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The concept of Slingokurtka appeared in our language relatively recently with the introduction of fashion for slings (from English. – Translation) – Special adaptations for wearing a baby in the chest. Slings came to us since ancient times, when different peoples have existed such a way of movement of mom and baby.

Sling is a tissue bandage, veiled over the shoulders or also on the belt, or by a different way on the parent body for carrying a kid.

Modern slings have undergone significant changes and represent a convenient and comfortable way of carrying a baby and for mother and for a child.

Accordingly, Slingokurtka – a jacket that allows you to wear a child in a sling under it.

About brand

One of the first in Russia began to produce slings and Slingokurta brand “Echidna” under the brand “Mum’s Era” and “Echidna”. This firm first specialized only on clothes for pregnant and nursing mothers, children’s clothes. The beginning of production started in 2007. and since then the fans of the slingokurtok is becoming more and more.

Features and Advantages of Slingokurtay

Slingokurtka is a very convenient and practical thing that allows you to protect against rare and cold weather and mom and baby.

Slingokurtka is a full-fledged jacket for mom with a special insert in front of a sling and a second neck for the kid.

Slingokurtays are suitable for carrying a kid from six months to 2 years.

Advantages of Slingokurtka:

  • Convenient way to transfer kid+
  • Lesser physical activity on mom when wearing a child+
  • Freedom of movements of the hands+
  • Optimal protection for kid.

What represents the design of the Slingokurta?

Inserts in Sling Coarse distinguish:

  • Removable+
  • Non-removable.

Removable inserts allow the use of Slingokurta “Echidna” and as ordinary. Failure inserts are intended for wearing only with a baby in a sling under the jacket.

So the jacket has two necks in one structure, then your baby is as protected as much as possible from bad weather and precipitation and other adverse environmental factors.


To date, Slingokurtka “Echidna” has about 270 models. Each is good in its own way.

Models are grouped by seasonality:

  • Winter+
  • Demi-season.

Winter Slingokurtka “Echidna” is a convenient and practical thing, suitable for wearing at minus temperatures. The undoubted plus will be unfailed insert for the baby, and hoods – and for the mother and for the child.

In the winter version of the Slingokurtka, modern materials and insulation (Hollofiber, Termofinn) are used, which facilitate the weight of the jacket and give comfortable heat. Between the hood of the child and inserts are provided for lightning so that the baby is so warm and comfortable. The materials used by the jacket allow you to wear a child relief, and not in several layers. Plus, the child will get warm from the body of the mother.

Removable insert allows you to wear a jacket as usual and will be a convenient option for movement – warm and easy. Removable hood also presents a convenient variation.

Models are presented in various colors and prints. Each mother may pick up to his taste. Winter jacket length up to the middle of the thigh on the zipper, with long sleeves, pockets and stall and in the hood. There are models to knee-length.

Winter options are also represented by the “three in one” models with inserts for pregnancy and sling – a jacket for a pregnant woman, then turning into a slingocrut, and can be worn without inserts as a regular jacket.

Demi-season patterns are lightweight models of windbreaks with a removable inset for sling, the so-called “transformers”. As in the winter version, it can be worn as a conventional demi-season jacket. Such a jacket is not terrible precipitation because the water-repellent and waterproof fabric is used.

Separately, you need to mark the jackets from the fleece. Slingokurtka “Echidna” from fleece multifunctional and comfortable in wearing. It can be successfully used as a lining for a winter slingocurter. Fleece jackets are in demand all year round. Differs in softness and ease, practical care.


Those who purchased the Slingokurta unanimously recognize that this is the most practical and convenient version of the transfer of the baby in cold weather, especially in Russia, where the climatic conditions are much severe than in warm countries.

Many young mothers felt all the advantages of Slingokurtok, especially those models in which the wearing child is not only vertically, but in a lying position.

An important thing is the fact that the Slingokurtka allows you to move around the city, the neighborhood, in the clinic and in other places is easy and easy. The baby feels in one jacket with mom cozy and calmly.

In the care of slingokurtays do not give special problems. Camping and polyester lining is easily cleaning and washing, the insulation does not sit down and comes.

Many mothers recommend buying such slings to significantly ease movement with the baby.

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