Shugs Golden Fleece

Shugs Golden Fleece

About manufacturer

In 1992, the mass production of fur products of the trade brand FTV, perhaps one of the most popular at that time. But few people knew that the products of this brand was produced by the Golden Fleece factory, which remained in the shade until 1996, but later, yet, began to produce fur coats and suckers under their own name.

In the period from 2000 to 2002, the factory began to actively develop, and by mid-2002 expanded its production, opened new workshops and provided customers with a wide range of goods from all sorts of fur. In 2009, the Factory “Golden Fleece”, as a separate branch of development, began to produce branded workwear for employees of different spheres, for example, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Aviation Workers, as well as Jackets for Other State Publicstructures: FSO, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB.

Feature shub

Among the features of the fur coats of this manufacturer should be noted the main – high quality of the fur, which is found in our time, not as often as it may seem. The fact is that many unfair companies produce fakes, issuing them for expensive originals. Factory “Golden Fleece” has a completely different policy of working with clients and provides only products from high-quality natural fur.

With careful attitude and proper care, the VILROWN will not be or not rapidly, misses and stamps do not appear.

Among the features, a wide range of a wide range of each excellent lady, of any age and physique, choose a suitable fur coat. A wide range of large-sized coats, as well as models of different lengths and cuts will not leave anyone indifferent to any customer.


Among the models of fur coats of this manufacturer, there is a suitable for ladies that are constantly moving by car, while driving. Shuba-jacket, having two variants of length – to the level of the waist or slightly covered hips, is suitable for driving the car, because it does not shine movement of the legs and does not interfere with the long heaters quickly switching pedals.

Classic model, length up to the middle of the hips or knee, is known to everyone and love most women aged. The skidded style allows you to hide the flaws of the figure, if necessary, and visually create a volume.

Younger fashionista prefer Frenc, the length of which coincides with the classic fur coincide, and the main difference is in the direct beon and the transverse sewing of fur flap. Looks such a fur coat just luxuriously.

Shuba-bell becomes a choice, mainly adults and older women. Curra of this model is characterized by an arched bottom and length, as a rule, to the knee or below.

Among the models of this manufacturer, there are such fur coats like a manto, a fur coat with a sleeve “bat”, as well as a trapezoid model, referred to as “Cleopatra”.


Among the fur, which goes on the manufacture of a fur coat “Golden Fleece” there are many, but only three types have a greater prevalence:

  • Mink. Velvety texture of middle-length villus, makes the product shiny and soft to the touch. Fur is rather wear-resistant and practical, resistant to severe pollution and is well reported, if necessary. In addition, the mink is perfectly defended even in the most severe frosts.

  • Astrang. The name, famous not everyone, seems to be something new and unusual, but in fact a fur coat from Astragan – something known to us since childhood. The Astragan is called the effect obtained by special processing of fur sheepskin with curls and a dense fluffy undercoat.

  • Muton. Fur, in fact, is a fur sheep, but it turns out with a special way. Muton fur coats are good to protect against strong cold weather, but have a hard pile, which when processing acquires a softer structure and becomes more pleasant to the touch.


The fur coats of this manufacturer have different costs depending, first of all, from the mechanized furs.

  • Milk coat – from 60,000 to 150,000 rubles.
  • Astragan fur coat – from 30,000 to 70,000 rubles.
  • Muton fur coat – from 30,000 to 52,000 rubles.


According to the reviews, the fur coats of this manufacturer have an average value, but high quality, thanks to which are quite great popularity. After analyzing consumer reviews, it becomes clear that more mature women prefer fur coats from Astragan, who serve them for many years, protecting from the cold and any weather in inclues.

Girls give their preference to stylish “flocks” of medium mink length. And older young lads stop their choice on solid mink coats or stitched from different pieces in any other way. Such models look more elegant and solid.

Muton fur coats acquire women who want to save a little. It looks like a product, of course, not so luxurious, like mink, but it is not inferior to him on functional qualities. Mouton is good with severe frosts, protecting even better mink coats.

In general, summing up, we can say that the Factory “Golden Fleece” is known as a manufacturer of high-quality and fashion coats. Buyers are satisfied, and the products serve them for many years.
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