Sports coat

Sports coat

Sport, Sport, Sport. On the topic of sports clothes and shoes, tightly rooted in the modern wardrobe of both sexes, you can talk infinitely. Fashionable podiums are increasingly offering unique sports and causal bows, which I really want to apply in practice: Wear in the everyday rhythm of life. Such images are extremely justified: practical, lungs, relaxed and harmonious – they all show the desire of modern young people to comfort and self-expression.

In addition to sports shoes, which has a huge amount of varieties for any occasion and occasion, we are constantly surrounding and other stylization for training lifestyle. The female coat was no exception to the list of adaptable types of clothing.

Varieties of female coat of sports club

At first glance, it may seem that there can be no special species here. However, fashion designers and stylists around the world are tirelessly working not only on the adaptation of classical models for the sport, but also above their diversity.

  • Militari Image. Just a classic uniform of the military moved to a fashionable direction in women’s coat. The latter acquired from their progenitors coloring, some styles and even a little clasp. The length of the coat in the style of Militaries reaches the knee and almost never falls below. Sometimes the shoulders of this model are equipped with epoles (military shape chip). Such coats always have the appropriate color: green, khaki, brown, camouflage, black and even dark blue. However, this does not make them gloomy soldiers. By no means, militari coat creates an image of rigor, restraint, military discipline.

  • Bushlat. Despite the name of one of the military owners, this kind of female coat of the sports type is known for quite a long time and in the wardrobes of lovely ladies. It came to us from the distant sixties. It is a coat not higher than the middle of the thigh (below – better), a bulk model in the chest area and waist, but slightly narrowed to the bottom. Bushlat is almost always double-breasted with a wide postponed collar. There is also a fashion trend, in which such a coat looks like a single-breasted triangle, a narrowed down, with an original gate-clamp. Fashion girls are not afraid to experiment and choose the brightest colors in the new season: Fuchsia, turquoise, mint, all shades of blue.

  • Daflkot. Conservative model of the English woolen coat, very firmly included in modern wardrobes of avid modnic. Predestly – shortened model fitted silhouette. Large buttons are used as a fastener (more often elongated, like sticks) and hinged loops. Daflcot in fashionable nature is always found with a hood. A variety of color gamut in any modern clothes – Skeins. However, this English coat originally has only three colors: black, beige and dark blue.

  • Down jacket. The most common model of sports coat. Although ordinary people are increasingly used to the classic Crow of exactly this type of outerwear, modern fashion designers have shown how original the sports jacket can look like and effectively.

Whatever option you choose, remember that the female coat of the training style should bring you comfort and joy when sock. If you already have a favorite classic model with which you do not want to part, you can choose the right one that makes your way fashionable, stylish and sports, shoes.

Classic Coat Plus Sport Accessories

This, of course, will go about shoes: what models of this sports accessory are most suitable for a combination with traditional types of female coat? First, it is classic sneakers of any variation and colors. Secondly, the sneakers will look original with light coats, low and high. In the third position comfortably squeezed massive, but bright clips.

To achieve the original and maximum harmonious onions, it is necessary to follow the simple recommendations of the world’s leading stylists.

  • Coat should be simple: from cut to decoration. Preferably minimal decorations, embroidery and other elements of a romantic image.
  • Shocking sneakers under a classic coat, you can not worry about its length: This universal shoes are ideal as under shortened models and under the classic long free silhouettes.
  • Direct, free cut – it is not just the main conditions of modern fashionable female coat. These are also the basic recommendations for wearing with sports shoes.
  • Choosing a colors, you should pay attention to monophonic models.
  • Prix ​​models can also wear with sneakers if the floors of such a coat leave carelessly unbuttoned.

At first glance, it may seem to find a handbag to this along – quite not easy. However, here you can experiment. The main rule – the accessory should not attract too much attention. That is, a sports club coat must dominate in a fashionable image. It is recommended to purchase soft, rectangular, volumetric (but not selected by color or accessories) handbags. Ideal will be barely noticeable on the general clutch background. And, of course, the classic of the genre will be – stylized sports cajoured backpars.

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