Sports Park

Sports Park

Sports Park is a jacket that lovers of an active lifestyle, those who appreciate in clothes are primarily convenience. It is usually straight, extra decor is absent. Distinctive features of this jacket – deep pockets, often located at the chest level or on sleeves, a large hood, standing collar, lock, covered with a valve on buttons or buttons.

Recently, sports parks were a favorite clothes of only young mothers who appreciated them for practicality.

Now these jackets are people of different age and status, and it is not surprising. Sports parks allow you to feel free and relaxed, do not argue movements. In addition, they are lungs, because the extra decor does not take them. In many jackets there are elements for which they especially appreciate young people. For example, these are special pockets where you can put the headphones, and several layers of fabric on the elbows.

And of course, one of the most important advantages of the sports park – the material from which it is made. Such jackets are sewn from the most modern fabrics, which perfectly skip the air and absorb excess moisture.

Park perfectly protects against bad weather conditions, and during active movements the body does not sweat it. Insulated the parks usually with tinsulete material – light, “breathe” with excellent “insulation” properties. Colors jackets can be absolutely different, for every taste.

Tips for choosing a sports park

  • Pay attention to the fabric from which the jacket is sewn. Well, if nylon and cotton are combined from the outside and wool with internal. It is better to choose a jacket for winter with a natural insulation.
  • Buy a jacket of suitable size to feel comfortable in it.
  • When choosing a female sports park, consider the features of your figure.

Fashionable sports parks

Today, the jackets are relevant to the knee or slightly above. Very popular style “Militari”. Sew such jackets of coarse materials, which makes them even more practical.

Military-style parks have neutral colors (green, brown, gray) and fit every day – dirt and dampness they are not terrible. Also popular bright parks of black, blue, red, orange and other colors are also popular.

What clothes to combine a jacket?

Best sports park to wear with sports pants.

Depending on the season, the jacket can be combined with different clothes – for example, jeans, warm tight trousers, sweaters, dresses. Sports shoes and soldier boots are perfect for the park, the original jacket looks in combination with beautiful ankle boots and boots. If you buy a hat and gloves in a sporty style, as well as a backpack or a sports bag – this will complete your stylish image.

Do not forget to pay attention to the combination of colors and fabric textures when choosing clothes.

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