Reflective jackets

Reflective jackets

Jackets that are able to reflect the light are in demand by fans of running, bicycle and street sports, so they are now often appearing in the collections of well-known manufacturers of clothing, and we produce not only purely sports things, but also in the rules from Lifestyle-brands.

A bit of history

For the first time, reflective elements created the company ZM from the United States in 1939. It was a film that was pasted first to road signs, and then on cars.

A little later, the reflective film decided to apply in the creation of sports equipment and motorcyclists. The company works and today, releasing retroreflective materials used in road markings, and in sports clothing, for example, on sneakers and Nike windbreakers.

Due to what the effect of light reflection is created?

Reflection technology details for different things depending on their use differ, but the principle of return of light is similar and is to use to create a reflective surface of the glass spheres of microscopic size. When the beam of light falls on such spheres, it is refracted within two times, which leads to its reflection in the opposite direction. The light may fall at any angle, but at the same time it will always come back towards its source and do not disperse.

Most options for jackets with reflective details are made for people who work on the road, for example, repair it, and risk being unnoticed in the dark, as well as for professions providing for the work at night. However, recently, ordinary pedestrians began to be interested in such jackets, as well as athletes (especially runners and cyclists), which caused the appearance of clothing capable of reflecting the light, in such famous brands, like Nike, Supreme, The North Face, Ice Cold, Rapha, Stone Island and others.

Among all sports brands, especially many products with reflective details offers Nike. In the assortment of this brand there are windbreakers for running, decorated with elements reflecting light.

Also, the company offers products fully made of reflective fabric. Such jackets attract not only at night, but also adjustable hoods, special warming cuffs and comfortable pockets with zippers.

Adidas offers windbreakers with reflective grid, as well as models with reflective three strips on the sleeves. The set to such jackets produce windproof pants with the same retroreflective details.

Also, it is also impossible not to note the brand Stone Island, which produces reflective jackets since 1991. Nowadays, this manufacturer uses different light reflection technologies. It offers lightweight jackets from Reflex Mat material, able to reflect the light even from very weak sources. The best development of the brand is also jackets created using liquid reflection technology (spraying) and reflective yarn products capable of glowing in the dark.

Reflective strips as an alternative

Strips with retroreflective properties are able to secure a person in the dark day, so they are often sewn on top clothes.

Most often, reflective elements are on the sleeves, the bottom or back of the jacket, making it noticeable at night. They are an affordable and inexpensive alternative to expensive brand jackets made of reflective fabric, since they are able to make reflective any jacket.

Jackets can be separated by both textile ribbons with a width of up to 5 cm and a braid capable of reflecting light. Sew such strips with hands or on a sewing machine. In the daytime, they are almost not noticeable on the jacket fabric, especially since the tapes are of different colors, but at dusk and night the owner of such a jacket will stand out in the dark, which is able to save his life.

Tips for choosing

If you are interested in a reflective tissue jacket, study the proposals of brands engaged in the production of such clothes, comparing their cost. As a rule, the quality of such jackets is quite high, so you first select the manufacturer with an affordable price level, and then pay attention to the selection of style and colors of the model. Also, decide whether it is important for you in the model of pockets or hoods.

Choosing a jacket decorated with retroreflective stripes, pay attention to the quality of reflective elements on the jacket. Better if they will have a tissue basis, and not a film, because elements with a cloth serve much longer.

Look carefully to the items – they must be smooth and smooth, without surface defects. In addition, they must be medium flexibility, so as not to break, but it is easy enough to bend.

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