Trenchkot – We understand in models and quality

Trenchkot - We understand in models and quality


Trenchkot was created by the owner of the Gabardine Factory Thomas Barberry (Burberry) in 1901 as an alternative to severe British military sequels. The models of this raincoat were made of waterproof material invented by the Scottish chemist Charles Mac. At first, Trenchkot was intended only for infantrymen, and the front-line soldiers nicknamed his “trench coat” (TRENCH COAT). Sometimes Trenchkot is called Trench, essentially it is the same.

Since most veterans continued to wear trenchcots and after retirement, they became quite popular even among civilians. Trench allowed to look more respectable and businesslike. Female Trenchkott, entered into fashion with mild hands Coco Chanel, saved his original cut.

The features of any Trenchkot model, whether it is a historical chinel or a modern fashion triple, is always its unchanged attributes:

  • Double-breasted fastener. I got a trench inheritance from military bushlates and sinels when they could be fastened on both sides, depending on the direction of the wind. Classic Trenchkot has 5 buttons in each row.
  • Similarity. Initially, they were called only on officer models, then fastened and on the trenches of ordinary employees, playing the role of additional pockets for gloves, hats and other little things.
  • Mandatory belt. On the very first officer trenches, the beginning of 20 in. The belt was the only clasp. During the first world soldiers, all kinds of military equipment were fucked on it – flakes, lights, binoculars, knives, and so on. In addition, the straight cut of the trenchott with a belt is easily adjusted under the features of any figure.
  • Eton collar. Served in the raised state with additional insulation and wind protection for soldiers and officers.
  • Spacious pockets. Pretty functional detail, not lost its meaning today. In wartime in the pockets kept some items of military ammunition.

  • Flying coquette. It was added to the original design during the First World War, as an additional shock-absorbing layer, mitigating the return of the rifle butt, as well as the protective soldier’s shoulder from rifle strap. Located either only on the right shoulder or on both sides. In female models, traveled on the left shoulder. Coquette, located on the back, serves better protection against rain.
  • Cuffs with straps on sleeves. Replaced the classic cuffs on buttons with the aim of more dense coverage of stars of wrists in bad weather.
  • Removable lining. The wool attack served as a good insulation for the military in cold weather, although Trenchkot was never the subject of winter clothes, but was used, rather, like a rain. At the moment, such lining makes out of lighter materials, they allow you to lengthen the use of a triple.


Classic Trenchkot is a beautiful and functional object of the outerwear, which you need to have in the basic wardrobe to all representatives of beautiful sex. Contemporary Female Trenchkot is a double-breasted (less friendly or with a swinging clasp) direct or slightly fitted cut. Sometimes the cutting bottom is noticeably selected. Rear happens a cut or counter fold. Sleeves with cuffs can be fused or untie. An ordinary shaft sleeve is often replaced by the regulated. Classic postponed collar, availability of flying parts and shoulder.

The belt is tied or fastened to buckle. Women’s trenchcots are often decorated with large, often contrasting buttons.

Children’s trenchkot for small fashionistas has all the features of the classic Trench. Cloaks for girls are often sewn from water-repellent fabric and equipped with a detached hood. Mostly trenchkoty buy children as an element of business school wardrobe. But there are also pretty “cheerful” models – from brilliant tissues, with bright prints or asymmetric cut.

For the demi-season is incredibly popular trenchkoty with leather, often sealed, sleeves. And in the summer, trenches without sleeves are relevant, they are distinguished by the presence of a typical for the classical trenchotka details: a postponed collar, belt, pursuit, hlystics, flying coquettes, and two-breasted cut.

The unsolding classic has its immense audience and among people of non-generated parameters. Typical Trenchkot thanks to its strict and clear, slightly expanding to the bottom Croy, it will easily hide the disadvantages of a full figure and will gather a silhouette together. Wrongs of A-silhouette can be advised by the extended books of Trenchi, and the ladies with a figure of about silhouette better choose direct cut, it is better to give up from the belt or tie it behind his back.


