Trench Burberry

Trench Burberry


There are a huge number of things in the world that will be relevant in the world of fashion industry. Trench belongs to such things. Any cult thing has its own and history. Trench not exception.

He is a distant seeding Macintosha. This is a rope of rubberized fabric, which does not wet, and another male summer coat, which appeared in the early 19th century.

For the first time, trenches began during the First World War. Clothes were manufactured for English infantry, and when the war ended with her began to wear and civil. Thomas Berberry became the supplier for her. Capacity of the raincoat and coat began to be called a trench coat.

Trenches are distinguished by practicality, as they do not wet and protect well from wind. Therefore, are very fashionable for women of any age.

Thomas Berberry became the inventor of Gabardine in 1880. It has become a big discovery in the fashion industry. Gabardine is a fabric that perfectly pushes water, but he skips well, it will undoubtedly serve you long. And in 1895 an officer cloak appears, which was mentioned above. Even later, in 1919, the king of England assigns the Burberry royal patent.

After a certain time, the famous cell appears. The cloak entered the fashion not immediately, but only after the appearance x. Bogart in 1942. In “Casablanca”. After that, it is starting to wear kinodys, and comic character heroes, thanks to this Trench is gaining popularity.

In the 1950s produced women’s trench. Now he becomes an indicator of social status.

In the 70s, the raincoat personifies the rebound subcultures. In the 80-90s, it becomes the subject of clothing among intellectuals and artists. In this regard, Trench is gaining even more popular and replicated by other brands, but does not lose its uniqueness.

After the appearance of Trencha Burberry has not changed neither cut or general details. Trenches of that time still remain relevant and stylish.

Features and advantages

For the manufacture of a raincoat mainly use durable cotton gabardin, which is treated with moisture-repellent impregnation.

Trench was created for officers, hence the characteristic details:

  • Two boards+
  • coquette and incision behind+
  • Split collar+
  • Shine and belt.

Now the new Trench is about 1,500 euros, but you can find and cheaper, for example, on sites and in vintage stores. If you want the original Trench Burberry it can be purchased on the RU website.Burberry, it will cost an average of 150000. Do not forget to add a belt, it needs to be tied careless to give the image of relaxation.

The main feature of the Trencha is the traditional length to the knee and slightly lower, but there are elongated models.

Trenches are:

  • Straight,
  • Fitted.

Unusual and Collar Cloak. Its bottom is fastened with buttons or buckle, this feature protects the neck from the wind. Behind there is a coquette that fastens a button. On the pockets also there is a button, and there are valves, and the sleeves are tightened with straps.

Trench must be selected on the size more so that you can wear a jacket or sweater under it, since he is not warm himself. But do not forget if you take too spacious raincoat, you will be similar to Colombo from the series.

Trench looks best with a male suit. Although you can safely wear jeans and warm sweaters. The most important thing is not to wear sneakers or sneakers, because still Trench – classic clothes.

Another feature – raincoat more spring or autumn, so do not wear it with sandals.

Color solutions

Color gamma is very diverse. Classic raincoats are made in the beige gamma, although recently black and even light-lilacas become popular. Trenches are with lining and without it. Beige Trench is the easiest to combine with clothing and accessories.

Black Trench looks very good on any girlfriend. A feature is that it is difficult to choose shoes and gloves, since everything can merge into one black spot.

In addition to standard colors there are collections in green, blue, red, purple, honey and even pink colors.

In each collection, their shades prevail: muted or saturated, delicate and pastel.

I want to pay special attention to the Burberry monophonic collection. It presents black models with white splashes, as well as a variety of.


To create a Trencha use a variety of materials:

  • gabardine+
  • Pyton leather+
  • natural silk+
  • Thin Italian lace+
  • atlas+
  • satin+
  • cotton+
  • taffeta+
  • polyamide+
  • polyester+
  • Wool and other.

It is only a small amount of all the diversity of fabrics that are used by the fashion designers to create a Trench.

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