Nork coat blackglama

Nork coat blackglama

Blackglama – American brand producing fur clothes from a mink one strictly defined species. Fur Blackglama is difficult to confuse with any other: products from it look just great and, moreover, they are incredibly warm.


As you know, there are several types of mink: Russian, polar, European, Canadian, American. Each has its own features.

American Mink Blackglama, supplied to the production of fur clothing with auction American Legend, is a unique and very rare.

She has a characteristic matte appearance, the fur is very gentle to the touch, resembles a plush or velvet, and the most characteristic sign – deep luxurious black. Let’s drink this black mink extraordinarily thick and dense. Therefore, it is a very warm fur with high wear resistance (due to low aft, equal to the length of submission). Such high quality allows products to withstand repeated dry cleaning, as well as break.

Blackglama is a mink solely black with its unique shades game from gray to light brown shade. Experts also call this effect “Oil Color”. There are no such color transitions in a painted mink, they are simply impossible to play.

Motor of black mink is extremely elastic and easy, which allows you to cut a variety of shames from it.

If the Blackglama mink fur coat decorate by any other fur, it will certainly be also expensive (chinchilla, sable, dear species of foxes).

Of course, the Blackglama mink fur coats are not suiced, moreover, this is the most expensive mink in the world, so let him afford not every woman. Blackglama is not produced massively, each model (they are only available about one hundred per year) is really exclusive and unique.

American Legend Fur Auction Periodically held in Seattle. The highest quality mink was assigned a special name. Each buyer of this exclusive lot gets a corporate label to marking its products.

Brand brand Blackglama has long been like a legend. Back in the 60s, Hollywood’s stars (enough to call Barbaru Streisand or Bridget Bardo) posed in front of the camera in the gorgeous fur coats and manto, being a stylon of style and chic.

Since then, the advertising campaign of this glamor brand has 67 famous people of different times.

A kind of tradition of a trademark was a fee for a photo session – the celebrity left the photo studio in the mink flack flame.

Beautiful models

When sewing products made of noble mink fur, Blackglama is welcomed by minimalism cutting, emphasizing the luxury of this “black diamond”. This is not the case when you need to look for an intricate style.

The most immaculate Blackglama looks in traditional fit of direct or trapezoidal silhouette, made of whole pieces of fur. Speeciously looks like a cozy hooded option. Other decor elements for such a fur coat (except that you can emphasize the waist of the belt).

It should be noted that Blackglama has very little coarse, since the chic fur is most advantageous in the whole plates.

How to distinguish fake from the original?

Unfortunately, the elite blackglama fur today is the most feasible in the world. For it, they give out painted in the black color of the skins of mink, often Chinese production. Do not doubt that the certificate will also provide for the fake. Therefore, you need to know the various ways to establish the authenticity of the brand.

Blackglama manufacturers are extremely scrupulous to protect their goods. Therefore, each thing of this product brand has a passport and a corporate label, which will be sewn from the wrong side of the product. The label necessarily present the serial number of the fur coats, which can be checked on the official Blackglama website.

If you have seen the record that the product that has this number has already been previously released, then the likelihood of what you bought an old or enshrove model, although made of genuine skins.

With an invalion on the tag, three strips – red, yellow and blue, and precisely in this sequence.

Finally, the most effective method to detect the fake – the holographicity of the label, it will turn. If you put a label under the ultraviolet lamp (and the seller must provide it to you), then on it commemorate the words Blackglama filling the entire surface.

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