Modern women’s styles are divided into tights, modern (more free), trapezoidal and oversais. The options on the theme of classic trenchkot include broken beflings, lush sleeves, bright colors and prints, supplement hood, stall style, fur and lacy trim, use edging, decorative buttons, buttons and buckles.

Today Trenchkot is not only a raincoat. There are many so-called hybrids, For example, a shortened product is called a triple-jacket, and the length of the thigh on the lining is known as a Trench jacket. Especially popular trench jackets from leather. Coat-Trench – this is an elongated tripot of high-quality woolen fingent. Warm Dublin-Trench as a rule, is also equipped with a classic postponed collar, two rows of buttons and a coquette. Shoulder straps are not all models. The belt or belt adds all these variations on the femininity triple and emphasizes the figure.

Light cotton models that repeat the cut classic trench clothing are called truncias. Trench dress is fashionable and functionally, such a piece of clothing can be like sleeves of various cut, and completely without them. To the Trench dress does not look boring, it is diluted with cervical headscarves and catching accessories.

On season

Classic Trenchkotov’s Simone does not change for more than a century. Direct silhouette of a raincoat will decorate a girl and a woman with absolutely any figure. Such a trench on a thin lining is or without it without it, well to wear cool in summer, as well as late spring and early autumn. Separate trenchkot from cloak tissue – Present salvation in autumn bad weather. Equipped with a deep hood, it will protect not only from the cold wind, but also from the rain.

For the cold season, manufacturers produce trenchcots on a warm attachment or with a removable vest. There are also models with fur. Pretty popular winter trenches made of wool fabric – gabardine, drape, crepe, booklet, tweed and even cashmere.


Trenchkot is popular and relevant regardless of its length. It is important to proceed from your own preferences and features of the shape. For example, high and slim girls and women will suit the trenches of any length, low and thin, it is preferable to choose short models to the middle of the thigh, and a slightly complete – knee-length.

In addition, it is necessary to consider those wardrobe items that you plan to combine your trenchkot. Lovers of jeans and trousers are more appropriate to buy shortened models, and fans of skirts and dresses – products length before the middle of ICR. But do not forget that than Trench is longer, the warmer. If you are not an avid motorist, and plan to buy by no means a summer model of a trenchkott, think about the shapes, at least the hollow hips.


Since, in fact, all the model of tripkots are similar due to the fact that they actually sew one lecturers, to stand out, it is necessary to choose its model, characterized in length, material and color. As for the fabric, here, oddly enough, a rather wide choice is provided. If earlier trenches sewed exclusively from the patented barberry water-repellent due to the special weave of the threads of the gabardine, then Today, typical materials for lightweight trenchott are also cotton, satin, silk, taffeta, tweed and denim.

In Sunny and dry weather, knitted trenchkot will be a central accent of a stylish image. Tireless knitters could not get around their attention so interesting style. This rather spectacular and unusual wardrobe object, hand-related or engineered – excellent stylization under the classic Trench.

In the production of trenchkotov, matter with special moisture-repellent impregnation and teflon coating are widely used. Also popular with polyamide, nylon and polyester based tissues based on polyamide. Cloak fabric is practical, from it sew all kinds of fashionable styles, Trenchkot is no exception. Leather Trenches have not surrendered their positions for several decades, but in recent times the trenches of varnish skin are used in particular attention.

Modern fashion designers also love to cut suede and double-skinned skin in accordance with the patterns of the traditional triple. Warm trenches are made from dense fingertips. Wool used in trenchkovs also as a lining. Fur can also be both outside and inside the product. Fur Trenches from doodles and cutting fur are especially stylish.

Color solutions

Historically, traditional trenchkotes were represented only in four colors – black, white, blue and sandy-beige. And today, during the production of Trenchkotov, monochrome solutions are most common, as well as pastel shades of gray-beige-brown gamma. Such colors are universal, they fit perfectly in any style and decorate any image. The last time of the string of red also began to attribute classic models.

