Transformer overalls for newborns

Transformer overalls for newborns

What is a transformer jumpsuit?

In order for the newborn baby to feel during walks and movements with mom during the cold season, insulated children’s overalls were invented, and then transformer overalls.

The transformer jumpsuit is a jumpsuit with the ability to transform from one thing to another, t.E. This is a multifunctional thing or the so-called “two in one”.

In children’s overalls for newborns combines the function of the envelope and the actual overalls itself. The transformation mechanism lies in additional zippers and buttons from the bottom of the product that turn the envelope into jumpsuit, and vice versa. Necessarily there is a hood.

The transforming overalls is designed for cold weather and wearing it can be from 0 to 2 years.


The advantages of the transformer are:

  1. Convenience – tolerate the baby in such a jumpsuit is easy and convenient, the clothes do not work out, not blown away and t.D.
  2. Practicality – no need to wrap a child in several layers of clothing + care for such
  3. Durability – to use such a jumpsuit can be up to 2 years, when the child actively starts to increase growth.
  4. Comfort – the kid feels warm and comfortable due to soft fabric, warm lining.
  5. Ease-Comfort-transformer has a small weight and thickness+
  6. Unpretentiousness – materials and fabrics used in overalls do not require special care, after washing it is easy to return the previous form.


Baby overalls – Transformers are mainly in the cold season. Therefore distinguish demi-season models and winter. Such models go long sleeves, the sleeve has challenges, a hood with additional adjustable fasteners and Kuliska. Additional details are provided to the transformer – soft mittens and soft booties-boots that are fastened in a jumpsuit.

In the demi-season models of overalls, thinner linings are used, the overalls of lightness itself. Fleece, cotton or blended fabrics are used as lining.

Winter overall transformer is insulated by a fistener or insulation. As a heater, sheepskin, holofiber, sintepon, fluff, other synthetic fillers are used.

Popular universal models with unflashing fur attack. As fur, sheepskin is more often used, it is a hypoallergenne and warm.

More and more popular models of transformers “3 in 1”: semi-overall transformer, jacket, removable leg bag. In addition, the jacket and overalls can be with an additional detachable furs.

Material and insulation

In all models of transformer overalls, tissues with water-repellent coating or moisture impregnation are used.

Insulation in demi-season models are thin and lungs, with warming and hygroscopic:

  • Fleece+
  • cotton+
  • Mixed fabrics.

In winter versions, insulation are tight and heat saving:

  • Pooh+
  • sheepskin+
  • artificial fur+
  • Isooft+
  • Tiesusuut+
  • Shelter+
  • thermophil and pr.

Their most important advantage in the fibrous structure, which can ignore in the form – balls, threads or springs. Hollofiber and Sintepon are used in budget options.

Bologna with impregnation types of membrane, cloth varnish, Taslan, Nylon, etc.

Fabrics and materials that are sewing overalls transformers for newborns necessarily hippaliergenic, hygroscopic and thermostat.


Baby overalls transformers are presented in all the variety of colors – from gentle color solutions, to bright and dark. Often used fabrics with prints, drawings.

Always remain in the trend “Devichy” and “Baughters” colors – pink, red, blue, blue and t.D.

Appliques are used as finishes, embroidery. Hood can be trimmed by fur.

Listed pastel gamut, yellow, gentle green, lilac or lavender, white.

Dark Colors – Black, Brown and T.NS. Rarely used in children’s things, as the child is associated with light and bright feelings, joy.


In the domestic market there are many manufacturers producing overalls transformers for newborns.

List some of them.


Finnish brand LASSIE is one of the leaders among the topwear manufacturers for high quality children. Brand history began in 1949. Lassie model range includes upper clothes for all ages of children and adolescents.

It features this brand to use high-quality waterproof tissues, technological insulation, modern cutting technologies and sewing, reflective elements in clothing, welded internal seams, additional comfortable and practical parts. So, the overalls-transformers of this brand are valued for practical long zippers, the presence of comfortable pockets for the bottle and dumping, fur hood from artificial fur with a short pile from the inside, ease of transformation, additional protective valves with velcro, interesting colors.

In its models, this brand uses waterproof and water-repellent impregnation of the upper coating, constantly improving and applying innovative ideas. Of the shortcomings of transformer overalls for the cold winter most often this brand is not included in the set of soft booties and mittens.

Malek Baby

Russian brand Malek Baby specializes in clothing for children from 0 to 3 years. The peculiarity of this brand is the use of models in the winter collection, including transformer overalls, natural heap insulation wool.

There are budget line of models. Fleece and pile fabrics are used in demi-season models. Models of transfreamers are delightless or bright colors, practical details, comfortable cut, democratic prices.


Polish brand Pilguni has existed since the 90s of the last century. Engaged in the production of clothes for children from birth to school age.

This brand is perfectly focused on the climatic conditions of Russia and CIS countries. Because the products of this brand distinguishes high quality tailoring, fabrics, the use of insulation for harsh winter – sheepskin, isosoft.

Much attention The manufacturer pays for the convenience of models of transforming overalls for the baby and for parents received due to excellent cut, having pleasant little things in the form of additional details, bright color solutions.


Rosysisky brand Batik seeks to embody in his models of outerwear for children from 0 to 14 years old sports chic, convenience and comfort. The model range includes a huge number of transformer overalls manufactured by the latest modern technologies. Lightweight and “breathable” insulation are used – sheepskin, shender, coating from Duscape, Taslan or Nylon, Fleece and Fetater lining. This brand is distinguished by bright and interesting color solutions, a comfortable cut, not constraining movement, ease of care.


Russian manufacturer of children’s clothing ARCTILINE is presented in most major cities in our country. Uses in the models of transformer-transformers natural insulation – fluff, feather, as well as thermofinn and shell insulation. Overalls of this brand distinguishes lightness, functionality and durability.

How to choose?

When choosing a children’s overall transformer, pay attention to such nuances:

  • Coating material+
  • Insulation – from what material, its advantages and disadvantages+
  • Shavi Processing, Fastener Option+
  • Type of transformer – whole overalls, model “3 in 1”, separate+
  • Additional accessories – booties, mittens, leg bag and t.D+
  • Colour+
  • Size – transformer jumpsuit It is recommended to buy 1-2 size more than the real size of the child.
  • Cost – must be acceptable in the ratio of “price-quality”, or the “price-brand quality”. It is no secret that the products of famous brands are more expensive, but such brands offer high-quality and innovative models, established themselves.

How to use?

The use of a transformer overalls is not difficult. Transformation occurs by rebuilding zippers from the bottom of the jumpsuit.

Additional fasteners are designed to protect against injection and precipitation. Hood, as a rule, is regulated by a row or elastic. Sleeve with challenges can be used as hand protection by wrapping a lapse inside.

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