Stylish manot

Stylish manot

Nothing really decorates a woman like fur. Here even decorations are not so effective. And it is not necessary to buy a fur coat, you can stay on the manot, which looks no worse, and sometimes even an order of magnitude better.

What it is?

Manto is quite spacious outerwear, which can be created from the fabric, but furs are often selected. The design of such clothes does not provide for through a fastener. Initially, Manto appeared in the form of capes, a raincoat, in which sleeves were not provided, or royal mantle. Such a manot had a circle / semicircular shape, and the sleeves were like a bell.

Manto constantly changed until it reached us in the form for which we loved him.

It is wrong to consider the manot with a full-fledged fur coat, because it is one of the varieties of the fur product. Manto can be found in some signs that invariably accompany this kind of outerwear:

  • Lack of cross-cutting buttons+
  • Outlined silhouette+
  • Form of trapezium.

Modern manto can be used instead of warm sweatshirts, if you wear a slight product shortened. Coat can be replaced by an elongated manto, and a fur coat as a long or elongated manto – an excellent option for winter.


There are several Manto models that represent the greatest interest in fashionable circles and are the object of the desire of many women.

Shortened models Can be used for everyday images that can complement with their favorite dresses, comfortable jeans, office skirts and pants.

The elegant Manto models for everyday images are not suitable, but next to the wedding outfit or evening dress the presence of such an element necessarily.

Classic model Manto does not rise above the middle of the leg, but the designers are actively creating shortened models that give more freedom in movements and open great opportunities for selection of various clothes.

In the process of forming an office style good use Manto cape. For lovers of bright images in experiments in clothing, designers offer a large number of manto painted in the most different colors.

Manto can have various sleeveless options: they can be wide or no absent.

Molant’s purchase should be conscious and thoughtful, you need to have a distinct idea of ​​what kind of images will be used. Manto requires a careful relationship and careful selection of accompanying clothes.


May be diamonds and are the best friends of women, but fur serve as the best decoration. No one will undertake to argue. But what kind of fur is better to choose?

Mink worn for a very long time and moves well to the weather whims. This fur looks like a special luxury, he sparks and overflow. Hide in a fluffy collar is especially nice when frosty weather reigns on the street. Such pleasure is not cheap, especially if the manot was sewn from solid mink, and not from the flap.

Lescent, Fox and Raccoon – All this refers to long fur. Manto from such fur well wearing in very cold regions with abundant snowfall. Of these three options, the sands is the most beautiful, but also it is characterized by capriciousness and inadequate. This is especially true of white fur, which over time acquires a yellowish tint. On the Wellegal Lestsy Manto, such negative changes will not be obvious.

Fur Fox has extravagant, it looks expensive, it is good. In such a manot will always be warm and cozy.

More and more often you can meet the Manto from Opossum, which somehow got into a miraculous way to the ranks of elite fur. Manto from such fur is better not to take, because his century is even shorter than the song.

Karakulian manot mistakenly bypass, considering what product is only suitable for mature women. Everything has changed, because now used new fittings, cut and finish. Thanks to all this, the Karakul has grown substantially, and he does not differ in capriciousness.

Fur Nutria, especially overseas, will not hang around, upset with his rudeness and lack of charm, as many think about him. Modern Molate from the nutria soft to the touch, possess silkness and are embodied in wonderful fittings. This fur is not scary moisture, exposure to water and time.

With proper care and careful wearing, Manto from Nutria can easily serve for more than ten years.

Tips for choosing

Choose a good manot in all respects – the case is complex, but performed. There can be no place for a hurry, negligence and naivety. Manto – a thing is not the cheapest and for your money you should get a high quality product that will bring joy and pleasure, and not disappointment and depression.

Molate model must be selected depending on the purpose of using it. If the manto is used daily during the cold season, it makes sense to choose a model of medium length or slightly shortened option. For the formation of exclusively solemn images and use of Manto in exceptional cases, you can spend on a stylish, truly chic model.

If the models are more or less clear, then the choice of fur begin the real difficulties. Already that season in a row do not lose their popularity of mink. Find a natural sable or chinchilla manto is quite difficult, and it costs it is unlimited expensive. Fur Fox and Beaver is more affordable and not so rare.

If the Manto is chosen by the ability to maintain heat, then you should know that the guy from a sable, fox and muton will be warm, then follows sands and beaver, and only then can be put in this row.

When choosing a manto, it is necessary to take into account the features of their figures. For low women, a large collection of shortened models and a middle-length manot. In the presence of unnecessary completeness, it is better to choose a short fur manto, straight style and simple design. Under the perfect figure you can choose any manto.

Color solutions

When choosing any clothes, color matters, and the manto here is no exception. Manto color must be chosen according to its color (skin shade and hair color). There are several rules here:

  • Manto should not coincide in color with hair or be full of their opposite+
  • Fur that are suitable for everyone without exception, regardless of the color, – Sable, Karakul and Karakulcha+
  • Blondes should emphasize their attention to the manto of light shades – for their ideal options are pearl and pastel minks, brown fox and lynx+
  • Black Manto can afford only owner of a platinum hair platinum+
  • Green-eyed brunette with dark-eyed skin can be selected brown and light fur.

Fashion on the color of the Manto is distinguished by stability and constancy. As before, white, black models and the natural color of fur remain popular. Some designers, taking courage, offered fashionmented terracotta, light lilac and soft pink fur manto. All these shades, even look beautiful and unusual, but the fashion is impermanent, and if the shopping of the manot is not annual, it is better to stay on the classics.

What to wear?

This question is impossible to miss sights in no case, because it is no less important than all that has already been disassembled above. Manto can easily spoil incorrectly chosen things that can look good individually, but not only with this luxurious fur product.

Manuto elongated Crow can be combined with turtlenecks and golfers made in one color. For Niza, it is better to choose the pants of skinni into the tone of the Molate, but with a difference of a few shades. Such an image can be considered basic and universal.

In the case of shortened manto, it is possible to choose wide pants that will create contrast. Dresses can also make a worthy batch of fur products, but they must be bright and be long slightly lower knees.

And here’s what you really should not do, so it wear long dresses and skirts with a bathtone. In this case, even the perfect figure will look cumbersome.

Most often manto sleeves or absent at all, or have a length of three quarters. Therefore, there is a need for long gloves that warm their hands and will complete the image.

Spectacular images

See how the color can change the character of the same model. Three colors, but completely identical styles, lines and textures. With classic colors (white and black) everything is clear: the royal luxury is hidden behind the simple and familiar look, restrained nobility and gentle femininity. A burgundy manot looks like a burgundy – richly, exquisitely + it is the basis for creating an image of a fatal woman. Still, color does its job, especially if you need to choose a fur product.

A successful example of a lung, elongated manto is represented on the following model. Horizontal location of the skins gives this manto special chic. The absence of any additional elements on a soft material that shifts from each movement, gives the Molate discreet, but from this a special chic look. Pay attention to the type of model to which the black color of the manto is perfect.

White color deservedly took themselves the bride. And at least there is no strict restrictions on the choice of color for dresses and additional elements, but agree that the bride looks more beautiful in white. Especially when there is a snow-white, fluffy manto, which, like a cloud, envelops the bride.

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