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Slingokurtka for pregnant women

Assortment of things for pregnant women over the past few years has expanded significantly. With such a variety, it is even difficult to make the right choice and not to buy unnecessary. But what is really worth paying attention, so this is a slingokurta. Universal item, multifunctional, in one word, indispensable.


Slingokurtka differ from the usual models by the presence of an additional insert, which is located ahead. Most often, it is fastened with a lightning on both sides, thus forming an additional place for convenient placement of a child. Insert can be adjusted in width and height, due to anything to you, nor to your baby do not have to adapt to standard jacket sizes.


Since the appearance of slingokurtok, the volumes of their production began to increase rapidly. Designers are greatly interested in such clothes, which in pregnant women and young mothers enjoy respect and popularity. In view of such a variety, you can select a model based exclusively on your preferences.

Good Slingokurtka necessarily has mechanisms for adjusting the width of the heater: skewers or tuments. Slingokurtays, depending on seasonality, are divided into the following models:

  • Summer options are extremely rare and created in most cases by individual orders. But still, they exist and dress in most cases in cool weather or for evening walk. Most often for their tailoring, the fleece is used, which can be different thickness. If in such a jacket to remove the supplement for the baby, then it can be used as an ordinary jumper.

  • Demi-season slingoburts are presented, perhaps, in the largest assortment. Top layer often make waterproof so that the drizzling rain does not upset your walk.

  • Winter Slingokurts are chosen primarily in the thickness of the insulation, which can perform isosoft, a well-known Hollofiber, Thermofin and Tinsulyt. Yes, these all insulation do not have natural materials in their composition, but their characteristics are at the height.

Slingokurtka may also differ insertion inserts. There are several most common options:

  • Models with one insert, which is universal, can be used during pregnancy and after childbirth for walking with the baby. Such universal inserts can turn over, changing their functional component. Also there are inserts with the scenes, at the expense of which the dimensions of this element are changed and its purpose. Both options comfortable and practical.

  • Slingokurts can be equipped with two inserts: one is used during pregnancy, and the other for walking with the child.

  • There are models of slingokurtok, in which there is one ordinary insert, but they still can be used before delivery and after them. The secret of universality is hidden in the presence of horizontal gum, which can be located across the jacket or be focused only in the waist area. Due to these rubber band, the jacket stretches as needed, because for the period of pregnancy, even the insert becomes unnecessary.

Tips for choosing

Practicality and multifunctionality, of course, play a big role when choosing a jacket, but still its appearance should like and approach the type. Seams should be durable, smooth, without dissected threads and passes.

  • A good sling cream must have a moisture-resistant top layer that will not be blown up by the wind, but will also provide good air circulation.
  • The presence of a fleece lining is an indisputable advantage, since this material is pleasant to the touch, soft and gentle.
  • Pockets must be present on the jacket so that you can quickly find the phone, keys, handkerchiefs and other important items.
  • The hood can not be called the necessary element, but its importance increases if the caps are rarely included in the image. In the slingocurtains there is often a hood for a child. In this case, it is necessary.
  • If the insertions of the insertion on the jacket are adjustable due to the scene, they should be at least two on each side.

Cropped models are better to go around the side, as they are not able to protect well from the cold and cover the most vulnerable places.

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