Sports women’s windbreakers

Sports women's windbreakers

Healthy lifestyle and regular sports are now popular more than ever. Refusal of bad habits, healthy nutrition, systematic physical exertion is what many young guys and girls are passionate about today. These trends could not not affect youth fashion. Sport style elements are present in the clothes of everyone who does not want to stay away from fashionable trends.

Modern sportswear is not only incredibly comfortable, but also very stylish. One of the most necessary items of sports wardrobe is a windbreaker. Easy jacket is suitable not only for sports, but also for a slow walk or go to nature.

In this article we will tell you about the features and fashionable varieties of sports female windbreaks, as well as give several recommendations on the combination of this object of clothing with other things.


The model range of women’s windbreaker in the sports style is very diverse. We invite you to get acquainted with the most popular and interesting models that can be found in clothing stores and fashion catalogs.


Olympic – This is the most common category of sports windbreaks. They are thin jackets on zipper from knitwear or synthetics. Usually have a pretty bright, colorful colors. Especially fashionable are Olympics from cult brands of sportswear, for example, Adidas.


Vests From quilted material, too, you can also highlight as a separate type of sports windbreaker. They are good for cool weather, as they warm better than thin jackets without lining. Such vests are well combined not only with sporting things, but also with ordinary casual clothes.


Hoodies, We received their name in honor of the writer of world values, today little remind of their original form. Modern sweatshirt is a knitted jacket on zipper with a hood. Usually the sweatshirt is insulated by fleece, a footer or artificial fur.


Hud – This is unusual for our hearing, the word is called a fashionable variety of hoodies. Hoodie is distinguished by the absence of a fastener, mandatory availability of a wide hood and large patch pockets.

Warmed jackets

Warmed jackets In sport style, too, can be considered one of the varieties of windbreaks. Convenient jackets from Bologna or other waterproof fabric will be securely protected from rain and penetrating wind. The most practical are model with a hood and adjustable rubber bands on the belt and.

Color variations of sports windbreaks are simply infinite. In addition to monophonic models, multicolor models are presented in a large assortment, as well as windbreakers with drawings and prints. See how sports windbreakers in different colors are found differently:

Black Windbreakers is an adidas business card, followed which many manufacturers of sportswear began to produce similar models. Black color is very practical, besides, it can be combined with all the colors of the rainbow, so such windbreakers will harmoniously fit into the wardrobe every girl.

White Clothing always looks spectacular and fresh, but for daily sports or departure on nature it is not quite suitable. Nevertheless, white sports windbreaker is a great option for a walk around the city.

Colored Windbreaker will help you stand out from the crowd, especially if you choose an unusual color model.

In addition to the standard for sports clothing of red, blue and gray flowers, there are a great many sports windbreaks of rare, beautiful shades, for example, apple-green, gentle-lilac, mint or turquoise.

Two- and tricolor Windbreakers will like those who love bright, contrast combinations in clothes. Patriotic model of the colors “Tricolor” is now very popular, but for everyday life, models will be suitable in which your favorite colors are effectively combined.

Sports windbreakers with drawing – This is the choice of those who do not like one-photon wear. Usually such models choose young girls, and older women prefer more relaxed things. Among fashionable ornaments – peas, cage and floral patterns. Also relevant models with large prints in the form of memes, famous characters or quotes.

Gradient Windbreakers, like any other clothes of this unusual color, immediately attract attention. Gradient is a smooth transition of one color to another. This technique is very fashionable and is actively used not only in clothing design, but also in other areas, for example, in the field of beauty.

What to wear?

Despite the fact that we are talking about sports models, windbreaks can go well with things in a variety of styles.

The win-win set to any windbreaker is sports pants or leggings, T-shirt and sneakers. In such an outfit, you can go to workout, cut circles in the stadium or play outdoor sports games.

If we replace sports pants with your favorite jeans, and sneakers are comfortable sneakers or slippers, then you will get a practical outfit in the style of Casual, in which you can go for a walk, in a movie or study. In Cool weather, instead of a T-shirt, you can wear a sweatshot or any long sleeve sweater.

The combination of sports windbreakers with things in classic and business style is the question to which you need to approach very carefully. Pencil skirt or trousers can be put on a shortened windbreaker with a round neckline in the power of Chanel or (such a combination will be more brave) with a flight jacket of a calm color.

Sports windbreakers can be worn with dresses, for example, with polo or shirt. Outfits in the romantic style, too, are sometimes well combined with windbreak, but it is important to choose a suitable model here. At the same time, shoes better choose everyday, such as sneakers or ballet shoes.

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