Slingokurtka Yammy Mammy

Slingokurtka Yammy Mammy

Each mother knows that stroller walks are not always comfortable, especially if you need to use public transport.

In the warm time of the year, a similar problem can be easily solved with a sling, and with the onset of cold weather it is proposed to switch to Slingokurt. Such products are equally comfortable for both the baby and mom.


Among the manufacturers of Slingokurtok, the Yammy Mammy brand has proven itself, whose products are not only attractive, and practical.

Their feature is a removable inset, which can be fastened if necessary, and put a child in her. In addition, the insert makes upper clothes more spacious and convenient for a pregnant woman in late time.

Slingokurtay Yammy Mammy have many advantages, which makes them incredibly popular among active mothers:

  • Products are made of dense tissue that protects against wind and moisture+
  • going to the baby’s walking can only be put on the warm sweatshirt, pants and socks, since the graggings are insulated with modern materials, besides, the warm mom will warm it+
  • Jacket withstands frost to -25OC, which allows you to comfortably take walks without a winter stroller+
  • Mom’s hands always stay free, so it will be able to conveniently make purchases, or hold on to the handrail in public transport+
  • During washing, the insulation retains the original shape, and does not lose its properties+
  • A more comfortable sling cream makes numerous tias and locks, t.To. With their help you can adjust the product according to the figure, and provide a kid comfortable landing+
  • To put a child in a dressingword, or take it out, my mother will not need extraneous help.

The cost of outerwear from Yammy Mammy is quite accessible, and practically no difference from prices of traditional models of jackets.

Models for the season

Depending on the season, 2 options for slingokurtok – demi-season and winter.

Demi-season is made of lightweight tissues by type of windbreak. They can be insulated with a fleece or subtle syntheps, which makes it possible to make fun with comfort even in cold autumn days.

As for winter models, it is usually jackets, parks, stewed jackets and even bologne coats. As a heater, a synthetone or fluff is used.

The variety of models of Slingokurtok Yammy Mammy allows women to choose suitable products based on personal preferences. Each product has removable hoods – for mom and for a child who are reliably protected from wind, snow and rain.

In some models, the jackets, for the child there is a hood with a visor for additional protection from the cold wind.


Judging by the reviews of the moms who purchased the Yammy Mammy Slingokurtka, products are really very comfortable. In addition to the fact that they are very warm and comfortable, many consumers noted the main advantage – the child behaves more calmly, t.To. constantly sees and feels mom.

In addition, the convenience of feeding the breast child was noted, t.To. Manipulation can be made at any time, and anywhere. But in addition to positive aspects, it was noted that the velcro at the children’s hood and a manishkee with time coming into disrepair, so it is recommended to choose models on the buttons.

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