Surie coat

Surie coat

The surfactant coat received its name on the name of the factory located in Penza, or rather, on the banks of the Sura River.

About Factory

The company is engaged in the sewing of beautiful, fashionable, practical and very affordable coats for only a few years, but has already managed to gain massive popularity and fame far beyond not only the city, but also countries.

The design department of the enterprise is engaged in the development of original patterns created with the most fashionable global trends. High professionalism and coordinated work of the whole team allowed to bring a young enterprise to one of the leading position among domestic coat manufacturers.

Collections of clothing manufactured by the company are constantly updated. The assortment line includes many models of different lengths, style and color gamut designed for customers of different ages. Dimensional models grid covers a wide range, ranging from 38, finishing 72 sizes.

For sewing coat, only the highest quality materials, fillers, natural and artificial fur, fittings and T.D.


All models produced under the trading brand “Surb coat” can be divided into 4 categories:

  • – Demi-season+
  • – insulated+
  • – Summer+
  • – Premium class.

Collection of demi-season coat offers models of free and fitted cut different lengths. Collar – postponed, rack, clamp, sockkeeper, asymmetrical or absent. Button coats are fastened, some models – with a smell.

Color range of output models includes a rich palette of shades and tones. Here – and the classic ruler, universally suitable for everyday life – black, white, steel, brown, beige, dairy and t.D.

And fashionable shades this year – Fuchsia, coral, olive, lilac, color of dusty rose, mint and t.D.

Lovers of bright images, for sure will like trendy shortened models with sleeves length ¾ red, yellow, pink, blue, purple color.

Some models provide for the presence of a hood, belt and other additional and decorative elements.

Unusually stylishly and elegantly, classic models, made in combination of several shades of black and red, yellow, beige and other colors.

The collection of insulated models is designed for autumn-winter period. Such coats are additionally designed to extract from natural or artificial fur, insulation is used.

For sewing coat used book, wool, velor, drape, jacquard, cashmere, artificial leather, cloak, Italian tweed and other materials.

Summer models are sewn from light and thin materials – neoprene, jacquard, knitwear. Most often it is a shortened coat, resembling an externally lightweight cloak or a thin jacket. Performed in classic, discreet or bright, summer tones. Often decorated with prints – vegetable, abstraction, geometry and t.D.

The coat from the premium collection is made of noble cashmere, Italian tweed, bookle and other materials, characterized by high heat saving and aesthetic properties.

The collection successfully combines classic design and fashion trends. Original shape collars, sleeves, beautiful drapery and unusual color solutions are harmoniously combined with feminine silhouettes, relevant at any time.

Reviews and Miswear

For a short period of work, the company has successfully proven itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, modern, fashionable clothing, not inferior to world standards. This is noted by numerous purchases of products that can be read on a variety of sites.

Many of them purchased a coat directly through the company’s online store, some bought like the model through joint purchases. This is one of the most popular now options for acquiring you like clothing at wholesale prices.

Most often, the buyers note flawless patterns, impeccable quality of performance, excellent landing on the figure, high quality material, accessories, finishing and decorative materials.

One of the main advantages of surfactant models is more than affordable price. This is celebrated almost all customers. Due to the low cost, it became a reality to acquire several models of coats made in different style, material and color solutions for different seasons or cases of life.

Among other advantages, buyers note and accurately compliance with the stated size series (this fact is especially important when buying remotely via the online store or joint purchases), saturated, bright colors, durability, durability, unpretentiousness in care and t.D.

What to wear?

  • Cropped coat models best combine with classic trousers, jeans, dresses or skirts. You can choose closed shoes, shoes on heels, shoes on a flat sole, boots on a wrench.
  • Extralen, elegant coat models are harmoniously combined with dresses or skirts. Depending on the time of year, you can recommend either classic heel shoes, or ankle shoes.
  • Choosing a suitable ensemble of clothes under the coat, the combination of colors should be taken into account. If the coat is made in bright, saturated color, the things are best suited to it, weathered in more relaxing colors. The same applies to clothing worn under a coat, decorated with a catchy, noticeable print.
  • Classic coat color universally suitable for clothes of any colors and decorated with different prints.
  • Make a strict image more playful and all sorts of accessories will help. It can be a bright, motley scarf, beautifully tied on the neck, and large beads, and a massive brooch.

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