Light mink coat

Light mink coat

Purchase of mink coats – a serious step requiring appropriate training. At the unprepared fashionista, the head can go around from a variety of styles and colors. In order to save yourself from the experiences about the correctness of the choice made, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​closing options, shafts and the specifics of mink fur shades.

When it is worth making a choice in favor of a light-colored fur coat?

For the exits “Light”, light shades of fur coats are suitable as it is impossible. Traditionally, secular events ladies dress up in dark colors, so the white or cream-nut fur coat will be advantageous to stand out on a general background.

For long regular walks in the open air or trips in the car and on public transport, light furs are much less winning than dark: splashes and street dirt are maximally visible.

Long fur coats “to the floor” require a certain skill – the reason for this lies everything in the same susceptibility to light furs to rapid pollution. Even if you really liked an elongated model, it is necessary to think threaten before you decide on such an acquisition – otherwise there is a risk of a regular visit to dry cleaning, which also does not benefit the fur.

Stoys and models

Drawing up a complete classification of variations Crow fur coat – it is almost impossible mission. Specialists offer to allocate the following main types of models and styles:

Classic – Long straight coat, suitable ladies with conservative taste.

Robe – comfortable coat with smell and belt, reminiscent of Crow oriental clothes.

Shuba-Klesh – Universal model, perfectly hiding any flaws of the figure.

Cleopatra – fur coat transformer with the inner lace from the waist until the middle of the caviar.

Year – strict upstream in combination with very coded bottom, recommended high and slim women.

Franch – Refrigerant fur coat with fluffy fox fur collar or sable.

Avtoleda – Cute medium length with a slightly arched back.

Bat – shortened fur coat to the belt visually pulls the top of the silhouette and makes the figure more proportional.

Butterfly – shortened trapezoid fur coat with openwork decorated sleeves.

Jellyfish – One of the most original styles: equipped with a hooded high-coal coat with draped floors and sleeves.

Color and shades

The color of fur coats, as a rule, depends on the habitat of the mink and its breed, as well as the specific selection of skins and their highlight. Among the bright shades of the fur of the mink outline are the following:

  • Mocha and Cappuccino – Various shades of brown, coffee tones+
  • Pastel – dozens of beige variations, sapphire, topaz, powder and palomine+
  • Palemy – beige-pink shades+
  • Gray pearls – color, increasingly called “new black”+
  • White – the most “capricious” and demanding fur.

Mink fur fur coat – the pleasure is not from cheap, but the time during which it will actively worn, it is definitely worth. As a rule, a qualitatively sewed fur coat serves as a tenant ten or more.

Of course, to buying mink coats should be treated as a long-term investment in their own comfort and image – to make a mistake in the choice of extremely undesirable. It is especially important to correctly select the mink fur coat of bright shades, which are much more demanding as accuracy in the sock and in storage.

How to choose by color?

Light shades of mink fur always stand out among the diversity of more dark colors. It has long been known that light furs are suitable for both young girls and mature ladies. First they add femininity and sophistication, while the second in such a fur coat will visually become for several years younger.

When choosing a bright mink fur coat stylists advise to navigate the type of appearance. Flooking girls with blue and light gray eyes perfectly suitable fur with blue or silver tint.

Brunettes traditionally “woven” black and close to this color coats, however the trend of recent years is exactly the opposite – the lady with dark hair is increasingly appearing in snow-white mink coats.

Representatives of the Slavic type of appearance characterized by warm shades of the skin and russes with color of hair, experts recommend fur with a pearl tump, as well as pastel, gray and light beige gamut.

How to store?

Mink light fur coats are extremely bought as casual wear – this is the luxurious component of the “output” image. Bad weather and bright sun, tobacco smoke and other negative factors especially destructives precisely for light fur.

Specialists recommend adhere to strict rules, which will allow even a snow-white fur coat look luxuriously and many years:

  • Keep such a fur coat in a case of special fabric, which, as a rule, is included in the purchase+
  • eliminate prolonged exposure to fur of direct sunlight – otherwise the fur coat can yellow+
  • In case the owner of the fur coat fell in it under the rain or in the snow, the fur coat must be carefully, but strongly shake, hang on the shoulders and put as far as possible from heat sources, room with good ventilation+
  • It is extremely desirable to avoid hits for fur cosmetics and even spirits – fatty yellowish spots may remain from them+
  • If serious contamination still happened, the fur coat is better to immediately pass into the dry cleaning.


Most women who have decided to buy bright mink coats are satisfied with the choice. On thematic forums and in the comments on social networks, the owners of such fur coats share their own experience and advise those who are still thinking of what color and style should be their future acquisition, weigh all the “for” and “against”. The advantages of bright fur coats are obvious, “pitfalls” are also quite known.

Ladies that are actively moving behind the wheel are recommended to look at shortened models in which the car is controlled as comfortable as possible. For such a lady, the shade of fur is a purely taste – both snow-white and light-nut fur coat feel well in the cabin auto.

For lover, long walks along the streets of the city are more likely to be furious, pearl-gray shades, which are much less prone to pollution and easier in care.

It is important to understand that the presence of a hood fur coat does not exclude the possibility of carrying it off with the cap – however, it is necessary to avoid the feeling that the lady decided to wear all the most expensive and beautiful immediately. Knitted hat, elegant scarf-shed, fur Kubanka – a combination should please the eye and not look inappropriate. In this case, the hood is transformed into a feminine collar, without entering confrontation with an independent headdress.

Many owners of light fur cohes noted that the acquisition of this garardo object has had a positive effect on their habits: they have become more disciplined and found. The need to carefully be dear in every sense did the thing made them carefully and maintaining that even more emphasized femininity and elegance.

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