Quilted women’s jacket

Quilted women's jacket

Modern women’s jackets are represented by a large variety of varieties, characterized by type and colors. Among them are especially allocated quirk models. They attract glance and look very stylish.


  • Quilted women’s jackets are very diverse in its appearance, so they can be used to create a dress in different styles. At the same time, the lover of sports style and clothes Caushal is bought most often.

  • The use of stitches helps in creating a beautiful fitted silhouette, which is especially valuable in sewing warm clothes. Due to the location of the patterns, you can emphasize the advantages of the figure, for example, a thin waist.

  • In quilted jackets rarely use a horizontal delay, because it visually expands the figure. More often stitch is represented by a vertical, diagonal or fantasy delay. Extremely popular products with elegant floral patterns or with embroidered leaves contours.

Stoys and models

If you choose a suitable model, a quoted jacket can wear a woman of any age and absolutely any physique. Stitch products are also distinguished by their cut, and used for sewing material, stitches, and decor patterns, and color solutions

Curra quilted jacket happens and fitted and free. There are collapsed models with a belt. It is interesting to look at damphlcot jackets with a bulk silhouette, hood and loop fasteners. Largely popular fitted biker quilted jackets of small length with asymmetric zipper.

For the length of the jacket, decorated with stitch, can be up to the middle of the hips, elongated or shortened. Many models have overhead pockets. Most of the jackets of this type are sewn without any finish, since the stitch itself looks attractive and does not require bright accessories.

Materials and insulation

For sewing quilted jackets use a variety of materials that are shot. Stitch jacket can be made of leather, woolen fabrics, cloaks, dense knitwear. For elegant and glamorous models use shiny material.

If the jacket is warm, insulators are present inside, which is often submitted by Sinyproton. Thin jackets for demi-season use are filled with polyester or polyamide

Models for the season

Demi-season for spring / autumn

The greatest variety of quilted jackets is represented by precisely such models. They are in demand for cool spring weather, and for the rainy autumn period. On a cloudy day in a quotes, very comfortable.

The fastener on the demi-season jacket with stitch can be represented by lightning, buttons or buttons. Extremely demanded quilted models for autumn or spring, made of leather. Youth option are quilting “Koshuhi”, and a business lady on morals Elegant shortened leather jackets with fine stitch.


Warm models stitch jackets are presented:

  • Jackets on Sinyprona. Such models are in demand in early winter before the onset of severe frosts. They are warm and comfortable in them, and the variety of styles is large enough. In many jackets there is a postponed collar.

  • Cotton jackets. Such products are popular in regions in which a pretty harsh climate. In most cotton quitting models, there is a hood, and the stitch is large.


A quilted jacket from a loose material is often worn in cool summer weather. Such jackets can be fastened on buttons or buttons, but there are also light versions, tied with a belt. Summer quilted models are distinguished by a wide variety of colors.

Models with detachable sleeves

Jackets with stitch whose sleeves can be unfastened, in spring and summer, as well as early in autumn. Removing the sleeve, such a jacket is turned into a fashionable vest. In many models there is a hood, and the sleeves are made in another color.

With hood

Most often, the hood is equipped with warm quilted jackets so that their use in the cold period is more comfortable. The hood is also very in demand in demi-season models, because in the fall, and early spring weather is a very changeable, and the hood is able to serve good protection from the sudden rain.

With fur

Natural fur is often used in the finishing of quilted jackets, especially in winter models. Decorated with mink and other types of fur, jackets with stitches look respectable and attractive. In some models, the fur finished and the lining of the product, which makes such a jacket with reliable protection from low temperatures late fall and in winter frosts.

Often the fur is discharged collar, cuffs and hoods. In some models, the fur coil is on the alert and along the fastener. Also there are quilted jackets that have fur inserts on shoulders or back.

Color solutions

Quilted jackets offered by fashionicates today are represented by a very extensive color palette. Always appreciate products in pastel colors, as well as white models. Dark jackets (dark blue, black, graphite-gray) are equally in demand.

Very relevant in our days fruit-berry shades, starting with mint and ending with crimson. High demand is celebrated on yellow and orange quilted jackets, as well as on models performed in the lowered shades.

No less popular jackets of different shades of gray color, as well as models in burgundy, olive, beige and quilted jackets. Models in such tones are bought for the autumn period. Youth options are represented by bright colors, such as salad and blue. There are also products in which several contrasting colors are combined.

Tips for choosing

When choosing quilted models, first of all, decide on the season in which you want to wear a jacket with a stitch. Next, decide on the desired length of the model, as well as suitable for your shape. Sleepy beauties can safely pick up the fitted or short stitch jacket to emphasize the advantages of their figures as much as possible.

Girls with lush forms It is important to choose a quilted jacket of such a style to visually not add volume

What to wear?

Quilted jackets are popular not only due to their original appearance and attractiveness, but also excellent combination with other wardrobe objects.

  • Business ladies can wear a quilted jacket in a small cage to a rigorous dress, a pencil skirt or trousers with a blouse or shirt.
  • With a shortened quotes, sport style clothes look good. With it, you can wear pants, leggings, jeans, dresses, as well as skirts of different lengths.
  • Leather quilted jacket successfully combined with sundress, dress or brush suit.
  • For a romantic image, a quilted jacket can be put on a skirt in a fold or an elegant case-case.
  • Stitch is remarkably combined with knitted things, for example, with a knitted dress, a jumper or sweater.
  • If the collar is absent in the jacket, an excellent addition to such clothes will be a scarf, an elegant handkerchief or shawl.
  • The combination of a quilted jacket with other quilted things (skirt, bag) is considered not very successful.

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