitted lining allows the fur coat perfectly sit down on the figure, emphasizing the bends of the female body.

A mink coat on a knitted basis uses huge demand. Mink fur is very expensive, so you can only be proud of such an outfit. He will immediately show your high position in society.

Do not forget about the fur coat from Chernoburki. This option I like the youth, because the Fur Black Liser is inexpensive, but it looks expensive and irresistible.


Optimal knitted coat is a bit above the knee. Such an option will suit all fair sex representatives. Youth often chooses shortened models. They are a great replacement of jackets.

Maxi length models can afford only slender and long-legged beauties. Girls low growth or a non-standard figure is better to give preference to the length of the midi.

Knitted fabric

A variety of materials for sewing knitted coat allows you to create irresistible and bright models. Designers can show their fantasy because the choice is very large.

The most common tissues for a knitted coat refers:

  • Futher – knitwear good density, which has a smooth face and warm starts on the involving side. The main properties are durability, excellent heat transfer and air conduction, resistance to the formation of rollers. It consists of one hundred percent cotton.
  • Velur – stretching knitwear, which has a lot in common with the velvet. It greatly retains the shape and is distinguished by strength and softness, so ideal for sewing coat. Velur is made of pure wool.
  • Jersey is a single knitted fabric that is fine in the body, and also differs in tenderness and softness. Jersey Coat is light and pleasant to the touch.
  • Angora knitwear received such a name due to the addition of the wool of an Angora rabbit or goat. The main feature of the tissue is its tenderness. It perfectly holds warmth, so it is often used when sewing the outerwear.

Color solutions

Classic color solutions never come out of fashion. Gray, black, white or chocolate knitted coat suitable for the embodiment of an irresistible onion in any style. These colors are universal, because they hide all representatives of beautiful sex regardless of age. Today in the trend pastel, muted shades: olive, pistachio, emerald, lilac. Beautifully like knitted coat of dark blue, golden, burgundy, turquoise or sandy color.

How to choose?

Girls with magnificent forms beautiful will be in a knitted coat of classic cut or slightly fitted on the figure. These styles allow you to hide the flaws of the shape, give the silhouette of harmony and elegance.

For owners of the type of figure, the pear perfectly fit the fitted models with wide collars. It is the volume top-end that makes the image of harmonious. Girls with a type of figure Hourglass stands to purchase a coat of flowing knitwear. Pretches of contrasting color perfectly emphasize a slender waist.

Women who have extra guarantees on the waist or a noticeable stomach, it is worth a preference to a-shaped MIDI lengths or to the identity of ICR. From long options it is necessary to refuse immediately. If you have full hands and big shoulders, then an excellent solution will be a coat with a bright print.

When choosing a knitted coat, it is important to remember that it should provide heat and comfort, as well as emphasize the beauty of the female silhouette. When buying a knitted coat, you must pay attention to several rules:

  • First, you follow the product. Make sure it sits down on the shoulders.
  • Yarn should not be dense, because then the coat has an unattractive appearance.
  • In the presence of overhead pockets, make sure that they do not give the zone of the hoist.
  • During fitting it is worth paying attention to the length of the sleeve, since it should be two centimeters more from the wrist.

What to wear?

Knitted coat – universal thing, because it can be combined with different elements of the female wardrobe. The choice depends on personal preferences and taste.

Dritwood coat can be put on top of a sarafan, case and skirt dresses. It looks wonderful in tandem with jeans or pants. When selecting lower clothes should be held just in one rule – the texture of the fabric coat should always be denser than lower clothes.

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