Modern interpretations on the theme of classic trenchott are expressed in a wide variety of colors and prints – yellow, orange, pink, blue, green + flowers, geometry, “goose paw”, python, leopard, zebra, hearts, turkish cucumbers, arabesque and so on. Beautifully look at trenches in a cage, especially attractive models made in black and white tones. Checkered lining in combination with one-photon riding – quite a stylish solution. Among young girls are popular trenchcots of metal colors: gold, bronze and silver.

Leather Trenchcots are also pleasing to the color variety, In addition to the classic black, dark blue, brown and beige shades on the podiums there are products of plum, terracotta, coral, emerald, turquoise, canary yellow and other bright colors.


Each self-respecting brand considers his duty to produce his own line of fashion triplekotov. In addition to the Trencha Burberry Trencha, the products of which are easy to learn on a plaid lining with a family print, trenchcrot sew Zara, Max Mara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Michael Kors and Kenzo.

Like any other thing, borrowed from the male wardrobe, the classic trenchkot should be worn with something frankly feminine. Therefore, no wide jeans, masculine shirts and coarse boots. Short chiffon dress romantic style, mini-short, a pair of centimeters long Skirt below Trench, Signaged Arrows, Fashionable Leather Leggings, Stretch Jeans and Neutral Top or Turtleneck. A bright handkerchief or a brazer, extinguishing under the pursuit, will become an excellent addition to along, and the shoes on the heel will emphasize the exquisite image.

With a short-sized triple or jacket-triple, you can wear pants loosely, than shorter Trench, the wider there can be pants. Actual bomber or sweatshot will emphasize the boldness of the outfit. Shoes are suitable for flat soles. One of the fashion trends dictates to us wearing a bed and slips in combination with a short triple. Bright rubber boots will indicate the initial purpose of the Trenchkota as a raincoat, designed to protect against the rain.

Colored and pregnant trenches are no longer so universal, and they should be combined with clothing of laconic design and muted tones so as not to look too defiantly and vulgar.

top 10

In addition to all classic Trencha – Shores, belts, coquettes and cuff straps, this black product made of cotton gabardine, decorated with unusual buttons stylized under precious stones.

This trenchkot differs from the well-known classics only contrasting edging. Bright yellow podding blouse prevents the image boring, and the dark blue skinny jeans and ankle boots under the color of the Trench on high heels emphasize the femininity of the model.

British monarchs do not represent their wardrobe without basic things taking their historical start from English uniform. Trenchkot made of noble palp fabric, put on Kate Middleton, differs from classics only by a flirty waist on the bottom of the bottom.

Stylish shortened trenchkot features a contrasting color sleeves. It seems that the model will wear a vest. Traditional two-breasted cutlery with a raised postponed collar combines perfectly with jeans, and large bright accessories give the image a special chic.

To somehow, as not to young girls, give preference to Trench, decorated with a lot of rivets. Moreover, this decor is present not only on sleeves and belt, but it is supported by similar rivets on the bag, and also balanced by the “peas” present on pantyhose.

The leather trench of the bright blue shade below the knees will definitely attract the attention of others. To this object of the wardrobe accessories should be selected with caution: it is best to stay on the bag and shoes of a neutral black or dark gray shade.

Pretty unusual and brave image based on Trench – yellow-blue raincoat, blue clutch and rose-lilac stiletto shoes. But, oddly enough, it looks quite organic on a girl model with long blond hair.

Lace Variation on Trencha. Feminine and sophisticated food of mustard colors perfectly harmonizes with a bulk emerald bag, thin leather belt echoes with a shade of hair.

The lightweight trench from the landsred cotton flowers has a clear top and anted out. Romantic girls will be delighted with such an unusual trench.

Trench dresses from celebrities – a stall dress-vest, beautifully tied to the waist + pleated platinum dress with supere-bugs and bright red outfit with contrasting buttons in the color of the elephant bone and accessories selected in the same color shade.

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