Snowboard overalls

Snowboard overalls

That girls who prefer to spend their weekends do not lying on the sofa, but cutting snow covers of mountain slopes on a snowboard, breathing in fresh frosty air with full breasts, definitely need comfortable and warm clothes for a favorite sport. Such, of course, is a comfortable and reliable snowboarding overalls in all respects.

Features and advantages

Among distinctive features that distinguish the snowboard jumpsuit from other types of winter sportswear, the following can be noted:

  • a fusion silhouette that does not allow snow in+
  • Special membrane fabric, not letting a moisture and allowing the skin to breathe+
  • Insulation, warming during long rates and does not give to overheat an athlete during active workouts+
  • abundance of pockets that allow you to have always necessary accessories and gadgets at hand+
  • reinforced cuffs, through which snow and moisture is excluded+
  • Hood on the Kulisk, reliably protecting his head from the wind+


Despite the fact that at first glance, male and female models practically do not have external differences, in the peculiarities of such overalls there are features that distinguish them for sexual signs.

So, in male models, the use of the most dense tissue is provided, due to which the weight of the finished product increases slightly. The design of overalls for men-athletes has a discreet and concise look.

Female models are distinguished by an abundance of decorative elements, brighter coloring and presence of prints. It is also worth noting that in the female performance, the overalls have a special anatomical shape that repeats the contours of the female body and due to it does not constrain movements.

Teenagers who prefer snowboard among winter sports, can also count on comfortable and comfortable clothing for training. To create children’s and teenage models, environmentally friendly materials and insulation are used, providing reliable protection and comfort during classes. In addition, often such overalls are equipped with reflective elements providing additional child safety in the dark.

Material and insulation

Since the main advantages of snowboarding overalls are the ability to not pass moisture and maintain heat, then special materials are used for its tailor. The upper layer is performed from the membrane fabric, the main properties of which is moisture resistant and ventilation. To find out how high the degree of air dryness of such a material is enough to look at the label. Values ​​on it usually range from the WaterProO level – the highest ventilation level, to RET – not too well ventilated, but quite moisture-resistant fabric.

Among the fillers for snowboarding overalls are most often used:

  • Pooh. This natural material perfectly saves heat and does not waste the product+
  • Syntheton. Artificial material that gives an easy volume, which softens blows when falling+
  • Special Artificial Filler Polartec. This material is designed specifically for use in sports winter clothes, so it has all the properties necessary to protect from cold, moisture and permeating mountain wind.


Where in winter you can charge positive and raise yourself the mood before the upcoming gray weekdays in a noisy city? Of course, on snowy mountain slopes. This is partly promoted by clothes for winter sports, because, as a rule, it has bright, juicy colors and stuck prints. Such a color itself is already pleased with the eye, and in combination with a portion of adrenaline from steep descents and snowboarding, many times increases the positive attitude of athletes.

In addition, the bright color of overalls has a functional value. The high speed of skiing and snowboarding is always hazardous, so the athlete will notice the surrounding, the safer will be this descent for all those present on the slope. That is why one of the safest are considered the brightest and catchy costumes that can be seen from afar.


Tigon. This manufacturer of overalls for snowboards to take advantage of the first line of ratings among sportswear. The models of this company have an additional layer of insulation, providing the highest protection from cold, as well as several additional pockets. Among the disadvantages can be allocated only one – the weight of the product, which sometimes reaches two kilograms. But this nuance takes into account only professional athletes, for lovers, the overalls of this company will become the main thing in sports equipment.

Roxy – Brand specializing in the release of sports goods for a beautiful half of humanity. Since all the efforts of this manufacturer are aimed at comfort and convenience while playing sports exactly girls, you can be sure that you will be very comfortable in such overalls. They will not cause discomfort and shoot motion, because they are created taking into account all the anatomical features of the female body.

Picture Organic. This brand has established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality sportswear, providing maximum comfort during sports. Thanks to the use of environmentally friendly materials and exclusive design, in such overalls you will feel at the top of the sports Olympus and get a real pleasure from sports.

AirBlaster. Overalls for the snowboard of this brand have long established itself as one of the best, because quality and originality – the basic principles of this company. Starting from 2002 to this day, things of this popular brand never cease to delight consumers with their reliability and invariably original design.

Burton. Things of this brand became truly cult for lovers and snowboarding professionals. Starting his work in 1977, the company continuously improves production, which has now has achieved the highest quality. No wonder almost half of the sports equipment market for a snowboard occupy the things of this brand.

O’Neill and high technologies – practically synonyms in the world of snowboarding, because for the production of sportswear, this company uses the most advanced scientific achievements. Due to this, snowboarding overalls of this brand have the highest thermal insulating and moisture-proof properties that ensure the greatest comfort during sports.

How to choose?

When choosing a jumpsuit for snowboarding, you should keep in mind some important rules that will help make sports in the most comfortable and safe.

Jumpsuit should be strictly of your size. In no case do not take the model more with the calculation of a warm sweater, or less, in the hope of reset a couple of extra kilograms. In a not comfortable overalls of movement, your movements will become slow, and in case of danger or complex descent, you will not be able to react to the danger in time, which is fraught with injuries.

Do not regret money for the purchase of high-quality brand things! Otherwise, you risk becoming the owner of a short-lived and poor-quality fake. When snowboarding, the body is experiencing colossal physical exertion, so the clothes must be as close as possible to such conditions. Tight fabric, warm filler, reliable fittings – It is for these details that it is important to pay attention when buying a product.

The most important thing when choosing a snowboarding overalls is comfort and convenience. If even minor details darken such sensations – it is not your thing.

How to care?

Snowboarding overall care varies depending on its filler. Information on how to bring to the appropriate view of your model, can be viewed on the label, where the washing method is described in detail and temperature.

Since the membrane fabric is present in all jumpsuits, which is responsible for the ventilation of the product, it is recommended to wash such things in gentle mode, without pressing and not more often than once in the season. And for these purposes only special means, preserving the structure of the fabric, and not the usual washing powder. So you will extend the service life of the overalls for one winter.

Need to dry jumpsuit, not pressing, on the horizontal surface away from heating devices.


Bright and bold coloring of the overalls will not leave its owner unnoticed on a snow-white slope. Cap of large mating, selected in the tone to one of the main colors of the product, helps complete this solar image.

The bold combination of salad and pink flowers attracts increased attention to himself, so when choosing such a jumpsuit it is important to pay attention to every detail. In this case, the selected pink hat is successfully combined with the belt of the same shade, which emphasizes the model’s buttocks, in the image, where it would seem, the details of the female silhouette are completely hidden under the equipment.

The bright overalls of solar yellow looks on the ski slope quite effectively, attracting attention to others. The lack of prints in this sporty suit with interest is compensated by a funny hat with a “dog” print. Such a combination allows not only to feel comfortable when sports, but also look very extraordinary and stylish.

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